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Meet Paula Balzer | Writers Digest Online Event

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Paula Balzer, author of Writing & Selling Your Memoir, shares her free advice on writing in this exclusive webinar. When you think about writing your memoir, making it “marketable” might not be your first priority. You’re probably more focused on prose, structure and voice. While those elements are crucial, in today’s marketplace publishers are looking for writers who can deliver “the total package” – excellent writing combined with a marketable story. Publishers know that this is the combination that spells success. This free online webinar gives you tips on writing a memoir and how to make your memoir more desirable to publishers and agents by heightening its marketability.

Her free advice on writing includes:

• How to Manage Your Material: How to self-edit so that your memoir isn’t over flooded with details, descriptions and stories
• The Anatomy of a Good Hook: Mastering the crucial difference between hooks and themes, how to find your hook, how to use a hook to catch agent’s or the media’s attention.
• Using Structure Creatively: How the structure you choose for your story can add to the marketability of your memoir.
• Voice - What Makes Your Writing Yours: Surprising ways to find your voice, hone it, perfect it, and writing in the active voice.
• How to do Market Research like a Pro.
• How to Have a Platform Before You Pitch Agents: How Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms can give you an edge on getting an agent.

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About the Author

Paula Balzer is a literary agent for New York Times best-selling author Alexandra Robbins, Oscar-award winning writer Diablo Cody, and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson amongst many more. In addition to her day job being a literary agent, she is the cofounder of Ad Hoc Mom a popular, humorous blog centered around juggling being a parent while having a career. Paula is the author of Writing & Selling Your Memoir.

Paula Balzer | Author of Write-A-Thon