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Future Self-Publishing Models?

Are these experimental models the future of self-publishing, or will they simply become footnotes as the industry evolves? It’s an exciting juncture in self-publishing, and new technology and innovative minds are bringing ideas to life every day. While this list makes no effort to be all-inclusive, here are a few models...

Celebrating 90 Years of WD: American History

In 2010, Writer’s Digest will turn 90. To celebrate, we’ll be counting down to our nonagenarian years with a look back at WD history. In the July/August issue, we took a nostalgic look at how American History has been reflected in our pages since 1920. The retrospective continues here.

The WD Interview:
James Patterson

To a bestselling author, the words “brand” and “factory” might not sound like terms of endearment. But James Patterson has more stories to tell—and 100 million readers behind him to help soften the blow.

by Diana Page Jordan

Everything You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

Here is your ultimate breakdown on self-publishing, including answers to your self-publishing FAQs, a chart explaining the differences between the services of self-publishing companies and traditional publishers, an agent’s perspective on where self-publishing is today and more.

by the Writer’s Digest staff

Follow These Rules For Stronger Writing

Strong prose is a matter of practice and discipline and conscious awareness of the words you put on the page. There are rules for effective writing, and you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary grief if you take the time to incorporate them into your writing psyche.

by Nancy...

279 Days to Overnight Success

One of the Twitter sensations right now is 279 Days to Overnight Success by Chris Guillebeau. In less than a year, he has created a sustainable living for himself through writing/blogging, while traveling the world. Highly recommend you download his free PDF here. You might also like:No Related Posts