Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 445

For today’s prompt, write a special day poem. A special day could be a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or just a day when everything changed. There are special days that everyone recognizes and special days that maybe only you (or a small group of folks) appreciate. If it’s special to you, then it’s fair game for this prompt.


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Here’s my attempt at a Special Day Poem:


when i was young, i was quite sporty
and never referred to as portly
but what can i say
today’s my birthday
and i’m growing into my forties


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). Today is his 40th birthday.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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104 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 445

  1. Walter J Wojtanik


    The morning calls, it falls freshly whispering in the vacant shadows of night,
    a sunrise is in sight on the horizon, rising ever-upward to her perch.
    The church of this new and blessed day dawns upon us. We pray
    that every new day possesses her beauty and grace, a place
    where the angels stand, hand-in-hand, offering their songs in the
    rustle of each leave, the hush of the breeze and in every newborn’s sneeze.
    A morning; as new as any beginning for which we can wish.
    A day, as precious as the life we offer to Him in our every action
    It is pleasing in our sight that this right moment is presented to us;
    this gift is given to us. Accept this new day in the spirit of life.

    For no matter what mere mortal men predict, it is a new and blessed day.
    If clouds should form, it is a sign to appreciate all you have when the sun
    sits high in a blue sky. If rain should appear, know that it will eventually clear,
    leaving the bloom of flowers and the freshness of a start anew.
    Every obstacle was placed before you, to teach you. To teach you to persevere.
    To teach you acceptance of the things you cannot change. To give the lesson
    that all that God offers in each new day is a blessing. It is never more than we can handle.
    It is always a manifestation of His love for us. Embrace this gift for it is given in love.
    Embrace this day, your life, your family, your friends, and the time you still left have to embrace.
    This is a great place that emerges from the shadow of night; it is all there,
    in this grateful prayer for this day so given.

  2. dandelionwine


    He doesn’t want to go anyway he says
    which means
    he sort of wishes
    kicks up boot dust
    a hot afternoon for his barn work while we girl-swim
    which means
    not waiting for anyone to change into trunks
    which means
    water yoga
    which means
    beach art with rocks
    which means
    monkey in the middle with the new ball
    which means
    closing both eyes on the sand
    which means
    no one complaining it’s not fun and pleading
    for ten more minutes
    we want another girl-swim we say
    ten more
    which means
    we sort of miss him

  3. Walter J Wojtanik


    You awaken to the alarm clock’s incessant tug,
    a daily bug up your butt that tells you it’s time
    to start over and face the world anew.
    It’s just you (it’s always just you)
    who begins the day the exact same way:
    brewing a pot of liquid motivation,
    dressing for your dreams of success,
    and holding hope that expressing your heart
    in the guise of poetic ponderance
    will exorcize the demons buried deeply
    in the center of your tired psyche.
    You might be too old for this crap,
    but it beats the alternative, so you live
    one day at a time and you never mind the burden.
    Some days are like that; some days are better.
    Let her dictate the dance and take your chances
    while you still have the gumption. Your major
    malfunction is that you wouldn’t be in this position
    if you didn’t have the heart for it. You use your poet
    words to both curse the darkness and shed your single light
    on unsuspecting souls. It’s you who controls the emotion,
    your iambic devotion to the process gives you
    strength to battle the elements that surround you;
    should it confound you, than you’ll be no worse
    that the rest of the populace. A cathartic release,
    a “do as you please” attitude that will serve you well.
    That’s the tell, you were built for days such as these.

    1. Anthony94

      admiration for the superb internal rhyme. Reminds me of how I say you have to kick yourself in the seat some days!
      Love /Some days are like that; some days are better
      …/you use your poet/words to both curse the darkness and shed you single light/
      Keep shedding it Walt!

  4. jwismann

    For a friend, may he find glory

    A glorious, glorious day
    A day to get outside and rake the hay
    Hitch up the tractor and get on the hill
    A glorious day, a glorious fill
    Who knew that today I would be killed

    A glorious, glorious ride
    It tipped, we fell, I died
    Some will be sad, but for me
    I crossed over, now I’m free
    Glory, sweet glory, is all I see

  5. Darlene Franklin

    On Cindy Hickey’s Birthday

    You’ve long been my friend, leader now
    Thanks for patience and open ears
    Your enthusiasm knows no bounds
    You’ve given me more than a lift
    Like faith and help and thoughtful gifts
    With you I gained courage and speed
    No “round-to-its,” only your deeds

  6. headintheclouds87

    Wake the F***k Up Today

    Today was the day
    I finally broke away
    From excuses and delays
    And climbed out of the bed
    That complacency had made.

