Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 451

For today’s prompt, write an other side poem. For some, the first thing that might come to mind is the afterlife. But the other side could also mean the other side of the door, the fence, the wall, the window, or any number of physical objects. Then, there’s also the other side of the issue or argument. Suddenly, there’s a universe of other sides out there.


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Here’s my attempt at an Other Side Poem:


they say the grass is greener on the other side,
but i don’t want to use a lawn treatment service.

i’d much rather have so many trees they would hide
the grass, if there was any, and they would suffice

for the birds and other creatures living inside
a green canopy to house both the owls and mice.


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He loves both the grass of the fields and trees of the woods.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.

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107 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 451

  1. connielpeters

    The Other Side

    My sister and I were driving cross country
    from Nebraska to Pennsylvania.
    We weren’t going together, each driving solo.
    I’d catch up with her in our hometown later.

    When she was about to take off,
    I said, “See ya on the other side.”
    She wore a worried expression
    as if I were prophesying doom.

    “On the other side of the country,”
    I was quick to add. “Pennsylvania.
    See you in P-A.”

  2. deringer1

    the other side

    Between us there’s a chasm deep and wide.
    I can see you there on the other side
    and I wait.

    I wait for a bridge that may never be,
    or for you to take wings and fly to me.
    And I grieve.

    I grieve for all our wasted years,
    for the pain, regret, and the buckets of tears,
    and I go on.

    I go on for there is no choice.
    But no one listens to my voice
    and I’ve fallen silent.

  3. Daniel Paicopulos

    The Other Side of the Pillow

    Cats are way cooler than dogs,
    with rituals and gestures,
    less obvious, more ironic,
    in the way that hipsters
    out-cool hippies.
    Thinking about that,
    it comes to mind that
    spring is way cooler than summer,
    with breezes and colors,
    less potent, more subtle,
    in the way that autumn
    out-cools winter.
    And hey, snowmen
    are way cooler than sand castles.
    But, that goes without saying.

  4. Ms.Jenny

    The Other Side

    A coldness pervades
    my domain beside this wall.
    Crows perch on the edge,
    a black outline against
    the greyness of the sky.
    This wall – between you and me –
    that has thickened from years
    of arguments, distance,
    and misunderstandings
    leaves me chilled with icy
    shards in my flesh.
    My numb fingertips
    gently touch the barricade,
    slowly scrape at the mortar,
    scrabble at the brick
    to break away the distance.
    Burning prickles stab at my flesh.
    Melting ice trickles from my eyes.
    Breaking through to the other side
    of this barrier, my warming hands
    reach out to touch your face.

  5. Daniel Paicopulos

    The Fall of ’67 (a Quadrille)

    It’s o-dark-thirty, I’m flying,
    floating to the other side
    death surely on its way,
    I see my mother,
    dead nine years.
    I am no longer matter.
    Go back, you can’t stay,
    still work for you to do,
    important matters. 
    Easy now to understand, 
    the work is peace,
    all that really matters.

  6. PowerUnit

    It’s the other side who will spend too much
    if they get voted in, if they eat all the lunch.

    It’s the other side who will raise protests
    when we make our great laws and pat our own vests.

    It’s the other side who will harry the poor
    when they take all the food and pay off the whores.

    It’s the other side who should get booked
    for everyone knows they are evil and crooked.

    It’s the other side who our enemies will subvert
    with hacked personal servers and files of dirt.

    It’s always the other side who will complain they can’t do it
    cuz the other side will not vote for it.

  7. lsteadly

    On the Other Side of the Mountain

    to say that I have crossed
    over to that other side
    if the proverbial hill
    admits a passing of years
    I would rather not number
    owing to the likelihood of living
    as many on this (wiser?) side
    seems rather unreal

    these limbs lift less measurable weight
    yet hold more than before despite their ache
    and sag under the burden of knowing
    love and loss, hope and heartache
    all tangled together
    grasping life’s sacred sash
    from both sides

  8. Cam Yee

    The Election

    This side?
    Or the other?
    You can’t dance with the devil,
    And not pay the piper,
    You can’t have both a bird in your hand,
    And two in the bush.

