Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 427

For today’s prompt, write a valentine poem. Because, well, look at the date. If you don’t have flowers, a card, chocolates, don’t fret: Write a valentine poem. If you don’t have a valentine, write a poem to the person (even if imaginary) that you wish was your valentine. If you’re too cool for school and valentines, then write a poem about that.


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Here’s my attempt at a Valentine Poem:

“Dear Valentine”

In the end, what can I say
that would surprise you
or take your breath away?

What could I possibly do
to make you love me more?
Because it really is true

you’re the only one I adore
and you own every song
that sings of mi amore.

To you, my heart belongs
every night and every day
for you can do no wrong.


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He is married to the poet Tammy Foster Brewer, who has literally saved his life twice and in every other way has breathed life into him more than he could ever adequately express.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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75 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 427

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Corny Valentines
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Let’s get Inappropriate!

    Holy Crap, we’re still Together!

    My Valentine runs on Batteries!

    © 2018 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. Walter J Wojtanik


    They were young.
    Correction: She was young,
    he was her senior by eight years.
    But amid the fears and trepidation,
    she found her station by his side.

    His pride was showing
    and she was knowing he loved her.
    They dated and waited and “hated”
    the nay Sayers who indeed said “nay”.
    Yet, they remain together ‘til this day.

    But early on, they did struggle.
    And holidays and celebrations
    were feted with a kiss and embrace
    and a promise of better things
    when things got better.

    The first Valentine’s Day
    he put pen to page and this sage
    with his wonderful words
    wrote her a “card”. It wasn’t that hard.
    He rendered a heart to start,

    and within its borders, this hoarder
    of secret poetic ponderings
    had her wondering where this beauty
    resided. For he had hidden it deeply,
    keeping his embarrassment in check.

    But what the heck, he folded the paper,
    his caper awaiting completion.
    His fear of exposing his heart
    even to one so true, would have you think
    he was unsure of his words and of her.

    But, he watched as she read the verse,
    and counted the steams that flowed
    down her cheeks to collect on her chin.
    That’s how it would begin.
    She wrapped her arms around his neck and cried.

    As much as he had tried to deny his muse,
    She was at last glad he would choose
    to reeal his heart. That’s where is would start.
    The following year he erred greatly,
    for things had gotten better lately.

    For Valentine’s Day he bought her a card.
    It wasn’t that hard to plunk down money
    all for his Honey’s pleasure; a treasure she’d love.
    She didn’t. It upset her; he had let her down.
    He could tell by her frown he had mistaken.

    It had taken a turn and he would yearn
    to know the reason she thought he had committed treason.
    His hand-made card was rather crude and plain,
    it had ink stains and smudges that he fudged
    to try to fix. But as it was, it endeared him to her.

    There was more heart and soul in its simplicity,
    it brought electricity to her being, and seeing
    the perfectly embossed placard that was
    the hallmark of all such things, did not
    bring her joy. Her boy made a promise.

    For their lifetime, he would draw and rhyme
    in his one-of-a-kind way. And I still do to this day.
    Every Valentine, Anniversary, Mother’s Day
    and Birthday, (even an occasional Earth Day card)
    came in my hand from my heart. That’s where it would start.

  3. deringer1

    February 14, 2018

    He called himself Valentine
    but he subbornly refused to be mine.
    He hem-hawed and dithered
    and finally slithered
    away and that’s fine.


    A day for marketers who love
    to sell us candy, flowers and stuff.

    Romantic love is but a dream,
    the reality never what it seems.

    So I say humbug and fiddle-dee-dee
    Valentine’s Day is not for me.

