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Writing Goal

The Four-Step Revision Method

Step 1 of Raymond Obstfeld’s “4-Step Method” to revising your work. Read more

E-Zine Promotion 101

Your e-zine is hot off the cyber-presses, your methods of distribution are ready to roll, now you only need one thing: business. And that means PR. Read more

Six Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting an Agent

Here are six tips from literary agent Lori Perkins, on how you can better prepare yourself to succeed in the business. Read more

How to Get Your E-Book Published

An interview with authors William Thomas Quick and Richard Curtis Read more

Advice on Writing Query Letters

Just what should a nonfiction query letter contain? The editors at Writer’s Digest answer that precise question. Read more

17 Writing Secrets

One author shares his tried-and-true principles for making good writing better.

by Steven Goldsberry Read more

from Cagey to Quotable

Disarm these six difficult interview types to get the information you need. Read more

10 Tabloid Tips To Better Writing

Sure, tabloids are a fun read. But this Read more

Face Time

Thanks to e-mail, you never need to make eye contact with editors you write for. But maybe you should. The payoff is more than you might imagine. Read more

The 2005 WD Guide to Writing Software

Looking to streamline your writing process? We’ve rounded up the latest and greatest software programs designed to help, and never hinder, your writing. Read more

Getting the Coin: Dealing with Slow-Paying Clients

Choosing a good publication from a potentially delinquent one is key when it comes to receiving payment for your work. Read more

The Art of Anniversaries

Keep your eyes open for upcoming anniversaries, and you just may land a plum assignment. Read more

Write Knock-Dead Query Letters

Query letters can make or break a writer. Here are tips on how to write the perfect query and land the ideal freelance job. Read more

Avoid the Editorial “John Doe”

Editors want to say yes to your story as badly as you want them to?so make it easy for them with these five steps. Read more

7 Laws of Comedy Writing

Writing humor is subjective and challenging—thankfully, there are many ways to create it. How to Write Funny provides advice, insights and humor from more that twenty writers with a gift for making readers laugh Read more

The Premise of Your Story

The Premise of Your Story Read more

Do You Need Liability Insurance?

Find out if you need individual liability insurance, and learn how to protect yourself from libel or invasion of privacy claims. Read more

The Core of a Good Editor-Writer Relationship

Michael Korda is both editor and writer — Another Life is his latest memoir. Speaking with interviewer Marsha Marks, he provides perspective from both sides of the editor’s desk. Read more

Knowing Your Copyrights

You may not be a copyright expert…but that’s OK. This guide will help you understand the basics to protect yourself. Read more

What to Do with an Idea Once You Have One

Greg Daugherty, former editor-in-chief of New Choices, offers magazine writers the following bit of advice on how to better market their writing. Read more

Self-Publishing: What to Do, When to Do It

When do you need an ISBN? When should you think about promotions? The godfather of self-publishing has the answers. Read more

Government Gold Mine

The Freedom of Information Act allows you access to an array of documents to help you research your next story. Here, WD’s legal expert tells you how to get them. Read more

Find Out if You’re a Good Writer

Here is tip #3 of 4 in Raymond Obstfeld’s “4 Tips to Find Out if You’re a Good Writer” in the latest issue of Start Writing Now. Read more

Publishing Your Passion

Do you have a burning desire to publish your own magazine? Ignite that passion and distribute it for all to see. Read more

Agent Etiquette Dos and Don”ts

Excerpted from The Insider”s Guide to Getting an Agent, Lori Perkins gives her dos and don”ts when working with an agent. Read more

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