    You can’t have your cake,
    And keep your head.

    This side?
    Or the other?
    Step over that line
    In the shifting sand,
    Insert your silver coins,
    And make your single selection,
    Pick your pretty poison,
    Drink deep,
    And break the bottle.

  9. Marie Elena

    Listen to Hear

    Agreement is not crucial.
    Kindness is.
    Divergence is not futile.
    Blindness is.

    In one way or another,
    We should learn
    To hear our diverse brothers –
    Not to spurn.

    © Marie Elena Good

  10. belovedfranklin

    I wrote this in April but don’t believe I shared it . . . until I write something new, this certainly fits the theme!

    By Darlene Franklin
    Daily I’m tempted to complain
    Frustrated by unanswered lights
    I help others too, their answer’s plain
    As if that makes it all right
    But when I’m wet I can’t sit tight

    Daily I give my best to them all
    A constant whirlwind of need
    Unending lights on my hall
    Please be patient, I plead
    I’m fussed when they don’t agree

    Better yet, we may talk
    And soon learn to be friends
    I tell her how I like her smock
    She to my needs attends,
    all the while giggling like hens

  11. tripoet

    No Contest

    I tried to show you my good side:
    kind, thoughtful, considerate, loving.
    But you gravitated to her other side:
    alluring, provocative, naughty
    which turned out to be her good side too.

  12. tripoet

    To Robert Lee:

    I like this line a lot:

    i’d much rather have so many trees they would hide
    the grass,

    You might consider leaving a space under your poem for our comments too so you could be included in the “response” poetic fun :-)))))

  13. Eileen Sateriale

    The Ascension

    Shaking off earthly responsibilities.
    Crossing into the world beyond.
    An angel, forevermore, she will be.
    Shaking off earthly responsibilities.
    Ascension into paradise makes her free.
    A life celebrated, a death mourned.
    Shaking off earthly responsibilities.
    Crossing into the world beyond.

  14. grcran

    it’s not there but the silver lining is

    “O Looking-Glass creatures,” quoth Alice, “draw near!
    ‘Tis an honour to see me, a favour to hear”
    from Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

    deep inside the mirror something ain’t
    merely clear reflection of the light
    dwelling there is wrongness also right
    the other side is simply silver paint

    gpr crane

  15. taylor graham

    Institute of Forest Genetics

    Remember the caretaker whose unruly
    dog survived near-death and is
    boundless this morning in his joy?

    Old photos show the buildings
    and barren sloping fields without a tree –
    an arboretum now for plant survival.

    A cottonwood enclave waves
    fluent branches all vibrant green
    against the dark of pines.

    A sign tells us genetic diversity
    is vital for adapting to climate change.
    Resiliency is everything.

    In one of the cabins, an artist-
    in-residence brings a palette of color
    to kids from the alternative school.

    The gene pool’s a treasure-house
    of pollen and seed from not-too-far away
    yet related. Stronger that way.

    Inside this gate, a school for learning
    what we thought we knew,
    the world changing faster than we do.

  16. Walter J Wojtanik


    Hauntingly flaunting their verity,
    searching for clarity or at the least
    their finished business. A chance
    to other side unimpeded. They’ve
    exceeded their life expectancy. They’ve
    begged and pleaded for some relief
    but your belief in the paranormal
    has you talking. You are walking
    through dark and abandoned places
    seeing faces in the woodwork,
    being a jerk to ambivalent apparitions
    under the strangest conditions.
    There are footsteps down the hall,
    a distant call from beyond
    the next room. There is no doom
    in death that the living can’t provide.
    There is a little voice inside your head.
    Is it the voice of the dead instead?
    Don’t talk back, or they’ll be return.

  17. De Jackson

    Play, and other Sacred Grounds

    We’re merry
    and round and round)

    enough, thank you.

