READER QUESTION: Where Can I Find Good Script Contests?

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Today’s reader question comes from a new reader, Wendy, who writes…

“Hi Chad, I just found your blog. IT'S GREAT. Where can I find a list of reputable script contests?”

First of all, Wendy—thanks so much for finding the blog and enjoying it! I hope you stick around!

As for a sites listing reputable script contests, I think one of the best is MovieBytes, which has a database of hundreds of contests that can be sorted by deadline, professionalism, user rating, etc.

I also really like Creative Screenwriting magazine's, which allows you to search a database of contests by date, geography, type of script, etc.

Two others-- which I can't vouch for as much, but might be helpful-- are...'s Contest Page & their Contest Directory

So You Wanna Sell A Script's Competition Page

And lastly-- I can't say that every contest on each of these pages is "reputable." Many of them let anyone who "sponsors" or "hosts" a contest list them on their site, and I can't speak to their vetting processes. But Creative Screenwriting is reputable in and of itself, and MovieBytes has a pretty good (and growing) reputation...

Hope that helps!