Out-of-sight Creations

Like to laugh?
If you are the type who prefers the comic kind of magazine, check out The People’s Comic Book Newsletter. From comic-book scripts to comic-book art, this newsletter publishes and promotes it all. Brought to you from Jazma Universe Online! (www.jazmaonline.com) on a bimonthly basis, this hefty issue is well worth the 2 bucks ($10 subscription). Submit scripts, storylines and fanart with $3 for every five drawings or pages to Paul Dale Roberts, publisher, Peoples’ Comic Book Newsletter, 5606 Moonlight Way, Elk Grove CA 95758. E-mail: pdroberts@jazmaonline.com. (Pay through promotion only.) Roberts boasts: “We are the Star Search for comic book writers and artists.”

Care to dance?
Seeking an inspiring (and beautiful) e-zine? Then look up Moondance (www.moondance.org). This seasonal publication is “a celebration of creativity and womanhood around the world.” It offers an Arts Department (a ring of art you click to access artists’ profiles and other works), a list of links called “Cosmic Connections” (with sites grouped in categories like Spiritual Space, Creative Corridor and Rare Resources), as well as poetry, fiction, nonfiction, opinion and inspirational writings. Published by the Women Artists and Writers International (Loretta Kemsley, publisher), the e-zine does accept submissions (by writers of both genders). Send writing to submissions@moondance.org; however, be sure to read the extensive writer’s guidelines and query deadlines first. The e-zine is free to view online (so writers, sorry, no pay). Check out the 10 Commandments of Creativity!

Are you game?
Sabledrake Magazine (www.sabledrake.com/magazine.htm) launched by Tim and Christine Morgan in January 2000 is “an online magazine by gamers, for gamers and for sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts.” Each monthly issue showcases a new theme (ranging from Heroics to Conspiracies to New Worlds). This e-zine dedicates its content to the love of games and fiction and the often overlooked relationship between the two (many games are adaptations of fiction and vice versa). With its eye-catching cover and wealth of content&#151everything from articles and poems to book and video-/board- game reviews to fantasy artwork&#151Sabledrake is any fantasy-fan’s fix. Submis-sions are accepted. Send short stories, how-to gaming articles, reviews and cover or interior art to submissions@sabledrake.com or to Sabledrake Enterprises, P.O. Box 30751, Seattle WA 98103. Refer to guidelines online (no pay).

And for the writer
Working Writer, a 12-page bimonthly publication, filled with articles on everything from freelancing to agents to promotion tips, is an irreverent newsletter published in “a spirit of writing camaraderie.” One notable section is the Words That Need to Be Retired Permanently. For a complimentary sample issue, write or e-mail Editor Maggie Frisch, P.O. Box 6943, Libertyville IL 60048-6943. E-mail: working writers@aol.com. Subscriptions are $17.95/year.

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