Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 381

There are few certainties in life, but one thing’s been continuously happening for years and years: a poetry prompt on Poetic Asides on Wednesdays. So let’s dive in to this week’s poetry prompt!

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Let’s (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles include: “Let’s Rock,” “Let’s Get Dinner,” “Let’s See About That,” and so on. Let’s see what kind of inventive titles (and poems) are created this week.


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Here’s my attempt at a Let’s Blank poem:

“let’s write”

— with a nod to David Bowie

let’s write
pick up your red pen
& write again

let’s write
to the beat
you’re hearing on your xylophone

let’s read
while color lights up your page
let’s read
read through the crowd to an empty space

if you say think, i’ll think with you
if you say dig, we’ll dig
because my love for lit
would make my frail brain split
if you revise
all of your lines
& create a metaphor


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). And now he’s off to listen to David Bowie music on iTunes.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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109 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 381

  1. DMK

    refresh me
    by DMK 2/9/2017

    my floor
    finally carpet out the door
    it was toxic mold
    none to load
    tile, carpet, lenolium squares
    down stairs
    me, my peds sore
    shoes, socks, slippers
    don’t bother shipper
    splinters in my feet
    little black sheep
    took a shower
    so my sheep clean;
    I am less sour
    still many sheep
    tea tree on my feet
    refresh me

  2. Jane Shlensky

    Let’s See…

    Let’s see the world for what it is,
    complete with kindly, crazy, lost
    like fragile blankets of new frost
    that sun will burn away.

    Let’s look at roots beneath these trees
    that spread out, penetrating soil,
    deep meaning that is given toil
    once there is none.

    Let’s think of those who still refuse
    to lose the impulse to abuse
    who feel that they alone can choose
    our destinies.

    We know that anger, hatred, fear
    have never beckoned friendships near
    but build up walls that interfere
    with peace and love.

    We choose realities, invest
    ourselves in this or that, attest
    what’s right and true, as we protest
    with feet and pens.

    We take to streets, draw battle lines;
    we feel betrayed by humankind.
    Our righteousness can make us blind
    to many needs.

    These eyes—our eyes—have lost insight,
    angles of vision gone outright.
    Without compassion in a fight,
    we lose ourselves.

    1. ppfautsch24

      Let’s Go There
      Let’s go there
      Down this road
      That many say
      Can’t be traveled
      It’s bumpy and graveled
      Yet with hands held,
      Dreams built
      With heartfelt prayers believed
      Let’s go there
      You and me
      Together with hope
      No fear; though
      Differences appear
      We can go down the road
      One and all
      Let’s go there
      Shall we?
      By Pamelap

  3. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Let’s Sleep on it
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Before those bags are packed,
    the closet emptied,
    before the taxi arrives
    ten minutes early,
    before I become
    someone to put behind you,
    can we just start over?

    Will You sleep on it?

    Meet at the start line
    laugh and cry,
    sing silly little love songs
    til the sun comes up,
    leave one another messages
    on the bathroom mirror,
    create new memories
    messy and gorgeous,
    take the detours in life
    only together this time?

    Can we sleep on it?

    tell me your dreams again
    and I’ll tell you mine,
    promise I’ll hold your hand
    if you’ll kiss mine.
    maybe really listen
    to fears that run and hide.
    rediscover one another
    and let our blossoms vine.

    Will you sleep on it?

    Can I sleep on it?

    Yes, let’s sleep on it.

    © 2017 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  4. Bushkill

    Let’s Remember

    Skies of persimmon
    And turquoise,
    StandIng guard
    Against the stalking dark
    As I take your hand.

    Crimson skies run red
    At the death of day-
    Time forever lost,
    Fleeing like the tide
    From our feet.

    Nights of satin black
    Smoothly sliding in-
    To(morrow), as sun
    Warms and opens
    New possibility

    And the sentinel’s
    Rebirth in reds and blues
    Protects our hearts as we
    Move apart and
    Vigil watch on our behalf

    Until we meet
    again upon the golden
    Shores of time
    To have and hold
    Forevermore in love.

  5. Beth Henary Watson

    Let’s Slow Down

    Let’s empty our schedules
    And do nothing beyond
    What we absolutely must
    So we can strive for a sense
    Of what a day really is
    (All the other days compounded),
    So that we can consider
    The faces we meet and all
    That is behind those,
    So that we can consider
    Our bodies, how the breath
    Actually feels, the
    Power of our fingertips.

