Announcing the 5th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards Winners

Writer’s Digest would like to congratulate the winners of the 5th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards. For complete coverage of the awards, see the May/June 2018 issue of Writer’s Digest. For an extended interview with grand-prize winner Emily James, click here. For a selection of advice and inspiration from our winners, click here. To read the opening chapter of A Sticky Inheritance, click here.

Grand Prize

A Sticky Inheritance by Emily James ($2.99, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited; $9.99, paperback), Stronghold Books,


Children’s Picture Books

First Place

Grandpa! Grandpa! What Will I See? by William P. Bahlke ($1.99, Kindle; Kindle Unlimited; $12.95, paperback; $17.95, hardcover), WPB Publishing,







Genre Fiction

First Place

A Special Breed of Warrior by Joseph Mujwit ($2.99, Kindle; Kindle Unlimited; $8.99, paperback), CreateSpace.

Honorable Mentions

Salsa with the Pope by Samantha Wren Anderson ($2.99, Kindle; Kindle Unlimited; $12.99, paperback), Anderson,

String by Timothy Bryant Spear ($2.99, Kindle; Kindle Unlimited; $14.95, paperback), Synergy Books Publishing.

The Forgotten by M. Stringfield ($2.99, Kindle; Kindle Unlimited; $14.99, paperback), Coverless Books,




First Place

Finding the Light Inside You by Susan Redmond ($4.49, Kindle; $26, paperback), CreateSpace.

Honorable Mention

44 Rays of Sunshine by Nahla Summers ($5.70, Kindle; $9.44, paperback), Summers,





Life Stories

First Place

Fifty Fares by Ronan Takagi ($0.99, Kindle; $3.99, paperback), CreateSpace.







Literary Fiction/Mainstream 

First Place

Three Empty Frames by Margaret Sorick ($2.99, Kindle; $10.99, paperback), CreateSpace,

Honorable Mentions

Guns and White Faces by Jay Claiborne ($2.99, Kindle), Claiborne.

The Watchman’s Children by T.A. Barnes ($3.99, Kindle; Kindle Unlimited; $9.85 Paperback), Barnes.




Middle-Grade/Young Adult Fiction

First Place

Biome by Ryan Galloway ($0.99, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited; $13.99, paperback), Stranger Fiction,

Honorable Mention

Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot by Ann Swann, CreateSpace.






First Place

Beautiful Hero: How We Survived the Khmer Rouge by Jennifer H. Lau ($9.99, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited; $14.99, paperback), Lotus Book Group,

Honorable Mentions

House Keys: Tips and Tricks from a Female Home Inspector by Lisa Turner ($4.99, Kindle; Kindle Unlimited; $15.99, paperback), CreateSpace,

How to Say Cheese by A.K. Williams ($9.99, iBook), Interactive Bee Media




First Place

The End of an Ordinary Life by Craig Allen Heath ($4.99, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited; $7.99, paperback), CreateSpace,

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