    So many days passed in a daze
    Bleary-eyed and barely awake
    Reacting but never acting
    Consuming but never creating.

    This was the state I laid in
    Standing up physically, perhaps
    But flat on my back mentally.

    Today my mind jolts up as well
    After so long in half-hibernation
    Awakening the art of giving a damn
    And the power of concentration.

    The way forward is clear now
    Now I’ve been recharged
    With reason to rise restored,
    There may be a thousand risks
    But equally potential reward
    I won’t know until I press on
    And push recklessly forward.

  7. Cam Yee

    A Day like Any Other

    I was prepared for today to be my day

    I had all my pencils sharpened.
    And all my wits.
    I had 8 hours of sleep last night,
    And a healthy breakfast,
    Full of protein.
    I taped a note on the mirror,
    That told me I was beautiful,
    While I stood for two minutes in tree pose,
    And brushed my teeth.
    I wore comfortable shoes,
    With low heels.
    Indigo jeans,
    And crimson lipstick.
    I pushed my hair out of my eyes,
    The way you always told me to,
    So the world could see my pretty face.
    I laced my fingers in front of me,
    Cracked my knuckles,
    Took a deep breath.
    Then another.

    Before I failed.

    1. ppfautsch24

      Friday Night(s) at The Club
      Met him at in love,
      Dogs don’t always get their bones.
      Cats warming in the sun on a windowsill.
      Lust of the day dripping wet, she bites
      her lips waiting for her time.
      Moments slip away with trepidation in
      the night.
      He threw up deuces in the air and
      She knew it was a better time to be had.
      By Pamelap

  8. connielpeters

    September First, 2018.

    Forty-four more days to go.
    Retirement date is set.
    After raising two kids,

    housing three college students,
    hosting four adults
    with developmental disabilities,

    it will be the first time
    in almost thirty-seven years
    Hubby and I will be alone.

    They say caregivers go first.
    Our goal is to retire
    before we die.

    He is a two-time stroke survivor.
    I have an impinged shoulder,
    among other health issues.

    Sometimes I wonder
    if we’ll make it.
    Here’s hoping.

  9. Sara McNulty

    Dad’s 65th

    A friend’s yard
    festooned with balloons,
    Old English Sheepdog
    looking alarmed

    at large gathering,
    family and friends
    to celebrate together
    in July’s lovely weather.

    Surprised 65th
    for my deserving Dad
    who arrived at gate
    and thought he had

    walked into party for Mom.
    Discovering his mistake, brown
    eyes lit up, presents awaited
    photos snapped, yummy cake.

  10. thunk2much

    sore muscles

    I woke up
    sore but aware
    of so much new muscle
    reaching out for more
    space, more work, more life
    proving like bread and data
    that I am still in this fight
    called life and liberty and
    the painful pursuit
    of happiness.

  11. grcran

    and many more

    young Robert turned the forty word
    he’d po-emed versified so well
    exampled intro’d forms unblurred
    slow-danced ‘em with the old soft-sell
    we celeb rate his birth with him
    not getting older yetter bro
    just better quip a dip a swim
    solve all world’s problems tally-ho
    a special day for Mister Brewer
    a special day for fans like me
    roast? does not deserve a skewer
    so toast his health, sagacity

    gpr crane

  12. SarahLeaSales

    Krystal Ball’s Daily Dose of Snake Oil

    Virgo (Virgin, or so she claims)
    (Aug 23-Sep 22)

    Salutations and congratulations! Today is your special day! There may be rain heading your way, but you won’t let it pour on your parade, because your sunny personality (whether hidden under an umbrella or out there for all to see like the light side of the moon) will not be dampened. Yin is out and Yang is in!

    Your longing for love has been realized; a love story is writing itself—your self-love story! Your soulmate is getting hot, hotter, but you are already on fire; if you haven’t met this kindred spirit already, perhaps it’s as easy as looking into the mirror.

    There are some important decisions to be made; whether big or small, what you choose will determine your future, if not present, happiness, so go with your gut (which operates optimally when full.) Today is the beginning of the rest of your life!

    Drink more water to your health, and you just might find yourself in the right place at the right time, or not at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    A bit of good fortune is heading your way some day in the future, so be prepared by being there, like really there. Live in the moment and not in your head, because it may pass you by if you’re not paying attention.

