Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 311

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For today’s prompt, think of something you might shout out loud (or hear others shout), make it the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. Possible titles include: “Way to Go,” “Run for It,” and “Fire” (though it’s usually not good practice to scream, “fire,” without an actual fire).


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Here’s my attempt at a Something I Might Shout Out Loud Poem:

“Quit it!”

Quit it; just quit it.
There’s no reason

to keep doing it,
because you know it

is a little gross.
So seriously,

quit it; or if that
fails, just cut it out.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he maintains this blog, edits a couple Market Books (Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market), writes a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine, leads online education, speaks around the country on publishing and poetry, and a lot of other fun writing-related stuff.

Sometimes, he quits it; other times, he cuts it out; but usually, he’s knee-deep in it. And he’s the author of Solving the World’s Problems.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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363 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 311

  1. Clae


    I shouted aloud
    a triumphant cheer
    or dismayed exclamation
    as we emerge
    from the room
    stronger now but still shaken
    by what we’ve found
    we never knew
    just why we feared
    but it’s done we’re gone
    a page has turned


  2. Julieann

    Happy Birthday

    I tried to keep it quiet
    Hush, hush was my motto
    I didn’t let anyone know my secret
    It was for me and me alone

    I was looking forward
    To a nice quiet dinner
    As delightful plans for the weekend
    Occupied my thoughts

    So lost in my daydreams
    I didn’t realize the door was open
    Until –
    “Happy Birthday” filled the air

  3. grcran

    better than good

    G bazillion Os D
    the way i feel for you
    exploring understanding
    haven’t got a clue
    still and all i feel it spritzing
    spiritual achoo
    rush of rushes G only one O D
    you it’s true
    the thou of i and thou although
    the feeling firmer grew
    right down to earth through bedrock burst
    YOU it’s YOU

    by gpr crane

  4. JRSimmang


    judge me
    because you are right.

    Since I was able to hold a stone in my hand,
    I have walked along riverbeds, barefoot,
    waiting to find the perfect spot
    where the water does not ripple,
    does not rush,
    because stones do not skip on violent waters,
    stones do not reach the furthest shore on violent waters.

    Since I have been able to write my name,
    I have tried to spell it out without the letters my forefathers used,
    though my forefathers spelled eloquently well,
    and still my pen against the hardening ink.
    But these letters had not been read as I had had them written,
    and I learned to keep my hands in my pockets,
    learned to keep my mouth in my pockets.

    I walk a condemned man, though my neighbor slights me.
    So judge me.
    May the punishment be fitting
    of a man trying to understand
    where it was that he went wrong.

    -JR Simmang

    1. Stephanie H.

      Beautiful and powerful. This is exactly why I love this blog. Our words create the space for greater understanding and connection. Change in the world begins in a ripple rather than a wave.

  5. Doakley

    Stay, cause and effects

    General Custer leading his troops west
    accompanied by settlers wishing to homestead,
    was met by his advance scout with a message,
    the mighty Sioux are camped only a day’s ride ahead.

    Custer had a dilemma on his hands,
    he didn’t know quite what he should do,
    his orders said to locate the tribes,
    but look after the well-being of the settlers too.

    He decided to take his troops
    to spy on the Indian location,
    he told the settlers “stay here until I return”,
    thus the onset of the North Dakota settler population.

  6. trishwrites


    And the door shuts, slams
    on my drum
    beat heart, for a moment
    your words shimmer, dance

    And I send up a prayer
    that you’ll waltz
    right back in with your
    smile, not a care

    Keys to the car
    when you’re twenty
    one, riding shotgun
    on my drum beat heart

    Don’t let her ever see
    wave good bye, bury how
    my drum beat heart stalls
    every time she leaves

  7. Jane Shlensky

    Hello, Friends!

    I’m not a Quaker though I favor
    peaceful starts

    and every class of students fills with
    wary hearts

    just waiting for a teacher they will
    love to hate

    someone who uses knowledge just to

    And so, my first words every day—
    salute and plea—

    appeal to what shared knowledge has
    become to me,

    a conduit to sacred worlds we
    feed within

    until some future day when learning
    proves us friend.

  8. Jane Shlensky

    Listen Up!
    Southern gentility suggests
    it’s never nice to say
    shut up!

    Far better to use “Cease this noise!”
    “Pipe down!” or “Please, that’s
    quite enough.”

