2010 Poetry Award Winner: JAVELINA

We nestled under the willows
on a sunny December day
like a family of javelina.

Walking upriver, we’d inspected
beaver dams.
Amazed by their industry, then sated by lunch,
we nestled under the willows.

We’d shuffled through the dusty leaves,
seeking a suitable spot to lie down
like a family of javelina.

Watching a crested kingfisher
on the banks of the Gila River,
we nestled under the willows.

Overcome by the quiet warmth,
we fell into gentle snores
like a herd of javelina.

No boundaries between us,
Three sisters, a mate and a son,
we nestled under the willows
like a family of javelina.
-—Karin Bradberry

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25 thoughts on “2010 Poetry Award Winner: JAVELINA

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