Celebrating 90 Years of WD: Pop Culture


In 2010, Writer’s Digest will turn 90. To celebrate, we’ll be counting down to our nonagenarian years with a look back at WD history. In the May/June issue, we took a fun look at how pop culture has been reflected in our pages since 1920. The retrospective continues here.

February 1931 cover image (Write ‘em Cowboy, Writing for the Talkies, etc.)

Spread featuring Walter Cronkite, September 2001 WD

February 1979 cover image (Judy Blume)

“Writing Comedy for Jackie Gleason” feature spread w/photo, July 1966, p. 48-49

“Writing Light Verse Is Heavy” feature page, June 1972 WD, p. 33

Heds/leads from articles on Andy Rooney, Paul Harvey, November 1984 WD, p. 28

Editorial Cartoon: The Greeting Card Verse Writer at Home December 1933 WD, p. 17

“Selling the Farm Markets” Feature Spread w/Art, March 1954 WD, p. 24-25

“Leave No Turn Unturned: How to Buy a Telephone Answering Machine,” Feature page, December 1983 WD, p. 33

“Anne Rice” feature spread w/photo, November 1988 WD, p. 40-41

Ms. Magazine Ad, February 1974, p. 37

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