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Anthony Tedesco, co-founder of the Crisp Website Network and one of Virtual City’s top “cyberstars,” gathered tips from several writers and online editors on how to make it in cyberspace.

Melissa Weiner, editor of Swoon (www.swoon.com), online home of Details, GQ, Mademoiselle and Glamour:

  • A good website is not simply an electronic version of your favorite print magazine. Coming up with pieces for an online publication requires a different thought process. Take a step back and think about what you would go online to read.

Alice Bradley, editor-in-chief of Charged (www.charged.com):

  • When you’re writing for the Web, you have to be hyper-aware of your audience’s lack of patience. Think of your text in terms of short bites. Usually when I receive a story, I go through it and see how I can break it up into smallish paragraphs — it’s just less overwhelming than having a page full of text to scroll through. Also, putting in subheads is always a good idea.

Gary Welz, who writes on advertising, publishing and technology for such magazines as Internet World, Web Week and Webdeveloper.com (www.webdeveloper.com):

  • Have your online articles archived by the publication and available to readers forever. I’ve received so many opportunities from editors and companies who came across a past online article of mine, or who did an Internet search on a certain subject and my name and article came up — even for articles that I wrote a long time ago. With archived articles, I’m also able to query new online markets with URLs pointing to my previous clips.

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