Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 372

For today’s prompt, write a bulletin board poem. Or maybe a more modern version of this is the eraser board poem. That is, write a poem that might be tacked onto a bulletin board or scribbled on an eraser board or even magnetized to a refrigerator. Probably something short, something personal, maybe even timely.


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Here’s my attempt at a Bulletin Board poem:

“to whom it may concern”

I’m away from my desk,
because I couldn’t carry it
with me, and I didn’t know
how to bring the sun indoors
without setting the office
on fire. So I may or may not
be back, and you’re welcome.


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He really needs to be more poetic with his out-of-office messages.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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164 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 372

  1. victoriahunter

    You want someone
    who will not leave their under wear
    Where u can see or smell them?
    And someone,who wont leave
    ashes on the floor
    Or burn holes in your sofa, Or carpet?

    Do You want someone
    Who will Pay their part of the bill
    no matter it is for?
    Even if it’s just for water or ice cream?

    Do You want some one to keep
    their belongings in their own place
    Which includes their own sight
    And speech

    Do you want someone
    Who will never use your things without asking
    Regardless, if it’s just a bar of soap or a napkin?
    Call me at 006-558-9934

    I am a dream roommate,
    I am not a struggling writer
    A house sitter, or a drifter!

  2. victoriahunter

    Good evening love!
    Hope you got a good break at work today (smiling)
    I took the soles out your black work boots
    Because they was rough and broken
    And smelled like a sweaty old tire rag
    And a spoiled mop bucket

    I also put them in the wash bin,
    in the basement,
    with some lavender
    And rose scented solution
    And some great grease
    and grim remover spray

    Please pick up some new soles
    On sale at target
    And wash the boots,
    before bringing them
    Into our bedroom.

    When you are done,
    please message me,
    so we can plan, some much needed bonding time,
    I really miss holding you at night (Smiling)

  3. terri9869

    NOTe to Self from Mia the dog

    1) Got toy from humans
    2) Got 2nd toy from humans
    3) Got 3rd toy from humans
    4) Tried for 4th toy they gave me a choice, 3 toys or 1 different toy
    5) Stupid me I took 1 toy over 3 toys
    6) They tell me if I climb a chair, I can have all the toys
    7) Haven’t made it yet
    8) Raided trash can instead

  4. elishevasmom

    To Do Today

    1) Unfinished
    things from
    yesterday’s list
    2) and from
    the day before
    3) and the
    day before
    4) and that
    5) note to self:
    6) write shorter lists

    Copyright © Ellen Evans – 2016

  5. PressOn


    The green is shifting in its yearly change
    from ribald life to graciousness of old;
    delicious colors all around now range
    from red and orange to rolled folds of gold.
    Although the purple days are turning cold,
    the season offers sensuous reprieves:
    the corn stands, waiting patiently in sheaves;
    the orioles have gone where migrants go
    but robins still are bobbing through the leaves.
    Praised be the days when autumn’s flow is slow.

    —William Preston

  6. madeline40

    Note to me:
    Buy juice, cheese, and berries at Trader Joe’s
    Pick up two prescriptions at Walgreen’s
    Don’t forget to stop at the cleaners
    And when you get back
    If you still have time
    Write a poem about your day.

  7. Tracy Davidson

    To-do list:

    1) Put bins out
    2) Cancel the milk
    3) I bet you’ve stopped reading this already
    4) because you never listen to me
    5) I wonder how long it will take you
    6) to even notice I am gone
    7) BTW your secretary called…
    8) … and the baby is yours

  8. Walter J Wojtanik

    *** QUARANTINE***

    Until further notice
    this place is under quarantine!
    What does that mean?
    You’ll be here for a while.
    Try to smile and make the best
    of the rest of your stay here!
    There are serious things at play here,
    so beware. I do not mean to scare you.
    No fatalities have been attributed
    to this isolation… as of yet!
    And forget your civil rights!
    You have the right to remain civil
    and not infect anyone outside of this room!
    It could spell their doom!
    It seems this strain has evolved!
    So grab a seat, put up your feet
    and settle in until this is resolved!

