Quick Tips for Building a Bio

Of all the materials you’ll utilize in becoming known, your short bio is the one you’ll use and update the most. By highlighting your credibility in your field and showcasing you as the experienced professional that you are, it succinctly tells people what you know and why they should listen to you.

• Start with what you’ve got and let that be enough. Regardless of depth of experience, a brief summary of past writing-for-publication credits is a good first bio. Nobody ever remembers that their favorite authors were once completely unknown, but of course they were. Bios improve over time.

• Try not to digress. Describe what you’ve done, not what you’re going to do. Omit any new efforts that have not yet garnered much response (blogs and zines, for example)—until, of course, they do. Don’t describe your desire to write, share irrelevant experience or give a short history of your life.

• Update constantly. Include credits that establish you in your field as well as any recognition that has come from external sources. Only your most recent credits are going to make the best first impression you can make.

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