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Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy

Want to be the next George R.R. Martin or Jim Butcher? Here you’ll find information on writing for this specialized market, including world building, creating aliens and systems of magic, selling your work, and much more.

A Firebrand at 69: An Interview with Harlan Ellison

A Firebrand at 69: An Interview with Harlan Ellison Read more

The 10 Commandments of Fiction Writing

Guide your writing ways with these 10 rules thou must not break.

by Raymond Obstfeld
Read more

Keep It Real

Make readers believe that the fantasy world you’ve created actually exists by researching your setting. Read more

Q&A with Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Winner Franny Billingsley

Franny Billingsley”s young adult fantasy novels open readers to new worlds. Here she discusses the process of creating award-winning books, revising her work, and working with renowned editors. Read more

8 Basic Writing Blunders

These big-picture writing errors might make you cringe with recognition. But shake it off: Bestselling novelist Jerry B. Jenkins will help you fix them.

by Jerry B. Jenkins Read more

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