  6. seingraham


    Let’s crawl back to the beginning
    start as if we had a clean slate
    Let’s pretend that everything’s
    new again, that there’s still time to be great
    If you could erase all the things
    that are wrong, or even just those
    you don’t like
    And me, I’d do the same – or at least
    a similar type
    Let’s imagine it’s possible – just for
    a little while please
    It’d be worth everything to have a
    do-over, don’t you think, geez Louise?

  7. Karen

    Let’s All Pretend…

    that everything is just fine
    the stress isn’t eating at our gut
    we all seem to walk a fine line
    things are not always fair and just

  8. RuthieShev

    Let’s Cry
    By Ruth Crowell Shevock

    Let’s cry
    So hard to let our feelings emerge
    I don’t know why
    When we feel like we are on the verge
    Of heartbreak
    But for our sake
    Let’s cry

    Let’s cry
    When we lose some we love
    When they die
    And go to Heaven above
    Such heartbrake
    But for our sake
    Let’s cry

  9. RuthieShev

    Let’s Remember to Pray
    By Ruth Crowell Shevock

    With all the things happening in the world
    And our often busy lives
    We forget to take the time to relax and pray
    But that is no big surprise

    We have such hectic daily schedules
    And sometimes worse at night
    That we never seem to take time for ourselves
    And that just doesn’t seem right

    If we take just a few minutes every day
    To talk to the Lord above
    Then instead of feeling hopeless and angry
    We will feel His abounding love

    It’s actually such a simple task to do
    A few minutes every day
    Just clear you mind of everything worldly
    And Let’s remember to pray

  10. timphilippart

    Let’s Just Hold Each Other

    instead of,
    longer than
    anything else.

    Listening to
    shushing of cheek against cheek.

    Feeling lips touch
    without touching,
    we lean back
    and see each other.


  11. uvr

    Let’s End It Here

    It’s the silence that will stifle me
    Words, I welcome them, though
    the only ones you utter now
    slice through my heart
    with a precision that would fail
    even the sharpest knife

    It’s not the kind of hush
    we basked in when
    syllables were superfluous
    and the beat of a heart
    fashioned a paean
    we thought we would always sing

    But now the distance stretches
    with each discordant note
    threatening to shatter
    the uneasy calm, so let’s end
    it here before we are entombed
    in the rubble of a ruined relationship

  12. Walter J Wojtanik


    In the present we stand, hand-in-hand for the cause of poetry.
    Not quite sure what means to this end, but poets and friends
    sharing in the hearth of majestic musings warm their hearts
    with glowing expressions. Never at a loss for words
    but sometimes a lot of effort goes unnoticed. The rhyme
    stays within reason, for ’tis the season for all to write.

    We would be well within our right
    to seize the opportunity to delve into poetry,
    giving proper respect to the relevant rhyme,
    for what would sound more fitting between friends?
    After all, we all craft with our own fine words
    and hold the verse of others to our hearts.

    For it is within the beating of said hearts
    that we find the power in all that we write.
    Poems flow from the manipulation of words,
    and become the true essence of living poetry.
    Inspiration expressed in the gathering of friends
    all for the propagation of rapturous rhyme.

    Not all find worth in the like sounding rhymes
    preferring the freedom that liberates their hearts
    in the form a verse that is as free. These, my friends,
    are the choices that we as poets make. We are what we write.
    It takes all kinds to write all forms of poetry,
    but a true poet see the emotion woven into words.

    Offer up your musings, for the communion of words
    never ceases. Be they random or deliberate, rhymes
    are the glue that holds together all our pieces. Poetry
    is the literal music of our souls. It resides in every heartfelt
    pang of passion and fashions itself into the right
    moments of our lives as if they were comforting old friends.

    What can we do to spread the scope of our beauty, friends?
    Put the power of your opinion or your longing into words,
    for it is within every woman and man’s right
    to give the world exactly what we glean from our rhymes.
    Poetry is a pulse. It is the syncopation of a loving heart.
    And the living that we do, becomes our lifelong poetry.

    Give poetry a chance, friends.
    Leaving your heart in every word.
    You have the time to rhyme; and all night to write it.

    © Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

  13. deringer1


    I claim no arcane wisdom; I’m just
    a muggle who loves my dictionary.

    My words here will be chary,
    lest I commit a clanger.

    But I must say, I’ve found myself living in
    a timocracy where so many have become

    thralls to the lumpen blackguards
    who control our destiny.

    The nabobs have called a blackout
    for the lucent city on the hill.

    I ask no benison or lenity for them,
    no ascendency in their affluence.

    Just bring my cerement for I shall
    find peace in quietus.

