Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 378

For today’s prompt, write a something new poem. New toys, new car, new house, new relationship, new experiences–if it’s new, write it.


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Here’s my attempt at a Something New poem:

“i-75 poem”

once or twice a month for more than 8 years now
i’ve driven the round trip from georgia to ohio
along interstate 75 to spend time with my boys
& i’ve seen so many things i think i’ve seen it all

but every time there’s some new quirk that sticks out
a car driving the wrong way on a 2-lane stretch
deer positioned in places i’ve never seen them before
or a woman riding a horse along the shoulder

& even though i continue to see new things
& even though i continue to find little surprises
there’s still that same desire running through me
driving me to get back home to you.


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). There are times he thinks he could almost drive Interstate 75 with his eyes closed, not that he hopes to ever actually try.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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65 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 378

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    New Planet
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    It is said
    when a new Planet forms
    the heart of the Universe grows threefold —

    in the beginning, like any great romance
    Interstellar clouds of dust and gas
    flirt and encircle one another
    like Koi, tails fanned out behind them.

    They chase and jostle
    between Stars and Galaxies,
    before joining into a single Nebula,
    a riot of colors
    for better, for worse.

    Later, when they’ve been together awhile
    they’ll decide to build a nursery,
    decorating with hydrogen and helium,
    silicates and metals and icy compounds
    in hopes of spawning amongst magnetic fields
    and gravity, their terrestrial Embryos.

    There will be much Caviar
    during their lifetime,
    in various forms of coalescence,
    some roaming fluidly amongst the Asteroid belt
    to take their place in the sun,
    others as cosmic Krill for larger fingerlings.
    Violent winds and high temperatures
    will give way to water and eventually
    single-celled organisms,
    all grandchildren
    with roots tracing back to
    a great romance amongst the Stars.

    © 2017 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. PressOn


    When the sunset’s procession is through
    and the gold’s been replaced by the blue,
    then the starlight is best
    to bid striving to rest
    till new daylight proceeds to renew.

  3. qbit

    New splits the dawn
    Into before
    And after.

    New rends the darkness, scattering
    Past and present
    Like light.

    Breaks the silence
    Between then and now
    Where I lie next to you.

    Is your skin
    When I kiss your shoulder

    One to the other
    Uncovered in spark.

  4. grcran

    Remembering Something New

    When Something New came out I was thirteen
    We air-guitared the riffs lip-synced the words
    My friends and I knew all the harmonies
    Of things we said today when I get home
    And I love her if I fell tell me why
    I’ll cry instead I’m happy just to dance
    I miss you George brain cancer took you down
    And John demented gunman took you out
    Sirs Paul and Ringo bide the beat goes on
    We well remember days of something new

    gpr crane

  5. grcran

    Renewing a Do

    Find a koozy.
    Have a few. See
    Something new
    But nothing newsy.
    Try for doozy
    Doodle doo.
    Try for true,
    For semi-blue,
    For funny hue, too.
    Then turn on the screw,
    Learn your cue,
    And see it through.

    gpr crane

  6. deringer1


    Everything starts out new.

    The new car that soon
    develops problems and scratches.

    The new dress that seemed perfect
    then stains or shrinks.

    The new job with upward possibilities
    turns out to be boring with a cranky boss.

    That new upscale restaurant where
    the food made you sick.

    The new love of your life who is soon
    revealed to be a lyin’ cheat.

    Well, new is
    never forever,
    is it?

  7. seingraham


    Leave winter like a used tissue
    crumpled on a rutted road
    Just skirt the edges of night
    while the sky still smiles with dusk
    Carry hope loosely cupped in your
    hands like porcelain, or a baby
    born too soon
    These are some of the tasks you
    must seek to undertake if you
    would welcome the newness of
    a year unsullied
    It is written in the crotches of the
    old trees
    Spoken on the wind if you are still
    enough to hear.

  8. taylor graham


    Don’t turn on lights, just pull open
    the drapes. Those holiday strings
    of bright color along a distant
    neighbor’s fence are gone, packed
    away till this new year is dying.
    Two headlights throw twin beams
    down the county road, headed
    for the city – then gone. All dark
    again. But now, a faint graying
    of sky behind bare oak trees
    hints at daylight coming. Quiet.
    Inside the body’s lit by nothing
    but its own warmth. Doesn’t every
    new morning start from an old dark?

