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Writing Short Stories & Essay Writing

Writing short stories, fiction and essays isn’t easy – in fact, the relative brevity of these pieces can make them even more challenging to create. Inside you’ll learn the best techniques for doing it well, and using those pieces as a springboard for lengthier works.

Sharing Your Journals

Share your writing! Discover why journals for two can be a unique&#151and lasting&#151way to stay connected. Read more

Writer Mama Third Place

When Parenting and Writing Collide—Just Mom by Kathy Burns Read more

8 Basic Writing Blunders

These big-picture writing errors might make you cringe with recognition. But shake it off: Bestselling novelist Jerry B. Jenkins will help you fix them.

by Jerry B. Jenkins Read more

Journal Jolts

7 creative things you can do to find sketching inspiration. Read more

A Letter From Dad

From the “How to Convey What’s in Your Heart” article by Jaclynn Morris and Paul L. Fair Read more

20 Ways to Fill Page One

One might be the loneliest number, but it shouldn’t be the loneliest page. Use these ideas to start your journal off right. Read more

Finding My Way Back

When doctors and counselors could provide no help, a journal became the medicine that cured this accident victim of her fears. Read more

Three Thoughts on Personal Writing

Here are three writers’ takes on personal writing featured in Personal Journaling: Writing About Your Life, a Writer’s Digest magazine. Read more

Journal Sharing: Your Thoughts

We asked questions about journal sharing, keeping an online diary, and issues of privacy. Reader feedback, submitted via e-mail, represent the various experiences of journal-keepers everywhere. A selection of responses appears below. Read more

Rude Awakening

David Sedaris’ finely tuned essays are smart, witty and often utterly unkind. Read more

Music of Your Life

Capture your love of music in a journal dedicated to recording your life’s soundtrack. Read more

Advice on Preserving Your Journal

Keeping a journal can be a wonderful way to preserve your life story, but choosing the wrong kind of paper can destroy your words before your descendents are ever able to read and enjoy them. Inveterate journal-keeper Megan Fitzpatrick explains. Read more

Your Preservation Guide

Stop journal wear and tear with this complete guide to protecting your journals from the elements—and you. Read more

5 Tips To Polish Your Fiction

5 Tips To Polish Your Fiction Read more

Journaling on Tape

Record your life in sound, image and word. Try adding a dab of the audio-visual to your journaling ways. Read more

Writing the Details of the Universe

Journaling With Style Read more

Personal, Historical Journaling

Dedicate a journal to history as it happens. Chronicle your memories and reflections on the moments that define your generation. Read more

Making It Last

Photographs and playbills, flowers from your first love?it’s the stuff your journal is made of. So how do you preserve it? Read more

Life’s Sticking Points

If you find yourself caught in a rut, let your journal help pull you out. Read more

A Bridal Diary

Don’t forget one detail of your engagement and wedding. Keep a log of the memories and plans that make your “I do’s” special. Read more

A Diary For Two

An interactive journal is a journal you can use to communicate with someone close about things that are hard to express verbally. Here’s how to use one. Read more

Playing With Point of View

Journal with style by using variations in point of view to enliven your entries. Read more

Stop Being So Negative!

Does your disparaging attitude extend beyond your journal and into your life, where the bad is all you seem to have, because it’s all you take note of? Read more

E-mail Journals Made Easy!

Collect the e-mail gems you write and receive, and gather a precious diary of your life, as expressed to your cyber-pals. Read more

Reflect on Where You’re Going

Jump off the hamster wheel of life by using your writing time to find the path to a fulfilling future. Read more

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