Poetic Asides for Your Poetic Life

As a poet who submits, gets rejected, and (sometimes) gets accepted, editor Robert Brewer shares his experiences as a working poet, all in the hopes of inspiring you to share experiences and knowledge with each other.

As a publishing professional who deals with other insiders, Robert shares news, insider views, and interviews to help give a clear picture of the poetry "business" of things. Of course, we use the word "business" lightly, since poetry is almost never about the money, but more about the love of writing and sharing words and worldviews.

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3 thoughts on “Poetic Asides for Your Poetic Life

  1. PKP

    Something that cannot be seen

    You wore a medallion against your chest
    A silver opened tablet of ten commandments
    About three inches on a long smooth chain
    Warm against my cheek as I rested on your
    Chest in the first summer of my arrival on the
    Black rooftop that became my first awareness
    The scent of tar and Coppertone and the tang
    Of you – the sound of your heart thumping
    Under the faded traffic in the street far below
    Out of the carriage on your chest against the
    Silver medallion warmed from the sun – you
    Murmured to me in words I did not yet decipher
    Sang songs in your low voice – your heart thumped
    The medallion warm against my cheek – first
    Memories and last – as year fell against once another
    And on another summer day – hot – you against
    White crisp sheets I lay my cheek against your chest
    And heart the thump of your heart – three – two – one
    Silence – something unseen but expected strode in
    And you left – only a medallion and a lifetime scented
    With black tar, Coppertone, the heat of the sun, and
    The scent and sensibility of a billion memories

  2. KS20x1

    One Sided Insight- (What Went Wrong I Still Don’t Know)

    Day 3 PAD Challenge (a message)

    by Kelley Stephens


    Monday@10:14a.m. -Let me see you before you go? :'(

    Monday@10:50a.m.- :-*

    Tuesday@10:50p.m.- Miss you to

    Wednesday@10:36p.m- Be happy 🙂

    Thursday@7:30pm- Just read your WordPress, good stuff. I like

    Friday@8:14pm- I’m gonna go buy a copy at retail

    Sunday@8:31p.m.- I’m here, sorry bout last night btw, forgot my phone at work yesterday

    Monday@6:54p.m. -Nope. You got big plans tonight

    Tuesday@12:41pm- I wanna hear, quit being a baby. 😉

    Tuesday@9:21p.m.- Was gonna surprise you with fun pics tonight but whatever

    Wednesday@10:47a.m.- Nbd. Just thought you were coming

    Wednesday@9:45pm- A print copy silly, hardcover baby!!

    @12:33a.m.- The red one, I want the red one

    Thursday@5:17a.m.- You write so damn hot

    @5:28a.m.- I want to see you
    @5:44a.m.- Love your body

    Saturday@1:27a.m.- Will you sign my printed copy?

    Tuesday@7:38p.m.- I’m fine, we shouldn’t talk anyw
    @7:38p.m.- Anymore

  3. dford

    Everyone Falls

    I didn’t see it coming. I was blindsided by your essence. Totally preoccupied and engaged in your presence. I should have looked both ways or slowed to a stop. Instead, I opted for acceleration, leaving you in the dust. And, now I’ m forced to go on without you–it’s not a choice, but a must.

    dford Great website.


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