Classifying Your Work

Q. When classifying your book should you be more general and just consider it ‘suspense’ vs. ‘murder mystery suspense’?

A: More specific is always good!  It shows that you have done research and understand how genres and markets work.  You should also be able to identify markets better.  Look for agents who not only rep mystery, but specifically have a track record of taking on murder mystery suspense.  That said, I’m pretty sure murder mystery is one genre and suspense is another.

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One thought on “Classifying Your Work

  1. Scott Eagan

    As an agent, I have to strongly agree with this. I do want to add one additional twist to this though. Make sure that when you are submitting something, you really know what your genre your writing fits in. Too often I have people submitting stories to me that are just not in the genre they claim. For example, the story may have romance in it, but that doesn’t make it romance. It may be set in a historical setting, but if there is magic in it, then it would be sliding into the fantasy and/or paranormal realm.
    Just a thought!

    Scott Eagan
    Greyhaus Literary Agency


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