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Writing Short Stories & Essay Writing

Writing short stories, fiction and essays isn’t easy – in fact, the relative brevity of these pieces can make them even more challenging to create. Inside you’ll learn the best techniques for doing it well, and using those pieces as a springboard for lengthier works.

Playing With Point of View

Journal with style by using variations in point of view to enliven your entries. Read more

Stop Being So Negative!

Does your disparaging attitude extend beyond your journal and into your life, where the bad is all you seem to have, because it’s all you take note of? Read more

E-mail Journals Made Easy!

Collect the e-mail gems you write and receive, and gather a precious diary of your life, as expressed to your cyber-pals. Read more

Reflect on Where You’re Going

Jump off the hamster wheel of life by using your writing time to find the path to a fulfilling future. Read more

Finding Your Inside Time

Dump your worries and obligations onto paper. Clear your mind, and start living the life you envisioned. Read more

Storytelling Medicine

A New Hampshire hospital is recording the stories of its elder patients—for healing and history. Read more

In Search of a Name

To name is a powerful act. Title your journal — and the years you live. Read more

A Pep Talk for Essayists

Strive to have your essays evoke your connection to the world, and you will grab readers’ empathy, affection and attention. Read more

Eleven Tips for Priming Your Creativity

Here are several ways to fuel creative infernos. Read more

Journaling Through Grief

Losing a child is devastating. Here’s the story of one mother who journaled through her sorrow and created a lasting tribute to her baby girl. Read more

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