    Something big is coming!

  13. Troy DeFrates

    The Wedding

    What type of wedding had you hoped?
    I eloped

    Where did you take your vows exiled?
    Into the wild

    What made you avoid all the fuss?

    Without constraints we sought freeness
    Wedding plans were overwhelming
    Love over pretense outstripping
    I eloped into the wild blissfulness

  14. k weber

    Nature’s way

    The purple clematis are always the first
    to climb our fence then lift their velvet
    skirts as they dare to leap to temporary
    deaths with success. Later, the gladiolus
    arrives tall, a yellow boutonniere for sharp-
    dressed landscapes. It lights the backyard

    straight from the bulb while bees suckle
    the heatstroke of the last withering Rose
    of Sharon blooms. This sturdy stalk was
    sunny for 5 days. The gladiolus slumped
    nearer to the railing, drooped like the raisins
    of leftover birthday balloons and shriveled

    to flakes. Now the morning glories slither
    their young vines up the trellis. It is a slow
    crawl. No immediacy each year and always
    concern they won’t take. August should
    tell how they fare. They will likely open all
    their blues eyes wide and stick around a bit

    for conversation. Every morning a bounty
    of blue ribbons in thick hair or a new, blue
    quilt laid out for display. There’s wilted
    sleep each afternoon until morning. But
    then the eventual, sad leaving: petals
    rolled tight and diving to the grass again.

    All these smalls deaths
    are just a few counts of easy breaths
    until next year.

    1. k weber

      ***i sort of wrote this about several days i treasure this time of year: when all my favorite flowers bloom in the yard. i swear i used the prompt 🙂 but probably in more of a roundabout way as inspiration.

    2. Cam Yee

      some gorgeous imagery here –

      “while bees sucklethe heatstroke of the last withering Rose
      of Sharon blooms.”

      “drooped like the raisins of leftover birthday balloons”

      “They will likely open all their blues eyes wide and stick around a bit
      for conversation”

  15. taylor graham


    We’ll go back
    upcountry where we spent
    so many of our days hiking, birding,
    searching for the lost and strayed;
    lying awake between granite and stars,
    listening to voices of old friends
    in a river’s song to the sea.
    We don’t go there anymore.
    Your failing eyesight, spine a question-
    mark; my trick knee –
    the fault of too many birthdays,
    too many adventures. But this year
    we’ll go back. At least, a drive
    upcountry, thin ionic air to electrify
    the lungs and spark imagination.
    Remember that hike above Thunder
    Mountain to the rim, sky blossoming purple
    and, from Thor’s anvil, lightning flashes
    in all directions of the distance.
    It wasn’t safe. It was
    thrilling. But that was then. This time
    I’ll squint against sun-glare
    off age-old stone. Wildflowers
    in every shade of rainbow
    in the meadow, and snow in sheltered
    spots. Creekside willow
    alive with birds. I’ll tap on a talking-
    stone, send messages who knows where.
    The mountain will rise
    every morning till the next birthday,
    eroding the years.

    1. k weber

      i appreciated the wondrous, magical nature imagery so much. your mention of the changes in health through the years and what could no longer be done or with the same stamina is just so relatable!

  16. deringer1


    what a wonderful
    today !
    my blue eyes opened
    to see blue sky
    and possibilities.

    My feet were able to
    get out of bed and walk.
    I smelled the coffee
    and heard the music.

    I am thankful just to be
    alive, which makes today
    a special day.

  17. PressOn


    The snow has flowed into huge, swirling drifts
    that circumnavigate the tree-lined scenes
    behind the hedgerow and the fallen barn.
    The shapes entrance; the whole resembles gifts
    assembled underneath the evergreens
    and wrapped in glistening bows of homespun yarn.

    The storm has passed; the sky is high and blue;
    the birds commune with winter’s low-flung sun
    as though to welcome it from autumn’s rue:
    its journey to the zenith has begun.

  18. carolemt87

    November 29

    In these sharp hours,
    deep in November
    I remember orange
    marigolds, crimson maples,
    golden planks of sunshine
    washed from
    indifferent windows
    by thick shafts of grey,
    drifting through gutters
    with brown, crackling leaves.

    Yesterday morning,
    I awoke to thunder and rain.
    Today, as the gauze of December
    rides a frozen horse across the valley,
    without snow
    the stunted grass
    once again
    turns green.

