Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 384

For today’s prompt, write a nope poem. A nope poem, I suppose, could be about saying no to a certain situation, person, or thing. Like saying nope to live concerts, people who like debating everything, or mushrooms. Or if you say nope to that premise, fine. Write your nope poem in the way you prefer, and I’m sure it’ll rock.


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Here’s my attempt at a Nope poem:


It’s not the taste
so much as the consistency;
it’s like I’m biting into something–
a pasta of some sort maybe–
& then, yuck!

It’s like some squishy food
that my teeth to my squirm nerves
just cannot tolerate.

I’m sorry,
uh uh,
no way
am I gonna eat anything
that’s got mushrooms in it!


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). In case you were wondering, he’s not a fan of mushrooms.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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106 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 384

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Rolling Back the Gold Standard
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    I will never understand
    this species’ need to “tie the knot”
    nor label their relationship.

    Who needs pomp and circumstance
    or a simple piece of paper
    just to prove loyalty or stability?

    Weddings are expensive and Divorce
    tends to suck away one’s humanity.
    I can do without the Drama so no thanks!

    When did compromise become a bestseller?
    I don’t need someone “to complete me,”
    and reject the myth of “happily ever after.”

    I was fairly independent when we first met
    and will long continue after you’re gone.
    I am not afraid to be alone.

    I refuse to feign helplessness just for you,
    and further decline support of any codependences.
    I am not your Mother nor Slave.

    Marriage is an antiquated institution in an artificial world
    where traits and habits are every bit a slow poison
    as the need to adhere to religious or family approval.

    Nope, no thanks, Love.
    Take the ring back.
    It’s time we roll back this Gold Standard.

    © 2017 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. taylor graham


    The day came slow, as it always does till five
    o’clock and we began to think of evening.
    In the meantime, in the same old sunlight,
    we extemporized an extra-large egg as the globe
    our earth has always been, and if the heavens
    are a vault, then light must be extinguished
    or the night. With of course the stars. Weather
    as it has always been. No matter naysayers.
    Deserts flooding this winter, farmland
    in drought. However slow till five o’clock
    and after, life goes on as it has and always must.
    Let the politicians talk, while those sycophants
    the ground squirrels keep burying their snouts
    in communal dirt and famishing our gardens,
    scurrying faster than the day is slow and long,
    and shall be. And what on earth at five o’clock
    might happen that’s different, scarier than
    what’s always come to us on earth before?
    Nope. It won’t.

  3. grcran


    As time goes by stringlines’ll sag
    They’ll nag you watch ‘em dip
    Some wonder why you build your wall
    Nightfall survivorship

    Perhaps you’ll try and fail to sail
    To far-fetched farthest shore
    When life’s awry beyond your scope
    Say nope but don’t deplore

    The stars on high string out a line
    Declining speech they’re mute
    They glorify and guide you when
    You’re bending resolute

    gpr crane

  4. madeline40

    In a word
    it’s “nope” when it comes to No. 45.
    Nope to speaking his name
    Nope to reading news stories about him
    Nope to accepting his cabinet choices
    Nope to finding any good with the bad
    Nope to giving him a chance
    Nope to the reality
    That he’s my president
    And yes oh yes to doing all that I can
    To make sure his people
    Don’t have a chance in 2018.
    The biggest nope
    to reelecting him in four years.

      1. ppfautsch24

        Hope; Not Nope
        When I feel like giving up,
        knowing my prayers are being heard,
        but the results are not being seen.
        I just wake up from another night’s sleep,
        my soul can keep another day for a dream to be realized and hoped for.
        The blessings are there for me to see, if I keep
        believing and saying NOPE to giving up HOPE.
        By Pamelap

        1. ppfautsch24

          Cookie Monster eyes a mix of honey and molasses dripping with knowledge and passion.
          A taste of cinnamon and cloves and a will to not break or crumble.
          Cookie Monster skin of pecan sandie hue dusted with sun baked ingredients natural and pure.
          Cookie Monster thick and thin, crunchy sweet, chewy center spiced with grace.
          Eaten with desire to believe in childhood dreams wholesome as cookies and milk.
          Grown up heated wants crack, but don’t break the core of who you are or what you stand for.
          When they say “nope” to you being here.
          By Pamelap

  5. taylor graham


    The day says
    procrastinate. Tomorrow
    these clouds will decide to stop
    whisking across blue sky, they’ll come
    together, have a bellyful feast
    of rain. and then the grass will grow
    rapturous, roots biting into muddy
    soil, green reaching higher and higher
    green. The oaks will shake their
    branches as the squirrels dash
    across for shelter.
    Humans hoard all those rainy-day
    thoughts like a heavy
    Today is an acorn.
    Be minimal.
    Prow slowly through the field
    leaving your wake behind.
    Soon enough
    you’ll be weed-eating all that grass
    down. Your shoulders will ache.
    Just for this morning
    say “nope” to all that. Look,
    there’s the sun.

