Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 314

For today’s prompt, write a pie poem. Yes, a poem that somehow incorporates pie…or pi, since the number 3.14 inspired today’s prompt. Impossible? Not really, for some it’ll be as easy as pie, but even for those who struggle at first, I’m sure they’ll eventually get a piece of the pie as well. Who knows? Maybe someone will collect the results and display them on a pie chart.


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Here’s my attempt at a Pie Poem:


i’ve never been a fan of pie
& folks often ask me why
thinking i just haven’t tried

but i feel the same for cake
concerning those who like to bake
thinking i’ve made a mistake

maybe it could be the bread
filling me before i’m fed
i’d prefer gelatin instead

or another chance at dinner


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he maintains this blog, edits a couple Market Books (Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market), writes a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine, leads online education, speaks around the country on publishing and poetry, and a lot of other fun writing-related stuff.

Robert does like cobblers and ice cream. And he’s the author of Solving the World’s Problems.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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251 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 314

  1. annakraft2

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  2. usedname

    A smell so peculiar for something of its name,
    Such bold and pungent odors fills me with disdain,
    Quite unlike the merengue, cherry and apple array
    Oh please , oh gee, tell me that a cow pie is not the same!

  3. Shennon

    A fan of her peach pies was he.
    He’d gobble her sweet tarts with glee.
    ‘Til one sunny day,
    She made a sorbet,
    Now ice cream he eats with his tea.


  4. Shennon

    Shall I compare you to a lemon pie?
    You are, indeed, truly bitter at times
    Then again, I think I’d lay down and die
    Despite the sour taste so akin to limes
    That makes me grimace, then force shut my eyes
    Without sight, disapproval cannot hurt
    I only wonder, can you hear my lies?
    My taste buds cringe as I spit in the dirt
    I pucker and try to swallow the fruit
    You offer in place of comfort and love
    Yet well I know the point is often moot
    It matters not, the complaints I speak of
    For though lemon is the tartest of pies,
    The meringue both sweetens and satisfies.


  5. PressOn


    I must have cheddar when I eat
    apple pie, to complete the treat,
    because the pie without the cheese
    is like the hug without the squeeze.

  6. ReathaThomasOakley

    I once made pies

    Scooped flour from that huge bin
    where good things started, measured salt,
    shortening, ice water, then began.

    I can still feel the motion of cutting shortening in
    to the flour, mixing just enough water
    into that mass that would soon be a pie.

    Apples, or peaches, or pecans
    would be waiting for their smooth, pale bed
    waiting for the oven, waiting to become a pie.

    I remember that heady smell that pulled my
    family to the kitchen, where I was cleaning up,
    to ask me when they could taste the pie I’d made.

    I once made pies.

  7. ShamelessHack

    And the sorrowful pie,
    In its sad final dish.
    It’s crust slow degrading,
    Start’s smelling like fish.
    And from its high shelf,
    It achieves it’s last wish,
    It leaps to the floor,
    And dies with a “squish”.

  8. charmuse

    Fly the Pie

    not to ramble or rant
    not a slogan to chant
    a taste of pie to unfetter
    cotton in the mouth bitter
    placement of a used up flag
    doesn’t flutter weighty drag
    behind wheels of a bus
    hang on, do you want to discuss
    my life or yours, mine or yours
    you’ve never taken the tour
    off the course of your lawn
    we’re all hungry all yawn
    need to stretch our appetite
    for more legroom out of sight
    of the current view divisive
    nostalgia has nothing to give
    let’s hoist the pecan pie
    for emblem of southern pride

    ~ Charise M. Hoge

  9. stepstep


    Apple, cherry, blueberry, rhubarb
    A slice can comfort many a soul.
    Sitting in the windowsill to cool
    Awaiting a soul to comfort.

    Sometimes ice cream is it’s accomplice
    To sate many a palate,
    Sometimes a cold beverage will abide by it’s side
    So tasty, aahh, so good.

    Fundraiser…sold whole or by the slice
    Often, pie crust lets out the story
    Of how many souls it may comfort.
    Try it, you just might like it.


  10. Poetry Mamma

    Sweet and juicy, I slice and dice.
    Peaches sublimely sugared and layered.
    A dash of cinnamon; a dab of butter.
    A pie among pies, I remember my mother.
    I bake and hope that she sees my efforts.
    Sweet and juicy from the oven it comes.
    Steaming upwards, upwards,
    I remember.

  11. Sarah Metzler

    Humble Pi

    Pi R squared
    Pi R not
    Pi R round

    D Pi
    Is D same
    As 2 Pi R

    2 Pi R
    Better than
    One Pi R

    2 Pi R
    Less than 1
    Key lime pie

    Pi R squared
    Pi R not
    Pi R gone

    (Just playin’)

  12. Stephanie H.

    My apologies. I couldn’t resist. Haha.

