Red Heart :: Black Heart Contest Finalists

Here's a list of the 46 finalists from the Red Heart::Black Heart competition whose stories will be featured in an upcoming collection available free download.
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Here's a list of the 46 finalists from the Red Heart :: Black Heart competition; all will be featured in an upcoming collection, available as a free download. The top 10 are currently posted on the WD Forum where our forum members will choose the grand-prize winner. Swing by the WD Forum and vote (Voting ends at 5:00 p.m. [EST] Feb. 12.)

Top 10 Finalists

Alan R. Proctor
“Poem for Susan on Valentine’s Day”

Suzanne Burns
“Paris Can Never Be Our Poem”

Khaled KE Mahmoud
“The Pillow”

Benjamin Vogt
“A Geologist’s Love”

Harrison Miller
“Alphabet of Hate”

Victoria Montanez-Quinto
Untitled Love Letter

Jennifer Koiter
Untitled Essay

Scott Ross
“Love Lost Between Two Signatures”

Sheri Dudra
Untitled Rejection Letter

Dave Aho
Untitled Essay

Red Poems

Jackie Hosking

David O’Neal
“Your Beauty Is Not Jade”

Kevin Spenst
“Terra Firma Promise Launch”

Toni Giarnese
“My Heart Unto Yours Is Knit”

Maude Stephany

John Burroughs
“Tooth Telling”

Eva Schlesinger
“What a Man Needs”

Margaret Fieland
“Thoughts While Driving”

Kake Huck
“Love Poem from the Italian Garden”

Tricia Crawford Coscia
“The Monastery”

Black Poems

Joy S. Mahar
“A Premonition of Loss”

Celia Watson

Wendy Dager
“Alienation of Confection”

Terri L. French
“Arugula Dreams”

Kathy Bjornestad

“Alley Cat Love”

Linda Hofke
“Love Stinks”

Janice Cutbush
“STR – A Short Textual Relationship”

Mel Goldberg
“I Thought of You”

Roy A. Barnes
“The Crush”

Brittany Melson
“I Lied”

James R. Hobson
“Upon a Blighted Troth”

F.J. Bergmann
“Eating Roasted Garlic”

Mitch Omar

Shannon Walsh
“Heroine on Top”

Courtney Downing

Jordan Campbell

Devon Brenner
“Coral Castle”


Christy Johnson
“Male Order Delivery”

Zan Rathore
“A Message from Some Bartender”

Kara M. Rogers
“Love, and Gumballs”


Jessica Aycock

Tiffany Landers

Beth Couture
“Eleven Truths and a Lie”

Kristen Anselmo

NOTE: All finalists will be contacted via e-mail. For more contest details, visit: