Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 443

For today’s prompt, write a free poem. In the United States, today is known as Independence Day, but free can mean many things. In sales, free can mean free, or it can mean “free if you buy something else.” There’s freedom from addiction, abusive relationships, and bad habits. I hope everyone who reads this has the freedom to poem along.


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Here’s my attempt at a Free Poem:

“free poem”

i offer this poem at no expense to you
if you choose to take it, do as you wish to do

read, share it; send it in a letter to a friend
quote the opening, skip ahead straight to the end

tuck it away in a shelf, never to be seen
toss it in the trash as if something quite unclean

or use it as a thing to help you write your own
an example, if you please, of what might be done

if a spark ignites & the words begin to flow
please share your free poem in the comments below


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He’s offered up a free poem each and every Wednesday on this blog for more than a decade, with a few extra each and every April and November.

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72 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 443

  1. Whisperone2

    Free to be
    a voice in our Democracy
    time to write, call, and visit
    each Congress member inquisit

    end hunger poverty and poor health
    we have the votes, we need the will
    our voices can bring that through

  2. Troy DeFrates

    Temporary Freedom

    Your freedom and your choices are bought and paid for
    Just try to avoid paying the tax man his due
    They will put you in jail and take your property
    You never truly own anything just outright

    You are free as long as you follow all the rules
    The more you “own” the more taxes you will accrue
    The items you bought and paid for you must pay rent
    Resisting the government, you will lose the fight

    They can use your own Money to enforce laws on you
    You cannot get away with it, they keep the score
    You pay a fee to drive, you pay a fee to fish
    Pay for everything at the end of the night

    Keeping up with your stickers and tags is a chore
    The government can create tax out of the blue

  3. Sara McNulty


    This poem is a f
    from heights, lights,
    soundbites, and midnight

    This poem’s landing
    will star the skies,
    open closed eyes,
    see where truth lies,
    and pillow the world
    with contented sighs.

    1. PowerUnit

      You can space things with ‘non breaking space’ codes

      Hope this works 😉

      This poem is a f

  4. lsteadly

    Fantasy (?)

    let me be
    wild and free

    no more cliques
    deadly picks
    guys ‘gainst chicks

    let’s be one
    wars all done
    kiss someone

  5. Rayn Epremian

    Land of the Free

    my body has been pulled and prodded
    wrested from those who only borrowed it
    and worshipped every mole and fold of skin
    now every inch of flesh has metal in
    planted by these newcomers who
    smell of lung disease and
    know nothing about gardening

    who consider my being up for grabs
    and drill down to my bones to suck the marrow out
    leave tire treads on my eyelids
    fill my esophagus with smoke
    giving me gum to chew, elastic
    and wrapping me in plastic

    I can’t breathe inside this sticky clothing
    it’s too hot and like a fever
    I must sweat this occupation out

  6. Jrentler

    July 5th

    time to level up?
    jumped as high
    flown as far

    knocked ourselves silly
    the edge of this map

    ready to trade
    pastures of green
    for a rucksack again

    on the blanket
    under last night’s dome
    you took a kiss
    my eyes fixed
    on the stars hung

    this game beats all
    with castles and coins

    but you snagged a truth
    past the win

  7. Jane Shlensky

    Hide and Watch

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…” Joplin

    Never taunt a woman with nothing to lose.
    Don’t crack bad jokes and smirk
    like you’re a wit.
    Don’t double dog dare her
    once you see her eyes narrow.
    The set of her jaw will harden,
    her mouth become a thin line
    you’ve already crossed, her gaze
    will solidify still and cold, and then
    she’s likely to do the things she thinks
    about sometimes but rejects.
    Then she becomes what she’s always been
    beneath all that gentility and charm,
    responsibility and good sense.
    Then she becomes free
    and therefore just a little dangerous,
    and if I must say so,
    a whole lot of fun.

  8. Daniel Paicopulos

    Free to Be, You and Me

    Today, I plan to listen.
    Really listen. 
    So, feel free to talk.

    The older I get, you see,
    the more I understand,
    life can’t be lived pain free.

    I’ll open my heart to you,
    I’ll also open my ears.
    Please, feel free to continue.

  9. Daniel Paicopulos

    Guilt-Free Prayer

    If it please God,
    may my friends forgive me
    my mistakes,
    mostly unintended.
    If it please God,
    may the world forgive me
    my interruptions to the flow,
    my confrontive honesty,
    my angry outbursts,
    mostly uninintended.
    If it please God,
    may I write from my heart,
    sing with my soul,
    accept praise and criticism,
    mostly without judgement.

  10. Anthony94

    What Does it Mean
    to Be Free Like a Bird

    She came back
    unfettered free
    so to speak yet
    unspeakably burdened
    spine curved
    chin bowed
    eyes seeing only
    her feet

    inside she ached
    for dusky streets
    of blackened brick
    where sweepers speared
    oddments of an early
    morning where flowers
    scented diesel air
    where uniformed
    children scampered
    into schools where
    she would teach them
    all about the future
    tense using the story
    of the Little Red Hen
    in a liquid language

    freedom such a heavy
    word draped across
    her shoulders then
    boxes at her feet
    freighted with memories
    spilling out onto the floor
    around her as she watches

    a hummingbird sipping
    from yellow plastic
    flowers out the slatted
    window and wonders
    how the day will be
    marvels at another
    female flying through
    the world the wind
    what it means to be free

  11. Walter J Wojtanik


    Courage allows for our ethics to remain strong;
    an idealism that is the antithesis
    of what the common perception is.
    A sense of decency and decorum.
    A truth based in knowledge,
    of good will, not bad faith.
    Our punishment is the loss of freedom.

  12. grcran

    Letting Loose

    Feeling the zeal, reveal your spiel at last
    Cast out unreal and freely spill the beans
    Go reeling squealing testing human genes
    To seal the deal, just feel the free at last

    gpr crane

  13. grcran


    (note: my wife Denise and i saw 2 re-habbed bald/bold (boald?) eagles, Luigi and Baker, get released into the wild today at Sitka, Alaska… extraNote: this is not in the poem, but Baker also flew off magnificently)

    Luigi found his wings fourth of july
    we sighed to see him soar off to the moun-
    tain. No accountin’ for his broken crown
    a boat? a loggin’ truck? had brought him down
    his head concussed too messed up could not fly

    transported to rehabbers he then mend-
    ed tender loving care relearned his wings
    he found new ways to see the same old things
    Sitka Alaska woods ocean clean springs
    Luigi bucking sad endangered trend
    The eagle bald Luigi now unpenned

    gpr crane

  14. LeeAnne Ellyett

    Free Spirit

    As I watch him
    slow, timid, head hung low
    full of sorrow,
    He hesitates, waits,
    sniffs the air,
    indifferent, no care.

    As I hold my breath,
    slow, strong, head held high
    full of joy,
    He doesn’t hesitate or wait,
    sniffs the air,
    gallops off to escape,

    to the meadow that is golden,
    His freedom beholden,
    My heart stolen.

  15. Darlene Franklin

    Bald eagle strides the skies
    Capturing onlookers’ eyes
    Unfettered in freedom’s vastness
    A continent once wilderness
    Freedom reigns in vale and town
    Wherever eagle’s flight is found

  16. Darlene Franklin

    (French Revolution)

    Bubble, bubble, boil and trouble
    Brabble, brabble stirs up rabble
    Wearing bobbles, Antoinette hobbles
    Subjects scribble, seeking a nibble
    Grumbling, grumbling, heads go tumbling
    At death’s table with a cable.
    Scrambling, scrambling, with lives gambling
    Both the babel and the noble.
    Warbling, warbling, freedom’s babbling.

    1. Darlene Franklin

      I wrote this, starting with the word brabble, and ending with the French Revolution, and feeling like I had treated a serious subject frivolously. Thanks for your kind words!

  17. Nancy Posey

    Philadelphia Freedom

    Every two hundred years, we can make an exception
    the official school announcement proclaimed,
    granting summer quarter students a day off form classes
    to celebrate the Bicentennial, and I took advantage
    of the freedom, just two months shy of graduation
    and official adulthood, heading to Philadelphia, meeting
    friends for the extravaganza. More gunpowder exploded
    in city wide fireworks displays than used in the entire
    Revolutionary War as we hummed along to Stars and Stripes
    Forever. But the real soundtrack that summer, from that Brit
    who’d become Sir Elton, was Philadelphia Freedom.
    I heard it on the drive up, blasting everywhere we went,
    all the way back to campus where my reprieve would end.

    Just a taste of freedom, not just from King George but from
    curfew and finals, paper deadlines, prepared me for whatever
    came next, work, home, my new so-called real life.

    1. Bruce Niedt

      I really enjoyed this, Nancy. Having lived most of my life in the “shadow” of Philadelphia, this one rang true as the Liberty Bell. And placing Sir Elton’s song in there cemented the moment for me.

    2. PressOn

      This reminds me of the first time I saw Independence Hall, when the Liberty bell was still in the foyer and I could touch it. Wonderful. Thanks for this.

  18. SarahLeaSales

    The New Minimalism

    She found a strange sort of freedom
    in homelessness and carlessness,
    for she recognized there was no permanence
    in anything that could be purchased,
    for what had not been taken away,
    had been lost through mold and mildew
    in a storage unit in south Florida.
    What had not been destroyed
    had been lost or given away.

    Even memories of their old life,
    with every recollection,
    became like a photocopy of a photocopy.

    In the palm of her hand,
    she held onto her little drive—
    containing every story she had ever written,
    every picture she had ever taken—
    and in the other,
    her little girl’s hand.