  4. Riley Blankenhorn

    When Somebody Loved Me
    ~ Inspired by Toy Story 2 ~

    When somebody loved me
    Everything was beautiful
    Every moment we spent together
    Lives with in soul

    When somebody loved me
    I was happy
    Happier than ever before

    And when he was sad
    I was there to try his tears
    And when he was happy so was I

    When somebody loved me

    When he loved me

    And Forgotten

    Like it was meant to be

    And I knew that he loved me
    That somebody loved me

    I will always love you

    Smiled at me and held me
    Like somebody use to do
    When she loved me
    Like she loved me

    If somebody loved me
    If he loved me

    When I was sad
    No one was there to dry my tears

    When I was lonely
    No one was there to comfort me

    When somebody loved me
    Everything was cloudy
    When somebody loved me
    Everything began to fall apart

    The love we shared was a joke
    When somebody loved me
    Everything was safe

    When he held me
    Like he held me when he once did
    When he loved me
    When somebody loved me

    When they said they loved me

  5. Heather

    mixed bouquet

    Did I forget to say
    I love you?
    Did you know
    you’re my wish come true?
    Did I tell you
    how thankful I am for you?
    Did you know
    how strong I know you are?
    Do you want
    to restart fresh, with me?
    Do you believe I’ll feel the same
    for the rest of my life?
    Red and white chrysanthemums.
    You waited for me
    for ten years before I said yes.
    Have I forgotten
    to put you first?
    But I remember you now,
    your unfailing love.
    And I wrap them
    all together with

    ~ also posted to

  6. grcran


    they’d hoped their cat might be both of their valentines
    they’d hoped that he might see the me they’d hoped to be
    and when their po-em ran to hardly any lines
    they gave the cat his due one clue they’d see it through
    and valentined his nine lives into ninetynines

    gpr crane

  7. Walter J Wojtanik


    My cape covers up a multitude of my sins.
    Illusions that disillusion beauty’s heart.
    Christine sings the score I have written,
    my cape covers up a multitude of my sins.
    In my ire, the chandelier descends,
    that’s where our love affair falls apart.
    My cape covers up a multitude of my sins.
    Illusions that disillusion beauty’s heart

  8. Sara McNulty

    Valentine Song

    In the still of the night
    you light my fire. You,
    lady in red, are the wind
    beneath my wings. If I died
    in your arms tonight, remember,
    all you need is love. When
    a man loves a woman as I love
    you, wild horses could not drag
    them apart. You are the sunshine
    of my life. I am so lucky
    that you belong to me.

    Song Titles Used:

    In The Still Of The Night
    Light My Fire
    Lady In Red
    Wind Beneath My Wings
    I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
    All You Need Is Love
    When A Man Loves A Woman
    Wild Horses
    Sunshine Of My Life
    You Belong To Me

    (shared at Imaginary Gardens as well)

  9. Walter J Wojtanik


    Hearts find a way of finding you
    even if they’re cut from cardboard.
    Corny as it sounds, I found the reason
    for this seasoned gesture is timeless
    and not meant for a less deserving guy.
    But know this, this thought has brought me much joy
    (the boy who meant not toy with your affections)
    So if this heart finds a way of finding you,
    know it’s true and thoughts of you still linger.
    If it could put my finger on it, my tactile meander
    would deeply delve, and all for the girl in 312.

  10. Daniel Paicopulos


    If I could paint a masterpiece,
    you’d be in it,
    and all of our dogs and cats, too,
    and it would be a perfect day,
    with green grass, bright flowers,
    a sky of blue.
    If I could paint the perfect picture,
    there’d be no frustrations,
    no conflict, certainly no pain,
    no fast leap to being old folks,
    no, we’d be fresh and young again..
    Can you imagine a day so perfect?
    I can, reflecting on the day
    that you were sent my way.
    I can imagine that day so perfect
    with the peace of the mythic dove.
    It’s easy for me, you know, since
    I am always with the one I love.
    Can you imagine a day so perfect,
    a valentine in every way,
    where all we need is each other.
    Today is such a day.

  11. taylor graham


    This Valentine morning, fields
    lie lush with green-heart miner’s lettuce.
    In the pasture, seven wild turkeys –
    three hens on the sidelines, observing
    four toms a-bloom
    with fanned-out tails a splendor
    of amber-bronze glinting early sun.
    It must be the day of choosing.
    There aren’t enough ladies
    to go around. Each tom’s puffed up
    to the max, jutting beard,
    snood engorged.
    I ask the hindmost lady,
    who will be her Valentine?
    Only a turkey hen knows the worth
    of each feather-tailed bouquet.