  6. DMK

    no rain this day
    electrician found no wire fray
    starburst with shock upon my feet
    I my maker did not meet
    shocked I jumped
    with the electric joint pump
    still I found favor
    with an electric savior
    His name Wayne
    who saved me from more electric pain

  7. Anthony94

    Tongue Tied

    Nope doesn’t come easily
    never has. Even the shorter version
    a simple no, rarely passes these lips.
    Can’t, won’t, don’t think so all fail me
    when I should be firm. I’m overbooked
    but not overlooked, just unable to say

  8. RuthieShev

    Yes, Yes Yes
    By Ruth Crowell Shevock

    I am not a “no” girl
    That’s one thing for sure
    Even if I don’t want to
    I’m like a revolving door
    “Yes” comes out of my mouth
    Without a single thought
    Even if I don’t want to
    I can never say I will “not”
    My kids say that people
    Take advantage of me and my
    Inability to say the word “No”
    No matter how hard I try
    I don’t like to hurt the feelings
    Of others who ask so I guess
    That is the main reason
    I always find myself saying “Yes”
    Maybe I will change one day
    But would that person still be me
    For a “No” girl is something I’m not
    And is that such a bad way to be?

      1. RuthieShev

        I love “Oklahoma” and most musicals since I am a musical theatre person and my favorite thing to do is go to a Broadway Musical. Thanks for your uplifting comment.

  9. De Jackson

    The Nopebook

    She writes the things she does not want
    to do. A “chuckit” list of sorts, a way of

    stretch-scribbling her soul, working out
    the nots. Her thoughts spill. Fill these

    pages in intricate stages of naw and never
    -lands. Some in pencil; some in pen. She

    draws the lines in broad and fine, in ink
    and sand. She supposes her nays might

    leave more white space, more room for
    praise. Sun-tumbled songs. Breathing.


  10. mayboy

    Turn it off. To find a cubic
    of your mind which brings
    the peace in your heart, to
    avoid the turmoils during flight,
    to feel the substance of your life.
    To gather a sheep and lead
    them to the pride, to reach
    the veil of the bride. Turn it on.
    Where delightful note of strings
    meets the choir of eternal dreams.

  11. seamuscorleone


    Hope is a balloon floating away
    From a child’s fingers, disappearing
    More and more as each second cascades
    Upon the next.

    Nietzsche said hope is evil.
    Well then, I must not have run enough
    Red lights.

    What rhymes with hope?  

    Somewhere a turtle see a shiny thing
    That might be food but
    Is the balloon that a
    Child let go of.  Soon, that turtle will choke and
    Die and the world will slide
    Off its back and all that we have hoped for
    Will not come to pass.

  12. grcran

    No Scorch

    The rope-a-dope. Muhammed Ali’s rhyme.
    No nopes for him. He pushed the envelope.
    A poet-boxer-thinker for all time.
    His quickest moves defied the gyroscope.
    He smashed heavyweight foes yet he’d not go
    Nam soldiering instead he hip-hopped rap.
    Was grammy-nominated. Led heave-ho
    of racists. Had head trauma handicap.
    Then voted athlete of the century.
    With shaking arms he lit Olympic torch.
    Was he the greatest? Answers vary. The
    burnt bottom line: No nope will ever scorch
    the greatness that he brought America.
    We’re better off, Ali, because of ya!

    gpr crane

  13. Walter J Wojtanik


    No wind.
    No waves.
    No blankets.
    No Frankie.
    No, no Annette.
    No picnics.
    No gulls.
    No boats.
    No castles.
    No lifeguards.
    No sunsets.
    No sunbathers.
    No shells.
    No beachcombers.
    No SPF.
    No beach balls.
    No children’s shouts.
    No lovers embrace.
    Just this place, empty.

    © Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

    1. Karen

      You know its cold out when even the gulls are hiding, but I am assuming you were there to write this poem. This created images of winter at the beach for me. (and yes sometimes I’m the only one there)

  14. De Jackson

    Ms. Moon Waning

    She’s straining
    her golden eye to see
    the last good in this night,
    the last gold in this fight,
    the last gild for her flight.

    She’s danced all night
    across this star-stung scrim,
    whirled at her whim
    to ebony’s shadow song.

    She’s longing for dark
    -ness, midnight cloak.
    Oh, the way her broken
    -open heart tacks up
    the sky.