  19. Anthony94

    She Likes to Whistle

    horses to the fence
    for carrots translates
    snorts and whinnies
    as they snuffle
    for quartered Granny Smiths
    she tosses over barbed wire
    for them to find after she’s gone

    says how she doesn’t need
    an occasion to have a special
    day air in her hands still
    full of the yellow warbler she held
    all the way to fat cedars
    balanced its tiny body on a wide branch
    away from the tortoiseshell cat
    so proud of its leaping

    she dislikes birthdays and parties
    crowds of people their smiles
    below eyes she can never be sure of
    prefers to distill special from what
    she can hold in hand and heart
    like the heart and hand of another
    even though she’ll never touch the pulse

    of the butterfly pausing on a pink zinnia
    long enough to capture it except
    with a picture she’ll send far away
    in this hazy dusk as she hikes yet another
    pasture to visit the solitary gelding
    with one eye that no one comes to see

    how come tomorrow she’ll scrounge pieces
    at the fleamarket she can clean up and sell
    turn the cash into more carrots and
    start again to make her days special
    whistle horses to the fence

  20. Daniel Paicopulos

    Fair Day

    It was seventy years ago
    in our small Wisconsin
    town, a drinking village
    with a fishing problem.
    For every need,
    just one store, plus
    five churches, one diner,
    thirty-two taverns, no less,
    no more.

    Idyllically between wars,
    our fathers back from
    overseas, our mothers in
    the home once more.
    Rationing over, yet
    victory gardens still in
    vogue, but Swanson’s
    frozen dinners had
    their place for sure.

    We had comics, radio too,
    Der Bingle songs
    from Sammy Cahn and
    pin-up girls galore.
    Slinky’s, Silly Putty, and
    cowboy stories filled our
    days, a fat-tire Schwinn
    our greatest treasure,
    save sun and shore.

    We awaited the day the
    carnival came to town.
    We’d known it for weeks,
    the posters and such, with
    clowns, a Ferris Wheel
    and games all around.
    We’d practiced with ring-pegs,
    darts thrown at balloons,
    and bean bags tossed at
    boards on the ground.

    There were wrestlers, most
    famously old Gypsy Joe,
    and those were no ladies
    tugging tops down.
    There were goldfish
    in small bowls, a ball toss
    to win, midst the noise
    of the barkers, the joy
    of the clowns.

    The things I
    held on to most fondly,
    recalling even now,
    were the smells.
    The perfume of popcorn,
    the corn dogs and, wow,
    the cotton candy
    they spun out of nothing
    but air,
    it’s pinkness just born.

    It was the best of
    a life filled with smiles
    more than frowns.
    I have dreamed of it
    since, but especially now.
    In a life too complex
    it’s a joy to recall
    the day that the carnival
    came to our town.

  21. Daniel Paicopulos

    A Fairly Good Life

    The trick is to live a good life,
    without worrying about rewards,
    be it from others or your gods.
    If they judge you and are fair,
    they’ll admire your effort,
    even when you fail,
    and fail you will.
    If they are not fair and just,
    their opinions should not matter,
    and you should not have them as friends,
    you should not worship them.
    If there are no gods,
    the trick is still to live a good life.
    If you are steadfast in your goals,
    devout in your goodness,
    someone’s memory will hold you dear,
    long after you are gone.

  22. tripoet

    They Made Birthdays Special

    I am grateful,
    years later,
    for the rolled-out,
    cut-out, home-made
    ones, baked
    and sprinkled
    with love and colored
    sugar, accentuated with
    a cinnamon drop.
    Always original, fine
    like my parents.
    I wonder if they realize
    how much I miss them.

  23. Poetjo

    Never Enough Time

    July 17,
    was my

    She would
    have been
    if she had


    I found
    she was
    sick on a
    6:00 p.m.

    The day
    I found
    of a

    1. k weber

      your poems often remind me – visually – of sand falling through an hourglass. how fitting here… a reminder in so many ways that our time here is short and our closest relationships should be given great care!

  24. PowerUnit

    Pressing Send

    When I press send
    I imagine my story
    Falls right in front of your face
    You read it with wonder
    Your coffee tastes better
    Life adopts an air of grace
    I imagine you share it
    With the rest of your team
    Plan my offer, draft my letter
    You need not worry
    I’ll not long ponder
    Just put me in print
    Please just press send

    1. Poetjo

      This speaks beautifully about what most writers strive for! I especially the line – “Life adopts an air of grace” and your last line is great.


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