  14. Anthony94

    Let’s Pretend

    Let’s pretend it isn’t eighteen
    laps around the track to make
    a mile

    that the white line on the blue
    mat floor really goes somewhere
    and that it hasn’t come to this daily
    pounding of feet

    I’ve yet to come up with a mantra
    strong enough to transport me to the rim
    of the field where yesterday the pileated
    woodpecker protested while the
    hawk sunned

    my legs want to climb riverbanks and feel
    the chill rising up from the wind
    whipped water

    I want to count leaves sailing downstream
    wizened boats gone impervious
    as an anorak in the drying down of late

    they will float forever, unlike my footsteps
    sponged out as soon as they mop these mats
    as if I’m not

    while the krreee of the hawk will fill
    the furled space between the edges of the pin

    clear to the Mississippi there will be
    no stopping

  15. Misky

    Let’s Talk Fog

    The fog conceived this stomach sky,
    cut so thick it’s stepped,
    a smoke-steeping attitude,
    it’s a fine sort of blasé.
    The world Mayed and greened,
    and diesil-eyed dark,
    and the air speaks of lost fire.

  16. seamuscorleone

    Let’s Just Write

    Write about any
    Because every
    Is a story.

    Walking through the park I pass
    An old bearded man in a yellow raincoat
    With the hood up,
    Camo pants, and
    Work boots on who
    Jogs by
    “I’ve got the
    Time, I…”

    A bus passes by and the smell
    Reminds me of riding and
    Putting in my headphones,
    Even if they were attached to
    And putting my backpack
    On the seat next to me
    To keep the people away but
    One time the bus was so packed
    I had to squeeze and let this guy in
    Next to me and when we stopped
    He asked,
    “Would you like some weed?
    It’s been in my shoe.”

    The cosmic dread and
    Of being alive and
    Around other people
    About whom we know almost
    Swirls around us,
    And all we have for
    Shelter in this storm
    Are the stories
    We tell and
    We hope are told
    About us.

    So, put your phone
    Down, and
    Write the stories
    That matter to

    In the end,
    It does not
    Matter if
    They are
    Read or not.
    It is enough
    For them to just

  17. grcran

    let’s read lips

    let’s just talk about the weather
    whether one should fish this storm
    whether two might go together
    i’ll get cold there you are warm
    if we both could have our druthers
    we’d be fishing someplace south
    far from chaperones and mothers
    you might kiss me on the mouth
    work our passions to a lather
    gather roses without hips
    let’s not talk about the weather
    rather, let’s just read our lips

    gpr crane

  18. Walter J Wojtanik


    So many places we could go
    and it would go to show
    that wherever we go,
    there we are! We can go
    by plane, go
    by car, go near or far and never
    tell a soul where we’ll go!
    Or, we could just find a quite place
    where the only trace
    of beauty would be your face
    and a duty to each other.
    We wouldn’t need to bother
    leaving our seclusion.
    The conclusion people will make
    will take some doing of where
    we we’re going. We could tell,
    but let’s not and say we did!

    © Walter J. Wojtanik – 2017

  19. charmuse

    Let’s Duet

    My age doesn’t appear
    on the page.
    Though by its mention
    we will tango, age and I.
    A tune from Leonard Cohen
    wraps and distracts us.
    Darling darting legs
    nearly singe, and
    our gaze grinds heat
    from a smoky raspy beat.
    Like a vintage LP
    we are well played,
    while there’s no room
    between us
    for former inhibition.

    ~ Charise M. Hoge

  20. De Jackson

    Let’s Make Ourselves a Skin of Sky

    Periwinkle-crazy and ready to starparty.
    You bring the rum
    -bled clouds, and I’ll shout out loud for
    (shaken, stirred)
    on the rocks. For clocks
    to stop, and indigo to rule the day.

    Let’s paint ourselves in hues of blue
    and strange, in colors so de
    -ranged they won’t believe we once
    were girls. Lost. Tossed. Caged.

    Hold my quill. I will find us a brush
    (with death, with life, the kind of rush)
    that comes from bristled fear. That steers
    the moon across her scrim with pull
    of salt. A wave


  21. grcran

    let’s tie one on

    let’s not talk about the funky things that went
    went bang
    they went before
    they went away
    let’s not dillydally set a precedent
    not sedentary
    let the donkeys bray
    let’s tie a knot around the flowers that we like
    neither tight nor loose
    and plant another seed
    let’s tie a knot secure the laces take a hike
    take ten
    take off the boots
    and find the creed

    gpr crane

  22. taylor graham


    he tells his dogs, loud enough so the wife
    will hear, and steps out under the Dipper, turns
    his back to Polaris and aims toward Jupiter.