    In her heart,
    she held fast to the faith
    that had not saved her from trial,
    but had helped her through that trial.
    In her head,
    she tried to hold onto all the knowledge
    she hoped would help her
    help herself,
    so that no one would ever have the chance
    to fail her,
    save herself.

    When she reclaimed a piece of the life
    she had once lived,
    she realized she had found a new minimalism
    that changed the way she lived her life

  19. connielpeters

    Life of a Nation

    ‘Neath English rule the colonies grew strong
    And like a growing fetus needs more room
    America desired to be free
    No more content to be in England’s womb
    Like labor, war became severe and long

    And so at last when victory was won
    America now toddled on its own
    The founding fathers prayed consistently
    For God to intervene and set the tone
    So soon it learned to walk and leap and run

    But now the aging land can feel its pains
    With wrinkle, sags, and bags beneath the eyes
    Determined to grow strong again and wise
    I simply pray that God will take the reins

  20. k weber

    Free versus

    That part of me
    that relaxes
    through the choke
    of migraine
    is you. You hold me
    hard by the hair
    while I gag
    from the head
    pain that comes
    with nausea. I’m
    dizzy going down
    the stairs. My speech
    is filled with hot,
    confused air. That
    part of you inside me
    gives me breath
    and pumps me
    with oxygen. All
    of my body
    goes deeper
    into sleep
    since you stayed
    nearby with extra
    parts in case
    I needed

  21. headintheclouds87

    Face the Future

    The future
    That fuzzy indistinct thing
    Full of worries and fears
    (Rational or otherwise)
    Vexingly vague and unclear
    It teases us relentlessly
    Just out of the corner of our eyes
    Mocking our guarded lethargy
    And sheer senseless terror
    To even peek inside.

    We see chance as a curse
    Risk as a wretched word
    For surely it is simply safer
    To stay stuck in the now we know
    Rather than the dreaded then we don’t.

    We fancy ourselves prophets
    Forecasting a thousand fiascos
    And creating chaos and misery
    Where there could be utter serenity.

    We choose to cynically remain
    In these self-constructed chains
    When freedom is achingly near
    If only we’d roll the fucking dice for once
    Move just one damn space on the board
    (Rather than just staying bored)

    Then maybe we’d crack a smile
    Instead of feeding this denial
    That we’re better standing still
    Than leaping into the unknown
    Where mad dreams just might be fulfilled.

  22. PowerUnit

    Free the children
    from forced separation
    Free the parents
    from gang-based execution
    Free the nipple
    sticks out on my list
    Free the p3nis
    abobble is best
    Free the cows
    for an ethical diet
    Free the protesters
    so they can riot
    Free all women
    from misogyny
    Free the poets
    from writing monotony
    Free the knee
    because you’ve been told
    Free the housewife
    cuz barefoot is old
    Free the slaves
    emancipation revisited
    Free the people
    a redundancy misted
    Free balloons
    and kill some tortoises
    Free politicians
    and put them in circuses

  23. carolemt87


    Human explosive
    veiled detonations
    intelligent and young
    beautiful and female
    sacrificial lambs
    innocence erased
    heroically unfurled
    silk banners seize
    the faces of anguish
    green and silver caskets
    cobbled like shoe boxes
    their next realm promises
    that homeland filled
    with honey
    and sunshine
    and everlasting

  24. Cam Yee


    What will it cost?
    This American dream?
    Sweat of my brow?
    Salt of my tears?
    Blood of my body?
    Fruit of my loins?
    Is the price too high?
    For a dream?

  25. taylor graham


    In this room full of books bound for time
    we wish for a migration, flight
    of word to meaning, magic. How a scout,
    standing face to the wind’s free air,
    intuited a way through these canyons, ridges,
    over summits rimmed in rock.
    How the last chieftain, without a book
    of trails, or human jurisprudence,
    imagined a level path open to everyone
    under blue sky. Time passes
    free-flowing among clouds. Just feel
    the energy – ideas, ions, lightning, breath.

  26. Troy DeFrates

    Horizon Of Freedom

    Smoke on the horizon drifts toward us
    The air shimmers with vibrations loud
    Eerily we stand quiet as we must
    Standing behind us generals strut proud
    They show little fear because it is clear
    Facing the enemy is not their work
    They will remain safely behind the rear
    Not meeting the foe closely in the murk
    Cannon fire moves closer smelling acrid
    The stench of the horizon moves in fast
    Standing in a line tightly our fears hid
    We will fight to the end, fight to the last
    Freedom is what we stand for with our breath
    The English move upon us to their death

  27. Troy DeFrates

    Free Range Chicken

    End a relationship, betrayal
    You are now a free range chicken
    Your emotions to heal
    No more words telling you
    What you have to do
    Or when to jump
    Free to roam


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