Writing Goal

Don’t Be a Writing Diva

Nobody likes dealing with a high-maintenance author, especially agents and editors. Here are 18 tips that will endear you to those who can help you publish or perish.

by Mary E. Demuth

The Name Game

It was the most painful moment of my fledgling writing career. I had finally landed a “big” book, and the editor wanted to take my name off the cover.  ... Can you imagine?

by Jenna Glatzer

The Secret to Getting Published

There is, of course, no secret way to get published. No hidden key, no insider information, no shortcut. There is no way to skip over these mandatory steps: First learn to write, then go out and sell it. However, there are a few secrets...

The Writer’s Perspective

WD Editor Maria Schneider's blog, "The Writer's Perspective," is dedicated to the publishing industry and other writing-related news. She'll keep you up-to-date on the writing essentials, all while providing links that might be interest you and commentaries on the industry's hottest topics....

Vote Now: Your Story #18

After wading through more than 1,100 entries, the WD editors have narrowed the choices down to five in the Your Story #17 competition. Now, we need your help. 

Moving with the Trends

Before Stephanie Kip Rostan was a literary agent at the Greenberg Literary Agency, where she’s been since September 2001, she spent four years as an editor for The Bantam Dell Publishing Group. An avid reader with diverse tastes, Rostan worked on fiction and nonfiction projects as an editor, enabling her to...

Writer’s Block Moves

When writers are seriously blocked, they often resort to extreme measures—drinking, a divorce, traveling—even TV. But when merely stalled, they tend to rely on less desperate devices. I recently asked a collection of working writers what they do when they’re temporarily stuck. Their useful, humorous and inspiring responses follow.

Literary Hot Spots: San Francisco

Want to know where all the literary hot spots are in bay area? We've got you covered. This is part two of your essential guide to living the lit life in several U.S. destinations, including Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Miami, Seattle and more.

by Jordan E....

Bulllies, Bastards & Bitches

With Jessica Page Morrell's Bullies, Bastards & Bitches, you'll be able to tap into your story’s dark side by creating realistic and memorable anti-heroes, villains, antagonists, and difficult protagonists.

Marketing: Reprints

What’s better than selling an article for $750? Selling it again for $200, then again for $150, then again for $200, without doing anything more than letting an editor know it’s available.

Nonfiction: Q&As

“There’s no Q&A protocol. You can write the manual,” The New York Times Magazine journalist Deborah Solomon told Columbia Journalism Review in the summer of 2005. Yet a recent controversy over Solomon’s Q&A interviewing techniques in her own weekly column proved her wrong about the lack of protocol for this popular...

Fiction: Titles

It happens every semester I teach fiction, usually on the day we distribute stories for the first workshop. A student will raise her hand and offer the following caveat: “So I just wanted to, like, apologize for my story not having a title. I totally hate titles.”