Don”t Submit Your Article

Don”t aubmit your article until you ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the lead grab the reader?
  • Can you summarize the main theme of your article in a title and subtitle?
  • Is your theme clearly encapsulated in your hook? Is your hook “high” enough?
  • Does each paragraph or section flow easily into the next?
  • Does your logic hold together?
    1. Does what comes next logically follow?
    2. Does the evidence you present actually support your point?
    3. Have you left out something that “everybody knows” when “everybody” really doesn”t?
  • Does everything read as if it belongs to the same article?
  • Is everything that belongs together placed together?
  • Does the rhythm move the reader along?
  • Does your ending tie it all together?
  • Have you written to the right length?

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