  9. Walter J Wojtanik


    Honey don’t forget the
    words of Love
    and Every Little Thing I say,
    today is the day
    for Mr. Moonlight to say,
    I’ll Follow the Sun.
    Eight days a week I call you,
    but I get no reply.
    So, I’ll fly off for Kansas City.
    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    , you had
    your chance for a fine romance.
    I don’t want to spoil the party,
    so I’ll go. You just keep doing
    what you’re doing. Listen to
    your rock and roll music.
    I see my baby’s in black
    and here’s a fact: I’m a loser!
    Yet, everybody’s trying to be my baby!
    But they’re crazy! I’m not for sale!

    **Written to include the song titles (highlighted) from the Beatles For Sale album. Everybody’s selling something on the bulletin board lately!

  10. Bushkill


    I have placed
    Upon a shelf
    A pitcher of fresh-brewed Tea

    Feel free to have a cup
    Drink it up
    But save a glass for me.

    ‘Been awhile since I posted herein. Having read many of the other posts in the past 24 hours, I think i need to spend more time with you.

  11. seingraham

    (on milk-carton)

    Twin girls, aged 3 years
    abducted from backyard
    Identical; both blonde w
    blue eyes and freckles
    One girl needs medication
    daily – please call 555-XXXX
    We’ll arrange a meet-up
    No questions – we just
    want our girls back

  12. SarahLeaSales

    The Bulletin Board of Bandywith

    There were kitties for old biddies,
    doggies for old foagies,
    playmates for playdates,
    and roommates for reasonable rates.

    There were ads for crash pads,
    clunkers for cash and cash for junkers;
    “Wanted” posters of women gone wild,
    and want ads for men in argyle.

    There were notices of whimsical weapon auctions,
    quilting circles, and square-dance partners;
    scrapbooking socials and ice cream anti-socials,
    Post-It notes and fliers to get out the vote.

    There were business cards for back waxes,
    ferly perms, and back income taxes;
    announcements for risky business seekers,
    perfumed piano teachers, and jouncy JED speakers.

    There were circulars selling some things old, some things new,
    some spouses to lend, and some things Wedgwood blue;
    all were held up with pushpins and thumbtacks—
    the needs of the community pinned to its cork.

  13. DMK

    cabinet for storing the old client files
    also home with evidence of my travels
    collection of magnets of states, temples, holy sites, ephod, d.a.r.e.
    refrigerator down stairs so i can remember, filing cabinet up stairs
    sites and memory reminders, pictures held up of those passed on
    easier than the grocery note for what was gone
    the last thing last week he wrote
    milk, Pepsi, chocolate, cookies, sour dough said the note
    melancholy today as no longer have cabinet or note lost them both
    having only memories with no reminder grey in sky and head
    by the divine i need to be lead
    message from on high choose to live
    then tell me what to give.
    there isn’t much in the bulletin

  14. headintheclouds87

    Life Pinned Down (An Attempt)

    It’s staring back at you
    That crowded pin board
    With its tactile reminders
    Some, soothing memories
    Others, tedious chores
    That tie us down to reality.
    A board of ‘to do’s’
    Or ‘I’ll get round to’s’,
    Discounts on driving lessons
    That may no longer apply,
    The colour coded sterility
    Of the recycling calendar,
    A stern fire safety leaflet,
    Stressing the need to check
    That bloody smoke alarm,
    But behind all of those
    Are some scraps of leisure
    And tattered mementoes
    From life’s lighter side.
    Smiles of simpler days
    In photos of old friends
    (Who we really should call)
    Tickets from that one show
    We saw at the West End
    So one appears cultured,
    A postcard from Prague
    Peeks out from the back
    To support the idea as well.
    This is what is tacked on
    To the hallowed board
    Of very important things,
    So very securely pinned,
    Forever being added to,
    Just not always acted upon.

