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    Freelance Writer, Article Writing

    Being a freelance writer isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. In this section you’ll find information about advanced article writing, finding new markets, selling your work, freelance writing jobs and getting paid. You’ll learn how to turn articles into cash and living the writing life.

    Newest Opportunities to Hear Me Speak

    Lots of cool things happening to update you about (pictured above: a candid shot of me speaking at Midwest Writers in July 2010!). Last week I was a guest speaker on a … Read more

    Online Marketing for Authors: Interactions Are Personal, Not Business

    Today’s post offers up a Q&A with Mary L. Tabor, who published her first book after the age of 60. I became interested in her story because of her writing success later … Read more

    New Tools: Create a Book From Your Site or Blog Content

    This post is part of a series, New Tools for Entrepreneurial Writers, which overviews specific tools ripe with opportunity for creative & entrepreneurial writers. The only limit is your imagination! (If you’re … Read more

    How to Reach Your Freelance Goals

    Can a simple formula tell you exactly where you are in your freelance goals? The right equation can help you see your freelance goals more clearly—and quantify what you need to do to meet them.

    by Perry P. Perkins

    Read more

    New Tools: Read Twitter Like a Newspaper

    This post is part of a series, New Tools for Entrepreneurial Writers, which overviews specific tools ripe with opportunity for creative & entrepreneurial writers. The only limit is your imagination! (If you’re … Read more

    What Should Fiction Writers Blog About?

    I often receive the following question at conferences and via e-mail and blog comments: It seems easier for nonfiction writers to offer free content through their blogs (e.g. how-to tips). Could you … Read more

    The Secret to Paid Writing Gigs

    Don’t be afraid to get personal and use your connections to get writing assignments.

    by Chad Gervich
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    Why Start a Website or Blog If You Have Nothing to Promote?

    I feel like there’s a debate heating up between the group who believes it’s never too early to develop an online presence (that’s me) and the group who believes it’s necessary to … Read more

    Why You Should Post Your Work Online

    Today I’m the featured blogger over at Writer Unboxed, where I contributed a new post: Stop Being Afraid of Posting Your Work Online*. Too many people are afraid of the very thing … Read more

    Best Resources for Successful Writers of the Future

    Today I gave an online class on how writers can succeed in an ever-shifting publishing landscape. To help those students—as well as all of you—I’m providing what I consider the most helpful … Read more

    5 Superb Tips from San Francisco Writers Conference

    Pictured above: Patricia V. Davis and myself in San Francisco, outside of Fog City Diner – I took my first trip to San Francisco to speak and attend the San Francisco Writers … Read more

    5 Things That Make Me Stop Reading Websites & Blogs

    Just in case you missed it, my first contribution to Writer Unboxed went live last week: 5 Things That Make Me Stop Reading Websites & Blogs It’s generated a lot of excellent … Read more

    I'm Now a Regular Contributor to Writer Unboxed

    I’m very proud to announce that, starting this week, I’ll be a regular contributor to Writer Unboxed. My first post, to appear this Friday, will discuss the 5 things that make me … Read more

    Your Simple Checklist for Getting Known & Getting Readers

    There’s such a wonderful comment on yesterday’s post that I wanted to bring attention to it (slightly modified to apply to all genres). Thank you, Banana the Poet (aka Michele Breton)! Follow … Read more

    The First 5 (Simple) Steps for Growing Readership on Your Blog

    One of my posts last month, The Benefits of Blogging, received a number of valuable comments. For anyone wondering about the value of blogging, this is a must-read for the variety of … Read more

    Publishing 101: What You Need to Know

    Here’s your step-by-step guide to the publishing process–how it works, why you need to know and how you can play an influential role in your book’s success.

    by Jerry D. Simmons
    Read more

    10 Rules for Writing Opinion Pieces

    Freelance on the fly by mastering the opinion piece.

    by Susan Shapiro

    Read more

    Is Blogging Right for You?

    These days one of the answers to the question “What should I do to market my book?” is all too often “Go forth and blog.” But blogging isn’t right for every author.

    by M.J. Rose
    Read more

    2 Simple Blogging Exercises

    Lessons and tips for working on specific aspects of your writing.
    —From WD‘s Writer’s Workbook section Read more

    Does Free Pay?

    Chris Anderson thinks you should consider giving your book away. Here’s why.

    by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Read more

    The Death of Print Magazines and Other Fairy Tales

    Insiders Bob Sacks and Samir Husni square off in the magazine industry’s hottest debate: Will print magazines survive—or even thrive—in the next century? Read more

    Flat Fees vs. Hourly Rates

    Forget charging by the hour. When writing copy, billing a flat rate can score you clients.

    by Art Spikol Read more

    The Anatomy of a Writer’s Website

    Whether you build it yourself or hire a designer, your website can do more than bring you into the 21st century—it can be an invaluable part of your marketing arsenal.

    by Linda Formichelli Read more

    Media Watchdog:
    Brent Cunningham

    Brent Cunningham, Columbia Journalism Review’s managing editor, came to the magazine in 1999 on a fellowship and was convinced to stay on as managing editor. Founded in 1961, the magazine’s mission is to serve as “both a watchdog and a friend of the press in all its forms” and “encourage and stimulate excellence in journalism in the service of a free society.”

    by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Read more

    Don’t Be a Writing Diva

    Nobody likes dealing with a high-maintenance author, especially agents and editors. Here are 18 tips that will endear you to those who can help you publish or perish.

    by Mary E. Demuth Read more

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