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Ask the Lawyer: Writing Together; Writing Sub Rosa

Pinpoint issues to resolve before getting involved in a co-authoring situation, and learn how to write under a pseudonym. Read more

The More-Complete-Than-You-Need Checklist for Book Signings

Use this checklist before you head out the door to your book signing. Read more

Pick Me

The old rules don’t apply anymore. So what’s an author gotta do to get noticed around here? Read more

Commence Into Print

School’s finished, the diploma’s on the wall and you’re out in the working world—so what now? Hit the ground running and start your writing life. Read more

Your Grand Finale

Hang in there! You can finesse your way to the end of your first draft with advice from novelists who’ve been there and lived to tell another tale. Read more

The Importance of the Right Word

Word choice: It”s writing”s core. Although it takes practice to always use the exact right word, be sure to keep these guidelines in mind. Read more

Bounce Back

Bounce Back Read more

Seven Tips for Formatting Your Article Manuscript

Seven Tips for Formatting Your Article Manuscript Read more

10 Easy Pieces For Your Publicity Arsenal

Award-winning authors Tom and Marilyn Ross share their twenty years of industry knowledge in Jump Start Your Books Sales Read more

The Business of Writing—Minding the Details

An introduction to the financial and legal aspects of selling your writing. Read more

Markets Spotlight

Spilling your guts through words can put money in your wallet Read more

Banned—or Simply Shunned?

A YA author deliberates on the debate surrounding her book’s controversial theme. Read more

Surround Yourself With Good Resources

Surround Yourself With Good Resources Read more

Why Web Writing Must Get to the Point

It’s not just how short you write, it’s how much information you can pack into just a few words. Follow these six steps to great Web content. Read more

What is a Blog?

Q: While I’ve read several sites referred to as “blogs,” I’m not really sure what a blog is. What is a blog? —Christopher B. A: From writers at award-winning newspapers, to magazine … Read more

What Christine Byl can’t not do

Is writing something you can’t NOT do? If so, you’re on the right track, as the case of writer Christine Byl Read more

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