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Being a freelance writer isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. In this section you’ll find information about advanced article writing, finding new markets, selling your work, freelance writing jobs and getting paid. You’ll learn how to turn articles into cash and living the writing life.

5 Superb Tips from San Francisco Writers Conference

Pictured above: Patricia V. Davis and myself in San Francisco, outside of Fog City Diner — I took my first trip to San Francisco to speak and attend the San Francisco Writers Conference. It was a fabulous event, and I covered as much as I could on Twitter. Thanks to the...

5 Things That Make Me Stop Reading Websites & Blogs

Just in case you missed it, my first contribution to Writer Unboxed went live last week: 5 Things That Make Me Stop Reading Websites & Blogs It’s generated a lot of excellent discussion (45 comments!), where I’ve contributed some additional tips and answered questions. I think the discussion also made me...

I'm Now a Regular Contributor to Writer Unboxed

I’m very proud to announce that, starting this week, I’ll be a regular contributor to Writer Unboxed. My first post, to appear this Friday, will discuss the 5 things that make me stop reading an online site or blog (based on my experience curating Best Tweets). —— Housekeeping note: I’m taking...

Your Simple Checklist for Getting Known & Getting Readers

There’s such a wonderful comment on yesterday’s post that I wanted to bring attention to it (slightly modified to apply to all genres). Thank you, Banana the Poet (aka Michele Breton)! Follow her on Twitter or visit her site. Simple Checklist for Getting Known, Getting Readers, Building Platform Blog your work...

The First 5 (Simple) Steps for Growing Readership on Your Blog

One of my posts last month, The Benefits of Blogging, received a number of valuable comments. For anyone wondering about the value of blogging, this is a must-read for the variety of perspectives. The next question that naturally arises—after you decide to blog—is how to gain readership. Before I mention specific...

Is Blogging Right for You?

These days one of the answers to the question “What should I do to market my book?” is all too often “Go forth and blog.” But blogging isn’t right for every author.

by M.J. Rose

Media Watchdog:
Brent Cunningham

Brent Cunningham, Columbia Journalism Review’s managing editor, came to the magazine in 1999 on a fellowship and was convinced to stay on as managing editor. Founded in 1961, the magazine’s mission is to serve as “both a watchdog and a friend of the press in all its forms” and “encourage and...

Don’t Be a Writing Diva

Nobody likes dealing with a high-maintenance author, especially agents and editors. Here are 18 tips that will endear you to those who can help you publish or perish.

by Mary E. Demuth

The Four Commandments of Writing Good Sentences

If you want to write a good sentence, don’t pay any attention to your grammar. I don’t mean “a sentence this like OK is.” I mean don’t automatically think you’ve written a good sentence just because it’s grammatically correct. Lots of bad sentences...

Challenging the Limits of Memory

In this excerpt from Writing Life Stories, Bill Roorbach teaches you how to pay attention to and translate your memories and how to overcome your resistance to remembered places and events.

Learn How to be a Columnist

You Can Write a Column is the only book of its kind that offers an insider''s perspective on this special field, blending practical writing instruction with savvy marketing advice to help you create successful columns for everything from neighborhood newspapers to high profile magazines. Click below for exercises to use whether...

Tips for Journalists About Publicists

When you are researching a featured article for a magazine or newspaper, more often than not you will have a run-in with a publicist. Journalist and freelancer Geoff Williams shares his advice on about making the first move.

Freelance Success

Freelance writer Tom Harpole, whose work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Life and Air & Space Smithsonian, shares how he found success as a freelancer.

Becoming an Amateur Food Critic

Critiquing a restaurant gives you a feeling of power. Do you give the restaurant a glistening review and let them stay open to serve another meal? Or do you pan them, point out their flaws, and watch them struggle? Of course, unless your reviews are published, you would never truly have...

Mix Mastery

Variety is the spice of life and the spice of your articles. Cook up sources from different people and places to please all tastes.

Who Should Pay?

Many publications won't pay travel costs for their writers, but they won't accept articles by writers who go on company-sponsored trips, either. What's a travel writer to do?