Writing Your Way

Writing Your Way
Creating a Writing Process That Works for You
by Don Fry
Writer’s Digest Books, 2012
$16.99, paperback, 240 page

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Author & writing coach Don Fry offers some 15 tips for generating writing ideas.

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Writing coach Don Fry offers writing advice, thoughts on working with editors and more. 

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Learn how to quickly create a first draft using this handy checklist based on Don Fry’s Writing Your Way

Throw out the old “rules” and discover the writing methods that work for you!

Most writers only know one way to write: the way they were taught. So many writers use somebody else’s writing process instead of one suited to them. But no one process leads to great writing. You can use many different methods and combinations of techniques to get your ideas on the page and screen to inform and move your readers.

Writing Your Way shows you how to rethink the standard rules in favor of a writing practice that works specifically for you. This unique book guides you through the five stages of the creative process: idea,
gather, organize, draft, and revise. Author and writing coach Don Fry shows you multiple ways to do all five stages, so you can customize your own writing process. You’ll learn how to:

• write better and faster by basing your writing process on your
• individual strengths
• change your weaknesses, or compensate for them
• choose and design your own collection of techniques suited to you
• fine-tune your process to match your writing needs
• create a unique explaining voice that mirrors your inner self
• and much more.

You answered the call to be a writer; now you can take full control of your own writing life. Let Writing Your Way help you create your own writing process, and develop your own unique voice.

About the Author:

Don Fry has taught over 10,000 writers worldwide to write better and faster with less agony. He has taught at the University of Virginia, Stony Brook University, and the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg. In 1994, Don became an independent writing coach, working with newspapers and magazines, radio and television stations, and non-profit organizations. He is the author of hundreds of articles and seventeen books.