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Writing Goal

8 Reasons Books Fail

No one wants his or her self-published book to fail. In the new issue of Publishing Success, learn to avoid eight of the most common mistakes and make sure that your book is a success. Read more

Successful Query Letters

While there is no formula for the perfect query letter, all successful queries share certain qualities. Take a look at these tips from the Writing the Nonfiction Book Proposal Workshop from WritersOnlineWorkshops.com Read more

17 Writing Secrets

One author shares his tried-and-true principles for making good writing better.

by Steven Goldsberry Read more

from Cagey to Quotable

Disarm these six difficult interview types to get the information you need. Read more

10 Tabloid Tips To Better Writing

Sure, tabloids are a fun read. But this Read more

6 Tips for Working with Editors

6 Tips for Working with Editors Read more

Setting a Standard

Should print-on-demand companies take a more aggressive role in weeding out unsavory business practices in their industry? Read more

Increasing Income by Adding Photographs

Abigail Seymour gives advice on photography when marketing your magazine nonfiction. Read more

Welcome to my World:

What does a young writer have to do to break into this business, anyway? Follow our new columnist as he finds out. Read more

Questions & Quandaries

Questions & Quandaries Read more

Avoid the Editorial “John Doe”

Editors want to say yes to your story as badly as you want them to?so make it easy for them with these five steps. Read more

7 Laws of Comedy Writing

Writing humor is subjective and challenging—thankfully, there are many ways to create it. How to Write Funny provides advice, insights and humor from more that twenty writers with a gift for making readers laugh Read more

The Premise of Your Story

The Premise of Your Story Read more

What is a Blog?

Q: While I’ve read several sites referred to as “blogs,” I’m not really sure what a blog is. What is a blog? —Christopher B. A: From writers at award-winning newspapers, to magazine … Read more

What Christine Byl can’t not do

Is writing something you can’t NOT do? If so, you’re on the right track, as the case of writer Christine Byl Read more

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