    Cherry Pie

    They called her Cherry
    Like the pie
    Or the Chapstick that smells
    Better than it tastes
    But boys liked her peaches
    Just as well

    By Stephanie H.

    Find me on twitter @anna_machova_

  13. Daniel Paicopulos

    It Was Really Big

    I don’t believe in friendship
    at first sight>
    I mean, early judgements
    seldom turn out right,
    and it is clear,
    if we want to hold others dear,
    there need be reasons why,
    like food, music, fun, art,
    and a very large slice of mud pie.

  14. Walt Wojtanik


    If you’re kept away,
    or having a bad day,
    it’s easy to say that
    there is a great way

    to ease your soul.
    Take control,
    and take a stroll
    down to the nearest coffee knoll.

    Name your poison and spy
    to see what catches your eye.
    Give into the urge, be that guy
    that takes his leave in some pie!

    Comfort food the way mom made it,
    never a need to go and berate it,
    for a good piece of pie will keep me sedated!
    It would be well worth the wait. It

    Give my karma an instant hit,
    as I savor every bite i’ve bit,
    a la mode, for the hell of it…
    I’m in nirvana (or just South of it).

    The wonders of pie will never cease,
    apple or cherry gives me release.
    from the glass rotisserie, it will tease
    but that’s how pie is. Give me some please.

    Foisted with whipped cream, that looks great!
    It gives me peace. Just leave the plate!

  15. Doakley

    I was having fun with this so did another version of it..

    The evasive pie
    (last week’s and this week’s prompt)

    The pie was on the sill to cool,
    it’s aroma filled the air,
    for a young lad such as I,
    the temptation was unfair.

    I inched my way along the house
    keeping low, down in the dirt,
    rose thorns tugging at my hair,
    some that really hurt,

    I crouched below the window
    like a weasel from his lair
    but when I stood to grab the pie,
    the window sill was bare.

  16. Doakley

    The evasive pie
    (last week’s and this week’s prompt)

    A pie was on the sill to cool, the aroma filled the air,
    to a young lad such as I, the temptation was unfair,
    crawling in the dirt,
    those rose thorns really hurt,
    but when I reached to grab the pie, the window sill was bare.

  17. MatthewTM

    Quick poem on the train. I wish I had pie. 🙂

    MY PIE

    I want my piece of the pie.
    I don’t care how big
    (As long as it’s as big as yours).
    Thin and narrow is fine
    (I’m not greedy)
    But I wouldn’t like to see it go to waste).
    I will linger with my plate
    Don’t want to be first
    But a magnanimous second
    Have you had your share?
    Are you sure?
    Oh, go on then.
    I’ll take what’s left,
    The cream of the crop,
    The low hanging fruit,
    The opportune moment,
    My pound of flesh.
    Pile high
    Then pile some more.
    Later, I swoop in for the leftovers,
    Wrap them in film boxed in tupperware.
    I squirrel them away like a winter meal
    At the back of the fridge
    Fat and sugar congealing,
    The spoils of a busy evening
    Hunting and gathering at the buffet table.

  18. G.Wood

    Andy’s Deli

    An accordion of college kids
    and business types began to arrive
    at 11 and shuffle to the counter one by one,
    all ordering the chicken salad sandwich
    with a Greek twist
    Andy suggested each try it
    before they ordered.
    On a plastic spoon he proffered
    the chunks of mayonnaise soaked meat
    mixed with celery, onions, and something sweet—
    maybe raisins, or was it grapes? And a crunchy
    morsel of nuts indeterminate.
    The waiting mouths longed for it, looked down
    to hide their slobbering like dogs.
    Third day in line, he knew me by this time,
    but still he asked—have you tasted it?
    No, no. I looked askance, surveying the menu
    again in a feigned glance which he acknowledged
    by tilting up his chin in a quick kick.
    Then, the spoon descended over the case of cooling pies
    mother bird with a worm, dangling the prize
    above the chirpers.
    I slurped the syrup from the spoon,
    confirmed with mmmmmmm,
    even closed my eyes.
    My moment had arrived,
    and everyone in line waited
    through it.
    First hit.
    Like a promise to end all sorrow.
    I opened my eyes and confirmed my order.
    He said, I’ll see you tomorrow.

  19. ReathaThomasOakley

    Another pie piece

    Read this poem long time ago,
    don’t know who wrote it or why,
    poet said problems
    are often resolved by
    a couple cups of coffee
    and a piece of apple pie.

  20. Walt Wojtanik


    You may have heard tales
    of Soupy Sales. I’m here to say
    they are true. You needed a sense
    of his humor and innocence,
    and a slew of lunches
    and bunches of pies!

