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How to Improve Writing Skills

You have the drive, you have the passion, and you’re more than willing to put in the time it takes to finish a manuscript. But you also want to make sure your work is clean, compelling, and perfectly structured. Help for doing just that can be found right here.

Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear

Clarity, the often unnoticed foundation of your writing, is crucial if you want readers to finish your story. Learn to see what the reader sees. Read more

The Temporary Expert

Need to get an insider’s viewpoint on a specialty topic? You don’t need no stinkin’ expert. Immerse yourself in the subject at hand, then be your own insider. These three writers prove the efforts are well worth it. Read more

Web Writing

3 Online editors give tips and advice on how to make it on the web. Read more

How to Keep it Tight

Try your hand at tightening this wordy example. Then, take a look at the winning edit. Read more

Your Opening Quest

Hook readers from the start with an intriguing question. Read more

The Premise of Your Story

The Premise of Your Story Read more

Six Overused Quotes to Prune From Your Prose

Six Overused Quotes to Prune From Your Prose Read more

21 Tips to Get Out of the Slush Pile

Here is the essential checklist of tweaks to consider when reviving a rejected story (or while writing or editing your first draft).

by James Plath
Read more

What Christine Byl can’t not do

Is writing something you can’t NOT do? If so, you’re on the right track, as the case of writer Christine Byl Read more

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