A Legal Checklist for Writers

1. Are you writing about real people?

2. Are they recognizable to readers?

3. Are you making disputable statements of fact?

4. Are you disclosing private, possibly embarrassing information?

5. Are the matters discussed of concern to the community at large (not just your family)?

6. Are you disclosing a crime? How recent?

7. Is the individual in question a private person (as opposed to a public figure)?

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21 thoughts on “A Legal Checklist for Writers

  1. Kevin13

    As an amateur writer and blogger, it’s easy to forego these steps and not think anything of it but as time progresses and lawsuits become national news, this importance is ever growing.

  2. SHAiWrite

    Assume checklist. I’ve had to do a bit of rewriting due to a yes answer to a few of these questions. I’m working on more changes to one character and release forms for two others.


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