    For once,
    we’ll take a generous
    portion of swing
    and sway
    with a poem on the


  18. headintheclouds87

    The Other Side

    Wishes in the night
    Of a better life
    By the morning’s light
    So vague and undefined;

    Simply dreams without shape
    Hollow desires to escape
    A life lethargy has made
    The saddest and sorriest state.

    Passing visions of another side
    Flash before our eyes
    But first we must decide
    What we want from life;

    Or time will simply pass in grey
    Plodding from day to day
    Purpose and intent are the way
    To evade this dreaded malaise.

  19. julie e.


    The other side of here
    is definitely there
    and where the two divide
    is not completely clear
    I’m finding tentacles of there
    are creeping into here
    and pulling strands of now
    through from the other side
    I want a wall
    no fog at all
    with Clarity and Sight
    and yet my old life
    and my new life
    The other side of there
    is definitely here
    I’m working hard
    to just relax
    and get it right….

  20. Walter J Wojtanik


    I had headed up to Canada,
    the Great White North in all its glory,
    to continue my familial story
    up in Ottawa way. Not a bad
    reunion, our daughters,
    our son-in-law and the dogs,
    all cogs in our ever churning
    machine. Weather was with us,
    love abounded and a new respect
    was found for a great accepting
    people. We had headed home in the morning,
    I’m warming up to go over again
    as soon as I possibly can.

  21. PressOn


    Where sky meets sea the midnight cold
    seems not to matter, not to be;
    the ocean’s sweep unrolls tenfold
    where sky meets sea,

    for there the heavens say to me
    that finitude is now paroled
    and yields to grand infinity.

    I watch the stars glow: red and gold
    and green and blue and white, and free;
    I long to cross the last threshold
    where sky meets sea.

    1. grcran

      just downright beautiful, William! imho, one of your very best poems, and that’s saying a lot… thanks for writing it and for putting it here… the composition is simply marvelous!

  22. Daniel Paicopulos


    There is truth in pain,
    and in painful memories,
    both unable to be avoided.
    Can’t walk around them,
    have to go through them,
    if one wants to get to
    the other side.
    A year of therapy
    and now, for me,
    I merely wish to be
    seduced by the truth.
    Oh, not all in one serving,
    just a slice or dollop
    at a time.
    I need to taste it, smell it,
    feel and savor
    what new knowledge,
    (maybe wisdom)
    can be gleaned.
    So I sit now,
    in relaxed readiness,
    defenses down,
    more interested in
    being wise
    than in
    being safe.

    1. Marie Elena

      Oh my goodness, Daniel … this. This is where my daughter is, with her Anaplasmosis. Her third year into it, it is becoming clear that it is chronic. Three years ago, her doctor advised her not to google it. She didn’t. But now she is ready to learn, and more interested in “being wise than in being safe.” Wow. WELL DONE, and thank you for your wise words.

  23. Anthony94

    From the Other Side

    Ever since she experienced real loss
    with the passing of her brother
    when she was sixteen she’s talked
    with those on the Other Side

    poured out her heart, argued
    with shadows shared dreams
    lashed out at absence

    always says how she hates
    cemeteries calling them hotels
    for the dead explains how
    she doesn’t believe in death

    everyone’s just on the Other Side
    where she can’t quite see through
    the scrim but knows they’re there

    perched on a tree’s trembling limb
    when there’s no wind sitting the
    lounge chair rocking on the patio
    sliding down the piano bench

    when pressed admits everyone is
    mostly quiet in response to her
    one-sided conversations and yet

    there was that day she finally took
    her homemade silk flower wreaths
    to the country cemetery because
    she hates those cold gray stones

    and how that afternoon as she was weeding
    lettuce in the whiskey barrels on the porch
    the Great Blue Heron flew into the space

    between the barn and the tallest cedars
    her glancing up for no reason at the sky
    to have him say in his voice grown hoarse
    from lack of usage, Cool, Sis, Cool.

  24. Poetjo

    Hidden Answers




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        1. tripoet

          This is a poem with a philosophical truth that wants to get out. Really clever. I especially like:

          Just that alone stretched my imagination!!!!!


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