New Agency Alert: Priot Entertainment Group

I just got word that agent Donna Bagdasarian, who was formerly with both  Vigliano Associates and the Maria Carvainis Agency, has started a new agency: Priot Entertainment Group. She is actively building her list with this new agency.


Fiction areas of interest: general fiction/mainstream, literary fiction, mystery and suspense, thrillers, historicals, contemporary women’s fiction.

Nonfiction areas of interest: biography and memoir, history, business, finance,  psychology, popular science. 

How to submit: “We request that all submissions be with a query plus short sample. All submissions will be responded to within 6-8 weeks, ideally. Send submissions to


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6 thoughts on “New Agency Alert: Priot Entertainment Group

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    Thank 😀 Priscilla.

  2. Jim C.

    Just a comment/observation/question. I’m an award-winning playwright trying to ‘novelize’ my life story. I spent a summer convalescence on the Cote d’Azur thirty years ago and although I am member of RWA…I’ve been told there is NO Market for a Mainstream romance written from male pov. Also an ‘elderly male’ in his seventies has no business writing a novel about 24 year olds cavorting on the Riviera. (Memories still live on!)

    To paraphrase General MacArthur "Old novelists never die…they just keep submitting hoping to be published before they fade away."

    Just felt like writing this on a lazy rainy New England afternoon. 🙂


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