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Literary Fiction Writing

If your passion is for literary fiction, you’ll find guidelines for mastering plot, character, setting, dialogue and more right here. You’ll also get insights into selling your work and getting it published.

Found in Translation

Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk and other successful authors talk about the art of working with translators to make their prose sing in any language. Read more

The Silent Type

Can a writer who just wants to be left alone to write make it in today’s extroverted publishing world? Enter 24-year-old James Boice, who may just be the answer to that question. Read more

Unlocking the Door

Margaret Atwood expounds on finding your voice, the beauty of multitasking and what “chick lit” may have in common with Dracula and Frankenstein. Read more

Alexandra Styron: A Fiction Legacy

Alexandra Styron, author of All the Finest Girls, daughter of Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Styron and accomplished poet, Rose Styron, talks with Writer’s Digest about how writing a book takes conviction, strength of character and an inner belief in your abilitieseven if your last name is Styron. Read more

Writing a Literary Masterpiece: The Quick and Easy Way to Heaven

Writing a Literary Masterpiece: The Quick and Easy Way to Heaven Read more

An Interview With Hemingway

In December 1964, Edward Stafford provided Writer’s Digest with an interview conducted with Ernest Hemingway shortly before the author’s death in 1961. It’s excerpted here for the first time in more than 40 years. Please note that the excerpt has been abridged due to space considerations. Read more

Dissecting the Short Story: In Class with T.C. Boyle

Dissecting the Short Story: In Class with T.C. Boyle Read more

THE WD INTERVIEW: Chuck Palahniuk: Shock And Awe

Cult author Chuck Palahniuk continues to push literary boundaries in strange—even forbidding—territories. Find out what compels this seemingly mild-mannered author of novels like Read more

8 Basic Writing Blunders

These big-picture writing errors might make you cringe with recognition. But shake it off: Bestselling novelist Jerry B. Jenkins will help you fix them.

by Jerry B. Jenkins Read more

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