4 Steps for Developing Creative Ideas

Sometimes, the creative well just runs dry—and right into a brick wall. The Writer’s Idea Book offers more than 400 writing prompts to help you jump-start creativity and develop original ideas.

Here are some tips to get you started—and keep you going:

Show up.
If you want to write, you must begin by beginning, continue by continuing, finish by finishing.

Acknowledge the difficulty.
Writing creatively can be hard. It can empower you and free your spirit and can be a source of great joy, but it’s not always easy.

Joy and gratitude.
Though it may sound stupid, cultivate gratitude even for the obstacles that stand in the way of your writing, the ones that sometimes impede your ideas and creativity.

Have fun.
Your sense of freedom and play will infuse your writing with energy, and that energy will make your words enjoyable to read.

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