    But since the senses work in pairs,
    hearing recedes as voices

    and so, she tells them, “Listen up!”
    for that quells much unseemly

    and what is more, she trains their ears
    not just to hear the things
    they sought,

    but clears a path to wondrous
    springs that lead
    to thought.

  9. Stephanie H.

    Watch This!

    Usually preceded by,
    “Here, hold my beer.”
    Then followed by something stupid
    Like a backwards dive off the Schroeder bridge
    Or driving a GMC through Mr. Henke’s corn field

    Southern boys with their
    Oversized toys
    And indestructible egos

    Small towns breed
    Fearless men.
    The kind who grow up
    To be cops and firemen
    And soldiers who eat sand
    To save our asses.

    “Mom, watch this!”
    And he scales to the
    Tallest limb
    Of the fallen tree
    In our back pasture.

    It runs through him.
    As thick and wide
    as the Colorado.
    As strong as the
    Schroeder bridge.

    by Stephanie H.

    Find me on Twitter Anna Machova@Anna_Machova_

        1. trishwrites

          this was fun to read – you got me in your first stanza and had me going throughout – how many times do we shake our heads and say boys will be boys

  10. grcran

    Softer Louder Shooby Shout
    (an erasure of song lyrics by the Isley Brothers (written by O’Kelly, Ronald, and Rudolf Isley)

    You know you make me wanna Shout!
    Kick my heels up and Shout!
    Throw my hands up and Shout!
    Throw my head back and Shout!
    Come on now Shout!
    Don’t forget to say you will
    Say that you love me
    Say that you need me
    Say that you want me
    Say you wanna please me
    I still remember when you used to be nine years old
    I was a fool for you, from the bottom of my soul
    Now that you’ve grown up enough to know
    You wanna leave me, you wanna let me go
    I want you to know
    You been good to me baby better than I been to myself
    An if you ever leave me I don’t want nobody else
    I said I want you to know
    You make me wanna
    Shout a little bit softer now
    Shout a little bit softer
    Shout a little bit louder
    Shout a little bit louder now
    Jump up and shout now
    Everybody shout now

    Shout, shout, shout, shout
    Shout! oh yeah

    erasure by gpr crane

  11. grcran


    “shout shout let it all out these are the things I can do without”
    from “Shout” by Tears For Fears, songwriters Roland Orzabal & Ian Stanley

    used to be america was tough
    back before we tried to do too much
    helping every single stupid cause
    behaving like some global santa claus
    then these little-brainers crapped on us
    in God’s name decider made it rough
    bankrupted our good will savings banks
    spending sons & daughters guns & tanks
    bombing innocents along with foes
    spattered blood despite what voters chose
    you might want to howl at the injustice
    we might want to growl but they’d just bust us

    still in world class soccer “U” “S” “A”
    shouting we may win a cup someday
    better to fight with foot than with a bullet
    why grow wisdom tooth only to pull it
    cook cuisine of peace cake while we can
    animal & plant woman & man

    by gpr crane

  12. Kasey


    It flew through the air like a dagger.
    With the sheer force of a two-ton truck,
    the blow nearly caused me to stagger.

    I recoiled as though I had been struck.
    Never before had I felt a word
    with the sheer force of a two-ton truck.

    I was astonished by what I heard
    roll right off your tongue with practiced ease.
    Never before had I felt a word

    like a vice giving my heart a squeeze.
    It was then I wondered what else could
    roll right off your tongue with practiced ease.

    It had the effect you thought it would.
    Tears filled my eyes and threatened to fall.
    It was then I wondered what else could

    make me feel unimportant and small.
    It flew through the air like a dagger;
    tears filled my eyes and threatened to fall.
    The blow nearly caused me to stagger.

  13. Kaulmer


    Ears too tired to press into the earth
    Straining at the secrets of what.
    Legs stomp the ground seeking
    A reverberation, a reassurance
    They still have the strength to stand.
    I punch at the open sky
    Grasping and scraping after
    A whiff of fresh air.

    Fallen in and all mired in the mud
    I lay exhausted, all energy extinguished.
    As a light breeze picks up
    Blows about my ears,
    Tickles the little hairs along my arms,
    At the base of my neck,
    Gently hums a soothing lullaby
    Into ears too tired to ball themselves up tight.

    -Krina Ulmer


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