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Self-Published Authors Should Band Together

Today’s Q&A is with longtime author and publisher Eric Hammel, who started his own publishing company in the 1980s alongside his traditional author career. Given his 30+ years of experience as an author, marketer, and self-publisher, I find his in-depth perspective on the industry invaluable for anyone considering DIY options, or...

Alice Walker Offers Advice on Writing

Decades before her groundbreaking novel The Color Purple, Alice Walker was already a distinctive voice in American and world literature. Decades later, she remains a force—and an inspiration to writers everywhere.

by Jessica Strawser

Don't Annoy People on Facebook

I have a wide range of friends of Facebook—including many writers who are using the site to market their work. While this isn’t wrong in and of itself, some approach the site as their personal direct marketing tool, and do more damage than good. That’s why I wrote this lengthy post...

5 Tips for Creating Characters for Kids

Crafting a detailed character study is the only way you can really get to know details like whether your main character enjoys playing games, is full of energy and loves to be at Grandpa’s house. Think about your main character and carefully consider the following five items.

by Ann Whitford...

Q&A: My Thoughts on Book Publishing Today

Many writers ask me about changes in the publishing industry, how to make sense of the transformation, and what it really means for them. I try to tackle that, in part, in this Q&A with WetMachine, where the insightful John Sundman poses a variety of questions about trends, e-books and e-publishing,...

The Power of an E-mail Network (10 Years in the Making)

My Q&A with Hyla Molander—on her success finding readers with Scribd—sparked many people to contact me about their success too in using the site. However, even before Hyla, I had met Ransom Stephens, who is further along in his journey. His novel, The God Patent, was recently released in print from...

The Dos & Don

Historifiction-YA-Paranormal-Bromance? Yikes. Here’s how to mix elements of different genres in your novel the right way.

By Joanna Stampfel-Volpe

New Tools: Create a Book From Your Site or Blog Content

This post is part of a series, New Tools for Entrepreneurial Writers, which overviews specific tools ripe with opportunity for creative & entrepreneurial writers. The only limit is your imagination! (If you’re the creator of a new software or online tool & would like it featured, contact me.) Anthologize is a...