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A Few of My Favorite Podcasts...

Thanks to the anonymous reader who posted in response to last week's post about Jen Grisanti's Storywise podcast, and their question...

"Which writing podcasts do you regularly download?"

To be honest, I don't listen to a ton of writing-specific podcasts... although I always wish I did... but I like to listen to some other fun/newsy Hollywood podcasts.

Here's a quick list of links to some of my favorite podcasts, as well as a couple which friends really recommend, and all of which can also be found on iTunes...

The New York Times' Front Page - The NY Times has a terrific lineup of outstanding podcasts. My favorite is its Front Page, which condenses the top stories of the day into a short 2-4 minute podcast.

Martini Shot - TV writer Rob Long's (Cheers, George & Leo, Big Wave Dave's) podcast/radio show is produced by local LA NPR station KCRW, and it's usually some funny/insightful bit about either A) what's going on in Hollywood, B) pop culture, C) Rob's life. But it's always entertaining.

The Business - Also from KCRW, The Business is a weekly podcast that explores topical business, creative, and political issues concerning the entertainment industry.

Programming Insider - In TV guru Marc Berman's daily podcast for Mediaweek, he goes over each day's TV ratings, talks about what they mean, and explores issues concerning TV. This podcast can be a little long and talky sometimes, but it's always informative.

Creative Screenwriting Podcast - Jeff Goldsmith does great interviews with some of today's top screenwriters like Brian Helgeland, Jody Hill, Christopher Hampton...

Filmspotting - To be fair, I don't actually listen to this movie review podcast by Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson all that often. But my friend Rick swears by it, and the few times I've listened, I've really enjoyed it.

On the Page - Screenwriting teacher Pilar Alessandra's podcast covers everything from writing tips and advice to interviews with actual writers. (My friend Jen loves this podcast...)

And, of course, my ABSOLUE FAVORITE PODCAST OF ALL TIME... it's not Hollywood-related, but it is-- as far as I'm concerned-- the BEST NEW MUSIC PODCAST OUT THERE...

Bands Under the Radar - Featuring unsigned bands and indie artists, Kami Knake used to book for the Viper Room before moving to Nashville, and I swear-- she has some of the best ears for new music out there! Thanks to her, I discovered the Pierces, the Pipettes, maybe even the Fratellis. I live for this podcast... check it out!

I'm always on the lookout for other great podcasts, so if you have some favorites, please post below and let me know! Especially if you know of great new music podcasts... I'm always in need of great new music!

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