Center for Fiction Writers Conference: June 27

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Ron Hogan of Galleycathas been working to put together a new writers conference with the Center for Fiction in New York—a conference that deals specifically with the issues that writers face AFTER they've created a great story and found an agent and publisher.

As you've often heard me say, it's as important for authors to know about the business side of publishing as the artistic side. It's nice to see a conference finally taking up this side of the writer's life in a serious and focused way.

The Center for Fiction Writers Conference is one-day only (Saturday, June 27) at Fordham College at Lincoln Center, with panels populated by heavy hitters from mainstream publishers and literary agencies (e.g., Dan Menaker, Jon Karp, Kate Lee, Larry Kirshbaum). The complete lineup of two dozen speakers is available online.

In addition to all that, the Center for Fiction is giving attendees a free month of access to its writers' studio in midtown Manhattan, plus a discount on future membership. The total cost is $200 for the day.

Here's some more information about the conference and why Ron Hogan wanted to produce it.

And more here.

This looks like a fabulous, top-notch event for someone with a publishing deal, especially for those in the NYC area.

For those who may or may NOT have a publishing deal, and are looking for a longer program that would help justify traveling a long distance to NYC, I encourage you to check out WD's new event this September that focuses on the business side of publishing, whether you're going the traditional route, DIY route, or still need to make up your mind.