Three Thoughts on Personal Writing

Whether or not you keep a writing journal or a personal journal, you’ll appreciate the thoughts of some of the writers featured in Personal Journaling: Writing About Your Life, a Writer’s Digest magazine.

From that publication, we like what Bob Greene and D.G. Fulford say in answer to the question in the title of their article, “Why Journaling? Why Now?”:

To each his or her own private reason. The buck stops here. You’re the only one to tell your story. Tell it to your loved ones or tell it to yourself. Look. Listen. Savor. Dissect. Capture the transience of the moment before it drifts like chiffon in an evening breeze, down the alley and away.

And we like the advice of Dorothy Randall Gray in her article, “I Was Mistaken for a Hummingbird”:

Take a look at what you’ve written and read it softly to yourself. Pick out and underline words or phrases you especially like — ones that touch your heart in a particular way. These are called seeds. Use seeds as catalysts for new ideas, self-reflection, transformation, creative writing or getting to the root of an experience. Seeds can be collected from anything you write, read, see or hear.

As well as the advice of Sheila Bender:

Don’t whine about not having enough time or energy to write; do not think that only under altered circumstances would you be able to write. Instead, go and write, and go and write some more; your circumstances will alter themselves.

For more advice on journaling, visit — there you will find information on choosing journals that will last through time, web rings and email lists devoted to journaling, recommendations for journal-writing how-to books and more. Also check out Personal Journaling: Writing About Your Life, available toll-free at 1-800-289-0963 or via secure online ordering.

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