    1. ppfautsch24

      The Experience…

      In love
      one is always

      trying to hang on
      but needing to let go

      being free in love,
      vulnerable in life

      3 words to speak
      to stand in truth

      being in love
      to say “I love you”
      By Pamelap

  9. De Jackson

    Something {She} Knew

    She rings it in bright,
    right happy and hopeful
    and full of good cheer
    and surrounded by love
    and laughter. She rings
    it in true,
    knowing there will be
    tears and heart cracks
    and switchbacks and
    wrong turns and wild
    turns and yearnings
    for things she can’t

    She knows how to be
    and she will (or she
    hopes she will) and she
    will lean into (t)his grace
    graffiti she reads on
    the sky.

    She holds onto new
    with two hungry hands,
    like a small fluffball bird
    she doesn’t yet know,
    has not yet named. She
    names it, any

    Knows it will stick,
    like new
    snow. Knows
    it will blow with
    breeze. Knows trees
    will tell her stories,
    and she’ll sing them. Knows
    the only way to ring in
    something (b)old
    and true and blue
    and wonder-wand’ring
    new is to hold it
    with both hands
    and her whole heart.

                    She starts.


  10. Anthony94

    Something New

    She says how nothing is
    new except point of view

    the way you tilt your head
    show your hand

    Polishes the silver before
    putting it away

    for another year, for what
    she calls an occasion

    Whether she gets it
    out or not depends upon

    merit she says, whether
    she wants to feel

    like celebrating the old or
    starting anew.

  11. Connie Peters

    New Year

    Hello 2017, I welcome you.
    I hope you’re as good to me
    as your brother, 2016.

    In you, I plan to graduate from college,
    vacation in Hawaii,
    and celebrate my nephew’s marriage.

    In you, I plan to publish my novel,
    poetry and devotions,
    and submit my work more.

    In you, I’ll renew my attempt to lose weight,
    keep my house clean,
    and get outdoors and be adventurous.

    In you, I plan to get to know God a little better,
    for you yourself are taking me one step closer.

  12. annell

    Is it a Gift of the New Year

    clears the landscape     comes from out of the blue     makes room for itself

    touches my face     and asks to come under the covers     snuggles into the warmth

    acts like it belongs    upon waking     there it is again

    all new and shiny    slip it into my pocket    take it with me

    later    upon examination    i ask myself

    how will i use it     does it color all that came before     does it open new worlds

    perhaps a gift of the imagination     a new direction      will it become a part of me

    as new thoughts often do    new thoughts in a new year     nothing to be ignored

    January 4, 2017

  13. uvr

    Gone… a year
    filled with languid days of conversations leading nowhere… the best kind
    those that rise and fall like a memorable melody
    peppered with silent interludes, the mind ruminating
    over words and phrases sinking gradually into the psyche
    to be retrieved and mulled over and savoured long after
    the departure of companions leave a lonely void of hours and minutes

    Gone.. a year
    drowning in melting glaciers of hope
    sweeping away happiness in a tidal wave of anguish
    agonising days passing in slow motion
    December’s shore ever distant
    no end to suffering and
    the promise of a better tomorrow receding fast

    But now, all that went before is
    and all that is new

  14. tripoet

    On Making My 2017 New Year’s Resolution

    I’m trying to re-invent myself
    with new ideas on the routine ways
    I do things. My brain rebels:
    “Not this old trick again!”

  15. headintheclouds87

    A Phantom Prison

    Save yourself from the same old
    Find release from this prison of routine
    That you’ve decided you’re trapped in.

    Crush that cursed invisible cage
    Which only has power to hold you
    As long as you let doubt hide the keys.

    Tear free your ever-fretful mind
    From the wretched construct of time
    That blinds us to far vaster truths.

    Allow your narrow eyes to see
    A whole other curious dimension
    Hiding in things you already knew.

    Grant yourself the strength and will
    To seek the slightest something new
    In the wide world waiting for you.

  16. PowerUnit

    A New Word

    A new word is a woman
    you’ve just met,
    beautiful and wondrous
    until you try to make her fit
    snugly into your sentence.

    A new word is a restaurant just opened, hoping
    your eyes will get used to the light,
    they know how to do steak,
    their horseradish is homemade,
    and they too dislike pickles.

    A new word is a song
    breaking into the top ten.
    Either the girls like it
    or the boys, but seldom
    both, tapping their fingers.

    A new word is a surprise
    party thrown by your lover, where
    your friends threaten to carouse and debauch
    before settling into understandings
    and face-to-face interaction.


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