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Writing Goal

Wielding the Scalpel: What to Cut From Your Story

Got padding? Read on to find out how small-scale surgery can transform your draft into lean, salable fiction. Read more

Free Money

Yeah, you heard us. There are grants out there for writers of all stripes, if you know where to look. Now you do. Read more

5 Keys to Landing an Agent

What goes into a winning query and how does one go about finding representation? Read more

Waiting for DOLLAR$

Some leading writers organizations recommend against it, but many magazines don’t pay writers until their work is published. Is it worth the risk? Editors and writers weigh in. Read more

Before Your First Sale

Learn the basics of what you need to know before you mail your submission. Read more

Build a Better Source List

Lining up article sources—especially when you’re tight on time—doesn’t have to be a harrowing task. Here’s a five-step plan to find the right quote when you need it. Read more

Choosing a Font When Printing Manuscripts

How to choose a readable font (typeface) for printing out your manuscript from the morass of fonts that are available to computer users. Read more

The Secret of Good Writing

For National Book Award winner Alice McDermott Read more

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Understanding fair use is crucial for writers who glean material from outside sources. Learn when and how to attribute facts, opinions and paraphrases. Read more

Editors and E-Queries

Editors and E-Queries Read more

The New Year Brings New Markets

Staying on top of new markets requires understanding technology, noticing up-and-coming trends and searching for the unexpected. Read more

Not in New York: 15 Small Presses

We combed through the pages of Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market to bring you 15 book
publishers that don’t require an agent, aren’t based in New York City and will consider first-time
authors of mainstream/literary fiction.
Read more

5 Tips To Polish Your Fiction

5 Tips To Polish Your Fiction Read more

5 Tips for Writing for Children

"Dialogue not only keeps young readers engrossed in the action, but also makes the page appear less formidable by breaking up the text." That’s one of the tips from Tracey Dils, author of You Can Write Children’s Books. Read more tips here. Read more

Begin at the Beginning

by James V. Smith Jr, author of Fiction Writer’s Brainstormer Read more

Colin Beavan’s Fingerprints

“For me, research was the easy part because you know you’re getting results. And so you procrastinate the scary part, which is the actual sitting down and writing the story by convincing yourself that you’re being productive by doing more research … I researched for seven months.” Read more

Quota on Quotes?

Sometimes, a source’s exact words say everything that needs to be said. But not always. Read more

Self-Publishing Definitions

Commercial publishers, subsidy publishers, vanity presses, self-publishing, POD—what’s the difference? Read more

The Big Brush-off

On paper, they were perfect for each other—so why couldn’t this agent immediately recognize our writer’s genius? Read more

The Road Traveled

The winner of the 1999 Writer’s Digest National Self-Published Book Awards talks about the journey that led him to publishing success. Read more

Promote Your Book With Your Own Web Site

Whether your first or 10th book is about to hit store shelves, a Web site is the key to promoting your latest work. Here’s what you need. Read more

When to Use Swear Words in your Writing

When you’re deciding whether or not to use foul language in your writing, ask yourself these three questions. Read more

Your Writing Plan

Looking for ways to streamline the process of interviewing sources? Writers Joe Feiertag and Mary Carmen Cupito offer up some helpful hints. Read more

Before You Close That Envelope

Here are 10 steps to pay attention to when sending your writing into a competition. Read more

The Evolution of Self-Publishing

As technology improves, so do your publishing options. Here’s a guide to what’s new, what’s available and why it’s easier than ever to publish yourself. Read more

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