Writing in Winter

tree in winter

A snowflake forms from at least 50 snow crystals,
each with a three-dimensional shape unlike any other.
Did you ever try to catch snowflakes on your tongue?
Where were you? Who were you with?

There are an estimated 22,000,000 cubic kilometers of ice
on Earth. If this ice melted, what would Earth look like?

“Winter” is synonymous with words like “cold,” “bleak,” “harsh”
and “cheerless,” yet in winter you often experience warmth,
brilliance, calm and coziness. When is winter harsh? When is it cozy?

“Winterize” means to make ready for winter’s freezing temperatures,
wind and snow. What did your mother or father make you wear
to winterize you against the cold?

The North Pole is defined as the northern-most point of the earth’s axis,
a point 90 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude.
Have you ever been in a very cold place?

Between Feb. 20 and March 5, 1988, a team of people
led by Myron L. Ace built a 63.56 foot snowman
named “Super Frosty” in Anchorage, Alaska.
Have you ever built anything out of snow?

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