READER QUESTION: I'm looking for a specific movie script...

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Today's reader question comes from Safeena, who writes:

"Do you by any chance have the full script of Under the Same Moon? I wanted to perform an interpretation for a speech competition, but I can't find it anywhere."

Unfortunately, Safeena, I don't have that particular script (although I loved the movie), but I can refer you to some great websites that have free or for-sale screenplays. I can't guarantee they'll have that particular script, but it's worth a shot. Try one of these...

Simply Scripts
Script City
Internet Movie Script Database
Daily Script
Drew's Script-o-Rama

If none of those comes through, you can always try going through the writer's agent and seeing if he/she will send you a script. Here's how to do that...

• Go to the "find a writer" page of the Writers Guild's website (click HERE)

• Enter the name of the screenwriter (Ligiah Villalobos)

• The WGA database will give you the name of the writer's agent and agency (Ligiah is represented at CAA)

• Call the agent, or write them a letter if you prefer, explaining exactly who you are and what you'd like

Some agents are very cool about helping with stuff like this-- especially if it's for non-profit or educational purposes-- others aren't cool at all. I'm guessing/hoping that if you're using the speech for a school competition, they'd be helpful, but I don't know.

Another thing you can do...

Simply rent or buy the movie and transcribe the speech you want... which, honestly, may be the fastest and easiest way to go.

Hope that helps!


UPDATE (6:26 p.m., 1/12/09):
Huge thanks to Ligiah Villalobos, screenwriter of Under the Same Moon, who spotted Safeena's question on this morning's blog post and took the time to respond! Thank you so much for reading and helping, Ligiah! Here's Ligiah's response...

Hi, I'm the writer of Under the Same Moon. I saw this request so I
thought I would reach out to you. I believe she/he can get a copy of my
script through the WGA Library because I did give them a copy of it.
Hope that helps.

Ligiah Villalobos

Writer/Executive Producer

"La Misma Luna" (Under the Same Moon)

Safeena-- if you're in Los Angeles, the Writers Guild Library is indeed an INCREDIBLE resource. They have on file almost every script for every produced TV episode or movie in history... modern blockbusters, classics, indie films, you name it. And it's free to use... even to non-WGA members! In fact, even if you're not looking for a script, it's a wonderful place to go sit, read, and feel very literary.


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