Editors and E-Queries

Here”s what some editors have to say about e-queries:

Income Opportunities magazine prefers e-mail queries at ahinds@natcom-publications.com from both new and established writers. “We can have almost instantaneous contact with people whose ideas we like, which is really much better than trying to catch them on the phone,” says executive editor Andre Hinds. Response times range from three minutes to three weeks. If he likes an idea, he prefers new writers send clips or a finished story. “We”ve reduced that process to, in some cases, hours rather than weeks.”

Canoe & Kayak Magazine takes e-queries from new and established writers via robin@canoekayak.com. Before querying, check out contributors” guidelines at www.canoekayak.com and read a copy of the print magazine, since it contains more of the content freelancers are likely to handle than the Web edition, suggests Robin Stanton, managing editor. The magazine responds in some cases within a day and usually within three weeks.

Writer”s Digest accepts queries at wdsubmissions@fwpubs.com. The magazine considers all queries, but prefers writers new to the publication send snail-mail queries with clips and allow at least a couple of weeks for response. A caveat: You get one bite at the apple. If you are rejected, don”t flood the editor”s mailbox with pleas to reconsider.

Jack Neff is a freelance business writer and a co-author of the Writer”s Digest Guide to Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript.

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