Let Loose Your Creative Spirit

Whether you’re a writer, an accountant or a landscaper, Free Your Creative Spirit (Walking Stick Press), by Vivianne and Christopher Crowley, offers insight to unlock your potential for self-expression and enhance the quality of your life.

Everything that happens to us is material that we can use for our creative expression. We know more about ourselves than anything else in our world, so “me” is a good place to start, but in order to become a writer, you need to take [on] other voices, to become “not me” or “another me.”

This is an exercise to imagine someone else’s life. Choose one of these characters, one that is definitely not you, and write about starting school.

  • You are a middle-class African American child living in a predominantly white neighborhood. Your mother is a doctor and your father manages a local supermarket.
  • You are Irish and your parents come from Dublin, but they came to London to work in the IT industry so you were born in England. They have just moved back to Dublin, and you are starting school for the first time. You have an English accent.
  • You live in a small Bible-belt town in Kentucky. Your mom left home when you were two years old. Your father, a preacher, has brought you up.

Check out Free Your Creative Spirit ($18.99).

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