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Hi Writers,
I’m a big fan of blogs, after all, haven’t they essentially leveled the playing field for writers? You don’t need money, connections or a publishing contract to have a blog, what's not to love.

But since it is a medium that’s so freely available, many would-be writer/ bloggers make the mistake of thinking they can or should publish their every mundane thought.

True, you can. But it’s a terrible idea to think that you should. A good blog can be gold for a writer, but a bad one can be a concrete block strapped to your leg.

And for whatever reason, a lot of otherwise fine writers have an annoying tendency to start their blogs badly. I see the same 3 mistakes popping up over and over again with blogs, all 3 typically found in the lead. If you don’t have a good lead, forget it, they’re not going to read it and they’re probably not coming back.


Advance Warning of Boredom
e.g. "This is kind of boring but blah, blah, blah..." (I’m already asleep)

Making Excuses
e.g. "Well, um, I’m sorry I haven’t written in weeks..." (you lost me at “um”)

Announcing a B*tch Session
e.g. "You wanna know what really bugs me...? (whine, whine to infinity … I've already clicked outta here)

Please feel free to add to my worst of list, but no naming names please. Full disclosure: I’m sure I’ve committed many acts of bad blogging right here on "The Writer’s Perspective." Hey, like you, I’m always trying to get better. That’s one of the reasons we blog isn't it?

Keep Writing,