    Just taking a walk, along the open path
    between oaks, short of the boulder-clogged back-
    side of hill – his leach field where grass

    grows lush and giving underfoot. No
    moon, it’s dark but for neighbors’ window-
    squares of light, tiny on the opposite ridge.

    Intermittent stream of headlights on the road
    that winds along creek beneath this hill. His hill,
    far from city light-pollution that dims

    the Milky Way. Five fenced acres, and his
    dogs are marking territory; leg-lifting, bitch-
    squatting, leaving their scent on the scat of wild

    creatures. It’s black enough under oaks.
    He finds his spot overlooking road, its spurts
    of headlights disappearing. In his natural

    shadow, dweller of this ground,
    he stops and marks it, a greeting to living
    green earth. No witness but stars.

  23. headintheclouds87

    Let’s Take the Day Off

    Let’s draw a thick black line
    Under this undesirable day
    And map out another instead
    Where there is only white space
    Just waiting for our timid hands
    To schedule in our own desires
    As opposed to our supposed duties
    That enslave us by the hour.

    Let’s take the day off
    And force our toiling feet
    Off the long-beaten track
    To see what adventures hide
    Out of the corner of our weary eyes,
    And we may still yet find
    Our long lost original selves
    Unchained from this cell of same old.

  24. De Jackson

    let’s find the value of x

    cross it out. see? that lost dream,
    that tattered seam sky. there’s a
    -nother why we’ve tossed aside.

    got an eraser? you’ll find its dust
    can thrust the worst from will and
    whim and wander. ponder this:

    some algorithm of anger.
    some unit of measurement that stings.
    some thing that means more,
    or less, or no
    -thing at all. let’s get some small
    sense of exponential balance,
    some angled trace that makes
    all these small steps
    add up to

    let’s find our centers;
    that sense that marks
    the spot of soul,
    all things


  25. PowerUnit

    My hand moves, but
    my paper doesn’t stay, put
    the nib on the leaf
    and it flutters away.

    I walk through the park
    wind stings, my face
    covered up, embarrassed
    the world will read my empty pages.

    Let’s forget about words
    and throw away our ideas.
    Let’s newspeak thought away
    and celebrate verbal diarrhea.

  26. annell

    Let’s Take a Look

    when we look at art     so many ways to see    we can see with our eyes

    with our heads    or with our hearts    when we look only with our eyes

    often we do not see at all     with our head     we are a little more present

    more aware    we can ask and answer questions    what is the color

    red/blue/yellow    what is the shape     does it have form

    what is the value    light/dark    can you follow a line

    like a road where does it lead    what is the direction     what is its’ character

    or is it just a dot or a mark     made by hand    falls off the edge

    or made to stay within    what is the size    is there texture/pattern

    visual/or real to the touch     when looking with the heart     is there resonance

    or a vibration    as if someone is striking your own personal inner bell

    you may feel chills down your back     or the hairs stand up on the back of your neck

    tears may appears    where dry just moments ago    the heart is full of emotion

    when looking at art    to really see/it is best to use      eyes/head/ and heart

    January 25, 2017

  27. DMK

    Let’s Sleep
    by Dawn Kvernenes

    Let’s sleep
    forget the sheep
    the children have fled
    visiting grandparents they said

    Let’s stay and dream
    eat strawberries and cream
    dream of a tropical paradice
    flying, winning throwning dice

    Let’s wake up with breakfast in bed
    not an ice bag on head
    sneeze, cough, fever
    cold gave friend a seizure

    Let’s sleep through
    wake me when
    were done with the flu
    could use a good rue

  28. MiMiOHearn

    Let’s Skip Social Media Today

    Wake up and check Donald’s Twitter,
    Chuckles and coffee start the day,
    Look forward to late night TV,
    The monologs remind us that,
    He is an alternative reality.

  29. tripoet

    Let’s Stop and Ask for Directions

    It’s a man thing I’m told
    A Bro code with a following
    as faithful as the faithful
    who line Time’s Square on
    New Year’s Eve waiting for the ball
    to drop. But we are no where near
    New York and I’m sweating thinking
    we’ll be late for my friend’s wedding.
    As we lick up each block, with heads
    hanging out the window searching for
    street signs, we squabble and his glare
    warns me not to ask again
    to stop. I see a lady on the street
    walking her dog. She looks at me as if to say
    “I know where the church is.” But as we speed
    by, her mouth half open ready to call out
    directions, I know he won’t listen. He’s got to find
    his way on his own. This is my mother’s story
    not mine. Garmin– the new bro code.


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