    American comedian and actor,
    it was a factor in his early days.
    This crazy radio-TV personality and host,
    got the most mileage out of schtick.
    His children’s television shows,
    would go on to enthrall.

    In every case, he’d end
    with a pie in the face and trace
    his eye sockets for pockets of whipped
    cream. It would seem juvenile now,
    but I know my smile was thick,
    and made me a fan of slapstick.

    Game shows came to fill
    his later days, and it says
    it was a real push to not give
    Arlene Francis one in the moosh
    (a pie, that is). I miss Milton Supman –
    Soupy Sales. Dead pie men tell no tales!

  21. Walt Wojtanik


    To call him “simple” is an insult,
    any way you slice it! Suffice it
    to say he remains to this day
    an extraordinary pastry baker
    and pie maker. He takes pleasure
    in every measure and crust,
    he must continue with family tradition.
    It would be akin to sedition
    to go off and make cake.
    Make no mistake, Simon’s pies
    are an eyeful – there’s a smile
    in every bite. If your flavor is savory,
    he has you covered. The upper crust
    is just to hold the filling in.
    But, he is truly replete with sweetness,
    be it fruity or creamy, Simon’s pies
    are dreamy. His flavors are complex,
    so please don’t vex him by labeling him.
    Save the “simple” for your Easy- Bake Oven!

  22. josephdaniel

    Pie’s the Limit

    Blueberry apple,
    downed with some Snapple;
    the judges had to grapple with my entry.
    How about coconut cream, with
    lemon meringue in between?
    I like to mix it up a bit.
    But my headshaking, pie-baking
    crumbled in the end;
    tradition would not bend.
    They stuck out their thumbs
    and pointed them down,
    and me and pies left town.

  23. seingraham


    Did you ever have one of those days
    where everything seems fine
    and you’re going along without
    a thought or concern
    And then, you open a program or go
    somewhere unusual on the internet
    and wham!

    Like a pie in the face, you’re hit with
    some information – a name you are
    not expecting
    From a person who has been treating
    you as if you don’t exist
    Trying to make you feel as if you’re
    worthless, worse – toxic
    Poisonous, a terrible human being

    You read the words from this betrayer
    and try to be rational
    Try to be glad that she sounds almost
    like the person you once knew
    But how can she be?
    How is it she’s acting like everything
    is normal on this page online
    And yet knifing you in the back every
    day of your life?

  24. taylor graham


    The school kids call him “Tramp.”
    On this morning’s walk, he studies rhyolite
    walls of the old Gold Rush soda-works,
    remodeled as a coffee-house on Main. He keeps
    moving past the bakery with its aroma of fresh-
    baked pioneer pies. He passes between
    obelisks of the town’s forgotten memory. Up
    the south hill, crowned just now by a whale-
    cloud feeding on plankton of a rising mist.
    A notch in mountains lets a ray of early solar
    gold shine through. An old man improvises
    morning into evening as he goes.

  25. Thedeb

    An Hour Spent With Pie

    Cut the lovely pie
    Eat only a tiny piece
    Just a little taste

    Apple pie is sweet
    It tastes like a little “more”
    Just another bite

    Half the pie is gone
    I should try to save the rest
    Just one more small slice

    Pie is heavenly
    Maybe irresistible
    Just a final bite

    The pie plate is bare
    That was the very last piece
    Just crumbs remain now

    An hour spent with pie
    Not a total waste of time
    Just a bigger waist

  26. grcran

    ice box pie

    adventitious roots he had
    she saw ‘em from the start
    courted and exhorted him and
    transplanted his heart
    fed him up on pie ‘n cof-
    fee ice box pie whipped cream
    gaining back the weight he’d lost
    while living in ripped dream
    wonderment she felt wow fact-
    or fiction frictionless
    angels on the angles stood
    astounded had to bless
    the both of them together then
    forever and a day
    diamond ice wedding ring box
    with pie plus shy sashay

    by gpr crane

  27. grcran

    eyes on the pies

    pi r squared
    pie are round
    area of circle
    nary sighs abound
    highs goodbyes
    lies cries dries
    why supersize fries
    thigh exercise guys
    nighs on the rise
    memorialized ties
    wise demise sanctifies
    pies emphasize prize

    by gpr crane

  28. PKP

    Poetry Pie

    Don’t know what i’m doing
    throwing a word here and
    there – looking languidly
    for litteration – cutesy pooing
    here and there – try to court
    the audience see you behind
    the screen – loose the lyrics
    gently perhaps you will
    interpret what it is I mean
    bake me in your oven
    take me out when I am
    cooked – gorge on me if
    I am tasty throw me in
    the garbage if garbage
    is all I’ve hooked


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