Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 328

For today’s prompt, write a movie-inspired poem. I think I may have had this prompt previously (somewhere in the 200s or 100s), but I can’t help it: I’m excited about the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. So feel lucky, I’m widening the net to all movies, because I was tempted (only briefly) to limit it to the Star Wars universe. Now poem!


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Here’s my attempt at a Movie-Inspired Poem:

“Luke’s Song”

You don’t see green on Tattoine
and Alderaan has disappeared.
No Yoda masks for Halloween,
you don’t see green on Tattoine;
it’s more a Tusken Raider scene,
and the Hutts rule the roost ’round here.
You don’t see green on Tattoine,
and Alderaan has disappeared.


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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198 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 328

  1. grcran

    When writing a poem ‘bout a movie
    One might be inclined to rhyme groovy
    But the film-maker’s game
    Quite often is lame
    They shock you when they make a doozy

    by gpr crane

  2. SarahLeaSales

    The Little Lambs of Moundsville, West Virginia

    John and Pearl—
    a disciple,
    a gem of the ocean.

    The sins of their father fall to them
    like the filthy lucre he stole,
    his body swaying in the still air.
    The little doll of Pearl
    carries his costly secret
    like an illegitimate child.

    The blood smell from the money
    brought Preacher Harry Powell—
    the devil in the flesh—
    to their Moundsville farmhouse.
    A death tax collector,
    a fallen Angel of Death,
    a Grim Reaper that sows deceit.

    The smells of fried chicken,
    sweet potatoes,
    and apple cobbler
    fortifies the children on their journey
    to the Wherever.

    The children tire,
    the nocturnal melodies like a lullaby,
    but they must keep running,
    keep rowing,
    until they cannot.

    From the loft of a barn,
    John watches this black sheep
    ride his horse in search of
    the lost lambs with the loot.
    He never sleeps.

    The day dawn breaks,
    and it is time to run again.
    Floating adrift in a boat,
    a savior in a dress,
    greedy for love,
    takes the children,
    for they are like treasures
    from a sunken ship.
    Only she can see their worth.
    Her name is Rachel,
    but John will come to think of her as Bithiah,
    for Bithiah drew Moses out of the water.

    John and Pearl,
    children of thieves,
    of murderers,
    of Willa the Weak,
    are brought to live with three girls:
    Ruby, Mary, and Clary.
    It is the home of the Lost and Found.

    Then, like a crow,
    scouting out a cornfield,
    it returns with the scrawl on its talons,
    but Rachel’s bullet pierces the creature,
    and the demon is exorcised from his body.
    All of the children are safe.

    This simple Rachel speaks of God and His Son,
    the candlelight bathing the faces of the little lambs,
    waxing innocent as the moon;
    the lost lamb named John
    turns away and into the night,
    the screen from the door like a veil,
    a wall separating him from the words of the black book.

    He has heard this story before,
    but it is different,
    and he hears it told with love—
    the way it was meant to be told.

    Bless all the little children,
    for it was a little child who led them,
    they who believed,
    to the truth of the wolf that had pulled the wool over their eyes—
    blinded by plain words done up fancy.

  3. Shennon

    The Other Truths About Cats and Dogs

    The truth about cats
    they make me sneeze.
    The truth about dogs
    they transport fleas.
    The truth about mice
    they carry disease.
    The truth about fish
    they yawn but don’t sneeze.
    The truth about pets
    they put us at ease.
    They brighten “tous
    mes ‘aujourd’hui’s'”.


  4. cmariee

    “Blood Diamond”

    Desperate, lustful greed
    Bleeds into the sands of Africa.
    Temperature: A steady heat of
    No one give a damn enough to free us from ourselves.

    Directed by a populous of innocence
    Of helpless kids now armed with guns
    One of them is my son, Dia Vandy.
    A good boy who plays soccer and loves school.
    A good boy who plays soccer and loves school and now shoots guns.

    I bleed into the earth for him.
    I ache and sob and long for him so desperately,
    I crawl. But I am all alone.
    My young boy is now a tool for harm
    Controlled by other boys
    Confusing right with wrong.

    I bleed into the earth for them as well
    because of them and for them still.
    When will our tragedies be gone?
    How can we quiet all this rage?

    Dia Vandy, caught in a war of diamonds and blood
    In their world of greed and opportunity
    Some of us have lost our family.
    But I will find my boy and I will bring him home
    And their diamonds, greed, and guns can not stop me.

  5. ppfautsch24

    Jedi Mind
    Jedi mind trick,
    I was the last one to know.
    Hans Solo and his colossal sidekick;
    Jedi mind trick.
    Chewbacca’s accent so thickly lilt.
    What did the hologram show?
    Jedi mind trick,
    I was the last one to know.
    By Pamelap

  6. MatthewTM

    Hopefully you’ll spot the film 😉


    The footstep of a monster
    woken from sleep that divided continents,
    dried seas and rose mountains,
    A tyrant king usurped.

    A butterfly beats its wings,
    send ripples through water.
    A wave that swells to a roar
    And stops every clock

    The breath gifted to the beast
    Is hot and heavy with death.
    In chaos, a single certainty:
    What we create we can never control


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