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    Writing Goal

    6 Tips for Working with Editors

    6 Tips for Working with Editors Read more

    Setting a Standard

    Should print-on-demand companies take a more aggressive role in weeding out unsavory business practices in their industry? Read more

    Increasing Income by Adding Photographs

    Abigail Seymour gives advice on photography when marketing your magazine nonfiction. Read more

    Welcome to my World:

    What does a young writer have to do to break into this business, anyway? Follow our new columnist as he finds out. Read more

    Questions & Quandaries

    Questions & Quandaries Read more

    The Importance Of Diction

    The Importance Of Diction Read more

    Tips for Finding Your Own Writing Style

    David Fryxell discusses the difficult task of trying to find your own natural writing style, one that will help subtly distinguish your work from that of your peers. Style, according to Fryxell, is the product of a writer’s tone and voice and cannot be successfully forced or plagiarized from another. Here are a few of his tips for helping you find your own style through tone and voice. Read more

    The Age of Embellishment

    If it feels like you’re writing in murky waters these days, well, you are. Lying, plagiarism and other misdeeds have always been part of publishing, but in the digital age it’s more prevalent—and more easily caught—than ever. Read more

    Confessions of a Know-It-All

    Omniscient point of view can lend richness and flexibility to your story—but only if you use it with a disciplined and purposeful hand. Read more

    What You Can Do About Aggregators

    What You Can Do About Aggregators Read more

    3 Crucial Questions for a Winning Proposal

    So what? Who cares? Who are you? Find out how to address these questions in your nonfiction book proposal. Read more

    One Work, Multiple Editions

    Your work should be available not only in printed book form, but also in electronic, audio, workshop and consulting forms. Read more

    Speaking of Dialogue

    Give your characters a story worth responding to and your dialogue will flow. Read more

    Tips for Injecting Dialogue With Suspense and Tension

    Learn exactly what constitutes conflict, action and suspense, how they relate to other important ingredients in your story, and—perhaps most important—how to manipulate them.

    by William Noble Read more

    E-Zine Promotion 101

    Your e-zine is hot off the cyber-presses, your methods of distribution are ready to roll, now you only need one thing: business. And that means PR. Read more

    Six Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting an Agent

    Here are six tips from literary agent Lori Perkins, on how you can better prepare yourself to succeed in the business. Read more

    How to Get Your E-Book Published

    An interview with authors William Thomas Quick and Richard Curtis Read more

    Advice on Writing Query Letters

    Just what should a nonfiction query letter contain? The editors at Writer’s Digest answer that precise question. Read more

    17 Writing Secrets

    One author shares his tried-and-true principles for making good writing better.

    by Steven Goldsberry Read more

    Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

    Fly through your writing assignments with these five tips for planning your projects so you get the best articles in the least time! Read more

    Change Your Point of View

    Writing in a specific point of view enables you to convey all the impressions and information you desire. Here are two exerices excerpted from Mastering Point of View. Read more

    Face Time

    Thanks to e-mail, you never need to make eye contact with editors you write for. But maybe you should. The payoff is more than you might imagine. Read more

    The 2005 WD Guide to Writing Software

    Looking to streamline your writing process? We’ve rounded up the latest and greatest software programs designed to help, and never hinder, your writing. Read more

    Getting the Coin: Dealing with Slow-Paying Clients

    Choosing a good publication from a potentially delinquent one is key when it comes to receiving payment for your work. Read more

    The Art of Anniversaries

    Keep your eyes open for upcoming anniversaries, and you just may land a plum assignment. Read more

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