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  1. Daniel Paicopulos

    School Days

    What I shall learn
    after I know it all
    will make all the difference.
    No matter how uneasy
    some days are,
    I recall that I chose them.
    I accept that every experience
    is one which I must need.
    I don’t know
    how much life is left to me
    but I hope to
    make a difference with it,
    and if all I ever did
    for the rest of this life was
    say “thank you”,
    that might be enough.
    Every day
    I have the chance
    to be happy,
    to enjoy this life I chose.
    I am doing my best
    to say beautiful things,
    to inspire, to help, be kind.
    When I do not hear
    Spirit’s voice, it’s not because
    the talking has stopped.
    We are all
    just passing through.
    Might as well do so
    with joy and laughter,
    rejoicing in the day,
    walking more slowly,
    maybe even feeling
    a little groovy.

  2. Fanny Pad

    I love to heat church bells ringing over an open field at sunset,
    while I sit in my caravan waiting for clouds to build and shed their load on my little tin roof.
    and maybe then a rainbow in the morning.

  3. Rosangela C T

    Secreting Secrets

    Let ’em flow
    keep sorrow
    at bay
    Perhaps one
    you’ll see
    without delay
    all the magic things
    she may
    have created just to
    decorate her way.

    Look into her eyes,
    do you see lies?
    I only see whys.
    Perhaps little sadness
    that flies…

    What’s in the soul
    is what you pour
    in your bowl.
    Only what you let in
    will be within.
    She’s been a warrior
    for many moons
    Her secret is a bunch
    of balloons
    in the atmosphere,

    Just look into her eyes.

    RCT / Apr PAD-2018 / Day1

  4. Austin Hill


    I do what I do
    And I do it real good,
    But suffer from angst
    Much more than I should.

    To the world it appears
    I’m answering my call,
    But would rather re-nig
    And not do it at all.

    This task is now mine
    Seems I am the one.
    Awaiting the time
    ‘Til my job is done.

    © April 2018 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

  5. Jane Shlensky

    Joie de Vivre

    If it makes a sound,
    play it.
    If the word’s profound,
    say it.
    If the music swells,
    sing it.
    If it shows and tells,
    bring it.
    If it moves your feet,
    dance it.
    If it’s good to eat,
    chance it.
    If it makes you laugh,
    love it.
    If you scorn it as chaff,
    shove it.

  6. Jane Shlensky

    ‘Til Daddy Takes the T-bird Away

    I’ve got the car; you’ve got the excuse.
    The fun’s not far from here; we’re loose.
    The music’s loud; we sing along.
    There’s not a cloud on our horizon.

    The boys all flirt; the laughter flows.
    We dance alert to how time goes.
    We can’t stay long if our story holds.
    Life is a song ‘til our lie unfolds.

    We’re punished, sure; party time is done.
    But there ain’t no cure for our having fun.

  7. Nital Bhuva

    Abstract Poetry, in Annoyance.

    I am still here, I will be,
    Tell me the turn, why it will be,
    The tag is black, and tracking by lee,
    Resulting retour, router is this..
    The colourful creamy cubes of cheese,
    I like to do and mystic field,
    The delta’s of A constellation C.

    1. Fanny Pad

      Comprehensive fun is when the old currant bun shines all day.
      You can’t have it all though as you can’t fit it all in. and you don’t have enough energy.
      So you venture outside to weed the garden but it is too hot to do more than 5 minutes at a time.
      So you make a cuppa and sit in the old deck chair trying not to spill it.
      Go back to fetch the crossword and the kindle maybe. There’s a lot of reading to catch up on as well as the crosswords and not forgetting the garden. I need a gardener and someone to read my kindle and help me with the crosswords.
      If only I had a mate my life would be complete.

  8. smm8019

    I cannot bear to sell
    a vapid story twice.
    As idle hands now betrayed
    move not by the horrors ringing from cathedral bells,
    nor to heed the rising of the evening tide.


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