  15. taylor graham

    It speeds on the thinnest film of asphalt
    black as the car itself. A road no wider than
    its wheelbase. No signs to point the way
    it’s traveling toward the future, leaving
    behind this autumn landscape bleeding
    sunset colors, old trees waving goodbye.
    This sleek car darker than midnight gone.

  16. jubob2

    Oh oh. I got my URL’s mixed up. My post above was meant for a different prompt. So sorry. Administrator, please erase my comment and I’ll post this to the correct site and the correct poem to yours!

  17. seamuscorleone

    Whiteboard Poem

    Forget what happened last night or
    On the way to school.
    In the hall,
    At lunch or
    In the locker room.

    Don’t even think about what’s going to happen after school.

    Think only of this class:
    A self-contained part of your day,
    The hall a bird flies into where it perches
    On a light fixture before flying
    Out of a window on the other side of the hall
    And back into the storm.

    Your life begins when
    You enter this classroom,
    And it ends,
    A small part of it anyways,
    With the ringing of a bell.

    In between may you find
    And acceptance,
    And a growing of that tiny thing inside
    That makes you who
    You are.

  18. KM

    Poem For Rent

    Small, but clean,
    affordable and close to all
    metaphorical amenities.
    Pets welcome, if they
    come in like the fog.
    Layers of meaning
    by previous tenants,
    so it’s yours
    to interpret
    as you
    see fit.

    – Kim Mannix

    (And Robert, I loved your poem today!)

  19. carolemt87


    I want to be a bulletin
    with tear away numbers
    bright yellow or neon green
    hanging on the wall of the coffee house
    on South St in Lincoln Nebraska.

    I think it was named after a bird
    yes, Meadowlark, that’s it.

    I’ll wait there strung
    by tape of thumb tacks
    watching the coffee hounds
    and hungover poets
    waiting for your nicotine stained
    fingers to peel away
    the last piece
    of my flesh.

    Carol Carpenter
    (Fun prompt!)

  20. deringer1

    This is the polling place, the place you vote,
    but if you are here and still in doubt,
    or you don’t know what the issues are,
    then just go home and vote next year.

    This is a library! Please be quiet.
    If you child screams, please take her home
    and for heaven’s sake stay off your phone!

  21. Azma

    Wednesday To Do List

    Work files needing attention,
    ceaseless household chores
    and diminishing necessities to restock
    are front runners of the docket
    who always have their way.
    But promised to be pushed higher every week
    is the Wednesday Prompt that thinks
    a tick by its side is a good start.

    -Azma Sheikh

  22. PressOn


    Here I put discarded mail
    detritus of the everyday;
    someplace beneath this paper flail
    are bills that I forgot to pay.

    I see there’s last year’s recipes
    and ads for cruises on the seas
    This fridge is full of notes; a horde.
    I think it’s time to clear the board.

  23. tripoet

    Just Pick Up the Phone Already

    Bob, Turn on your cell phone.
    When they call (again)
    just say,”Yes”. And if it’s not
    too much trouble add,”Thank you.”
    I promise this won’t “change” you
    (except maybe for the better).

  24. Walter J Wojtanik


    There will be a safety meeting at three.
    To see if you’re paying attention,
    did I mention there’s a safety meeting at three?
    It is a mandatory meeting, so leaving
    would be defeating the purpose
    of stating that fact. This will impact all.
    Among the topics discussed:
    The importance of steel toes.
    Why I wear eye wear!
    Ear protection is a must!
    I SAID, EAR PROTECTION IS A… or never mind.
    Fingers count at the end of the day!
    Addressing spills.
    Lube Oil and sawdust
    refreshments will be provided!

  25. Walter J Wojtanik


    One heart heavily used.
    One owner.
    Manual not provided.
    As a matter of pride,
    it has been well loved.
    Holds a trove of tenderness.
    May need an overhaul,
    but over all, in good shape.
    If found call:
    (a gentle whisper works as well!)


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