    She wanders by in style,
    and scope. Gives the day
    a great big


  15. Laurie Holding


    I have tried and failed to scope
    The value of a poem without rhyme
    And always give up hope
    By the time I read the fourth line.

    Can’t just about anyone
    Write really short lines
    That start with a capital letter
    And don’t even bother to try to rhyme?

    What is the bloody point
    Of Poetry
    If you just blather on and on
    And don’t bother with rhythm? With Rhyme?

    So, nope.
    I say nope to freestyle laziness
    Although these last three stanzas HAVE been easy.
    And easy is so rare.

  16. PowerUnit

    The mother-in-law demands
    I wear a suit to funerals
    Weddings, and him sings at the jail
    Sunday church with the family
    Dining at Swiss Chalet
    And visits to see
    auntie Evelyn in the nursing home.

    She will be so upset
    I only brought jeans
    She’ll say nope
    You can’t go to these.

  17. headintheclouds87


    I’ll always ask for ketchup,
    I’ll happily slurp red soup,
    I’ll even partake of a pizza
    Drenched in that familiar paste,
    Or prepare myself a pasta
    Coated in its thick sauce,
    But my tongue simply cannot abide
    The frightful texture of the fruit
    That spawned all these forth,
    And will surely gag in retort,
    Therefore I will always say ‘Nope!’
    To the vile, rubbery bitterness
    Otherwise known as the tomato,
    And save my teeth and tongue the torture.

  18. De Jackson

    Princess Waiting

    She’s finally
    let down her hair,
    bit both bullet and apple,
    grappled with gadgets and gizmos
    and thingamabobs galore, tamed beasts.

    The least
    he could do
    is show up.
    On time.
    With a little
    glint of hope.



  19. Walter J Wojtanik


    He has returned to the scene; they always return.
    Incognito means ball cap drawn and cheap sunglasses
    hiding calculating eyes. He’s cold, duffel bag in tow –
    unsure how many heads it would hold, but eager to learn.

    Nope, no one knows.

    That one is Billy. I assume so because his name is repeated;
    his mother’s screech is invasive. Jeans torn at the knees,
    he pulls chewing gum from hidden places, saying curse words
    to the old man “shushing” in the library. Glue for Lepages.

    Nope, no one knows.

    She is afraid of the world, a vicious orb and its people,
    she cowers below the steeple that towers above the sanctuary.
    It is a scary place that she possesses, and she obsesses
    over forgotten loves and suitors, a mental computer of regret.

    Nope, no one knows.

    He stands outside the cemetery gate and waits his call to join her.
    His pains are hidden and he has forbidden anyone to mention
    her dementia. He will not answer questions about his cancer.
    He merely waits. He is not a miscreant or transient. He is only lonely.

    Nope, no one knows.

    The shelter is busy tonight. No one delights in their predicament.
    Meals offered while they last and a fast respite from their despair.
    They go there for warmth. They come seeking comfort,
    neither a lasting gift, just a momentary lift from their sad existence.

    Nope, no one knows.

    Just an observer, that’s all I’ve become. In the doorway shadow,
    out of the downpour. Tabulating cars/buses; trusses on the “El”;
    going to hell for my misguided thoughts. I ought to get work. Just a jerk
    feeling a draft below, not knowing my fly’s undone. I’m cold too!

    Nope, no one knows.

    © Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

  20. carolemt87


    The latest trend in dark green cuisine
    sturdy and allegedly nutritious kale
    Tuscan, curly or black
    throw it in a smoothie
    soup or stew
    bake it into crispy chips.

    But why?
    Are we being punished?

    But I will eat cooked broccoli
    without the obligatory cheese sauce,
    spinach either cooked or raw,
    asparagus in various forms and
    even a few brussel sprouts
    roasted with balsamic vinegar.

    Just please, I beg of you
    do not attempt to make me eat kale
    however I may use it as lovely decoration
    for a salad or on serving platter
    and then toss it into the pasture
    for the cows next door.

  21. uvr

    Nope, I have lost
    all hope of surviving
    without you in my life
    which will be like soap
    without the lather
    the Vatican without the Pope
    Nope, I cannot
    cope with the emptiness
    please don’t leave me
    to mope on my own
    despair will have me
    turning to dope
    to get through the days
    I know you care
    so stop jerking
    my rope and
    let’s just elope

  22. PressOn


    Nope, I say, to folks who choose
    to view the world through angry eyes;
    who tend to denigrate, despise,
    and fear folks who wear other shoes;
    who think their foes must always lose
    or kowtow to them otherwise.
    Nope, I say.

    I much prefer to share my blues
    with others who are warm and wise;
    I much prefer an enterprise
    where all are partners on the cruise.
    Nope, I say.


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