  12. candy

    A Simple Valentine’s Day

    I pull on my valentine socks
    The gray striped ones with
    Shiny hearts all over them
    I made you a pop-up card
    That says ‘I *heart* you
    You bought me six chocolate roses
    And a chai latte
    No lavish dinner
    No giant heart shaped box
    No wine and candle light
    No serenade
    We know that love is in
    The small things
    Looks exchanged
    The gentle touch of a hand
    An old song remembered
    The everyday gestures
    That we do not take for

  13. Connie Peters


    V ery favorite person.
    A nimated, intelligent, makes me
    L augh. Someone I can relax with.
    E ncouraging, comforting.
    N ow, growing old together.
    T ossing about ideas.
    I magine traveling and having fun.
    N ew adventures.
    E xperimenting with life.

  14. thunk2much

    I forget

    I forget my promise sometimes
    when the days grind for too long
    and the dogs make us both crazy,
    when I’ve let my eyebrows go wild
    and I notice I’m invisible again.

    I forget the words I whispered
    on Sunset Beach in summertime,
    our feet bare and our hearts light
    but heads knowing better than most
    that storms can come on so fast.

    I forget I said I’d keep trying,
    the vow that mattered, the hard one,
    because walking away is my default
    and we both know I don’t want you
    to actually let me go.

  15. SarahLeaSales

    Looking for Love in all the Wrong Sections

    Violynne Bowe—
    a rather wooden member of the String family—
    was always pulling things to get ahead,
    whereas Little Miss Tambourine (complete with bells on),
    was always in the mood to be banged.

    They fought ivory tooth & nail
    for a piece of Piano Man,
    who couldn’t decide which family he should marry into.

    Clarinette was a member of the stiff & longwinded Woodwinds
    & a breath of hot air who
    wiled away her hours getting blown.
    She also knew his secret—
    that he was of a different persuasion.

    When she outed him onstage,
    he went for Trumpet,
    who was always blowing his own horn.

  16. Anthony94

    Being Happy on Valentine’s Day

    Every Valentine’s Day
    she puts out the tiny book
    with two little Holly Hobbie girls
    on the smudged cover

    she didn’t have much
    to keep over the years
    but she kept it tucked away
    from eyes and loss

    so that now when she has
    a real valentine she decorates
    with all those things strung
    together that keep her happy.

  17. Jane Shlensky


    The roses are opening,
    petals unfolding, full faced,
    and beautiful.

    I am not petal open
    any more, budding romance
    a memory.

    But I am here
    beside you all these years,
    love expands, contracts, shifts,
    and hope never withers.

  18. Tracy Davidson


    I don’t need words to know you love me,
    but sometimes it would be nice to hear,
    to infuse my heart with girlish glee.
    I don’t need words to know you love me.
    No need for gushing, it could just be
    one simple sentence: “I love you dear.”
    I don’t need words to know you love me,
    but sometimes it would be nice to hear.

  19. taylor graham


    Wake up, please. It’s dark. Get
    our electricity going, turn on our lights.

    There’s traffic speeding on the main road,
    two lanes going opposite directions

    everybody leaving someone else behind,
    listening to bad news on the car radio.

    The coffee’s perking and I’ve got two
    cold cups that need to be full and warm.

    Get up, please, I’m waiting for your
    sleep-fuzzy smile. Then comes the sun.

  20. tripoet

    Middle School Musing

    Roses are red
    chrysanthemums are yellow
    Here’s wishing you
    will be my fellow

    In this life or next
    if our roads do not cross,
    let’s pray that my heart
    can sustain the loss.

  21. PressOn


    Through minutes, days, and months, through storm and sun,
    a love affair’s a melding of relations,
    a compact overcoming one and one
    through minutes, days, and months, through storm and sun;
    from year to year unfolding, once begun:
    a relation built on fond associations.
    Through minutes, days, and months, through storm and sun,
    a love affair’s a melding of relations.


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