Story Checklist for Romance Novels

Despite first impressions, romance writing is a thriving, competitive and highly profitable category that has many writers laughing all the way to the bank.

Our tip about wrapping up your romance novel come from You Can Write a Romance (Writer”s Digest Books) by Rita Clay Estrada & Rita Gallagher. This mother and daughter team are successful authors and co-founders of the Romance Writers of America, the largest genre writing organization in the world.

When your book is finished, go back through each paragraph, page and chapter to check these important points:

1. Does my story flow easily from one scene into sequel and back into another scene: Are changes and transitions smooth?

2. Are my characters interesting? At the beginning of the book, do they leave room for growth? Are their actions, reactions, speech and decisions consistent with the original character I designed?

3. Do I have main characters strong enough and motivated enough to aim for their goals?

4. Are my characters masters of their fatesor are they victims of fate?

5. Do I have a natural plot line, given the people it”s impacting? Or have I used contrivances to make the story come out the way I want it to?

If you”ve done all the right things and your characters are alive and well, you”ll be sorry to leave them when the story is overand so will the reader. Leaving your readers wanting more is what makes them buy your next book. Sound advice for any writer.

Learn more about You Can Write a Romance ($12.99).

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