3 Tips for Finding Markets Online

In addition to the thousands of print opportunities in 2002 Writer’s Market and 2002 Writer’s Market Online, you’ll find more focus on online paying markets. And who better than Debbie Ridpath Ohi, founder of Inkspot and author of The Writer’s Online Marketplace, to help writers surf the waters of the Web?

Her article, 10 Tips for Finding Markets Online, which appears in 2002 Writer’s Market is reprinted here, in part:

1. Learn how to verify a market information source.

  • Confirm payment and copyright policies. Editors and policies change more quickly online, so be sure to get written confirmation.
  • Ask around. If you’re still unsure, ask other writers whether they have had problems with a particular publication.
  • Check Web resources. Ease of communication through the Internet has provided writers with increased ability to share information.
  • Some useful sites:

Preditors & Editors: www.sfwa.org/prededitors/
Writers Beware: www.sfwa.org/beware/

2. Browse electronic newsstands.
Electronic newsstands are Web sites where users can browse descriptions of hundreds of publications. The main purpose of electronic newsstands is to sell subscriptions, but they can also be used as information for writers.

3. Get into the habit of checking job boards.
Combing job boards is one of the best ways to find openings for regular online writing assignments. New Web sites often will post job listings for columnists, editors and freelance writers. Some offer other career resources.

Check out 2002 Writer’s Market and 2002 Writer’s Market Online.

Or, visit www.WritersMarket.com: your wired key to publishing success. Instant access to thousands of editors and agents and the most comprehensive—and always up-to-date—market contact info available.

Debbie Ridpath Ohi is the contributing editor of the popular Market Watch section of WritersMarket.com. A daily (and sometimes twice daily) udpate to the world of publishing.

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