Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 300

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ve posted the guidelines for the 2015 April PAD Challenge. It’s pretty crazy to think this will be our 8th year of poeming from April to May. And somehow, we’ve now reached 300 weekly Wednesday poetry prompts. What a bunch of milestones that are building up! In fact…

For today’s prompt, write a milestone poem. It could be a work milestone, athletic milestone, or even a milestone related to diet or overcoming addiction. Have fun with it, and here’s to the next 300 Wednesday prompts!


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Here’s my attempt at a Milestone Poem:


Growing up, I collected baseball cards
and thought the world revolved around
numbers and accomplishments. Numbers

like 300 (career wins), 3,000 (career hits),
and 61 (homers in a season). For pitchers,
I marveled at earned run averages; for batters,

it was batting averages. It seemed the more
milestones a player could gather the better,
especially when it came to home runs

and strike outs. But now I realize–
as Bonds, McGwire, and Rose hang
outside the Hall–that there’s a glory

in showing up every single day.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems. He edits Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market, writes a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine, and a lot of other fun writing-related projects.

His poem today is probably easy to understand for baseball buffs. But for those who don’t get into stick ball (and like to have an idea of what they’re reading), just look up Cal Ripken, Jr.

Follow Robert on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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212 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 300

  1. Cynthia Page

    At the End of My Rope

    A frayed end dangles below me.
    Though muscles clenched and strained,
    resolve proved insufficient for the win

    (I’ve no will left for the struggle.
    After striving for so long to stay afloat,
    an ocean of insanity closes over me.)

    The goal was so close I could taste it,
    yet I’m defeated by repeated setbacks
    and in the last few inches, they won.
    I’m done.

  2. Alfonso Kuchinski


    Last week
    air frozen solid
    and another
    commuter morning
    frosted twig
    glaze of buds
    aimed sunward
    signifying space
    an excerpt
    icy rivers
    and birdsong-
    summer music
    warms my car
    softens bodies,
    while winter
    condensing into spring
    can be seen

  3. Brandi Noelle

    “Milestone Memories”

    The loving patience of my sweet mommy
    Teaching me to count in a pen of colors red, blue, black, and green
    The smell of fresh baby powder on a newborn’s skin
    My little sister cradled across a pillow on my toddler lap
    The joy of searching for hidden caramels and butterscotch candies
    My grandpa’s playful smile and songs guiding my way
    The sight of a wily raccoon in the mountains of Cuyamaca
    Gleefully tagging along with my daddy on a camping trip
    The scent of fresh crayons on the first day of school
    Bright colors of rainbow filling a crisp, unopened box
    The feel of a writer’s pen in my seven-year-old hand
    Scrawling my first prize-winning essay with ease
    A childhood of sunshine left far behind
    Beginning a new life in a land clouded in gloom and rain
    Embracing the passion of art in all its finest forms
    The melodic whisper of a flute, the creative flow of prose, the expressive beauty of dance
    The feeling of elegance when adorned in formal gowns and tuxedos
    Anticipating a magical prom with my friends
    The sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” filling the grandstand
    My purple and gold cap and gown worn with pride, tassle dangling against my cheek
    The comfort of a loving family as it grows from four
    To add a brother and another sister to complete the circle
    The sweet fragrance of my grandma’s perfume filling the air
    Hours spent listening to her charming tales and wisdom
    The love of a wonderful man whose eyes hold adoration
    A husband whose friendship and affection will last forever
    The soft cries of a baby in its first moments of life
    My beautiful daughter snuggled warm against my bare chest
    My lifetime of milestones composed in memories held dear
    A future of treasures yet to be discovered still ahead

    -Brandi Noelle

  4. Julieann

    Years of work and obligations
    Meetings and schedules – gone
    Staying the course is now
    No longer status quo
    No longer apropos

    Retirement isn’t a black hole
    Fraught with anxiety and dread
    Instead it’s a fertile field
    Of revisited dreams and new ideas
    It’s a grand adventure

  5. grcran

    when you’re miling

    “… but when you’re cryin’, you bring on the rain
    So stop your sighin’, be happy again
    keep on smilin’ ‘cause when you’re smilin’
    The whole world smiles with you” Songwriters: Joe Goodwin, Larry Shay, Mark Fisher

    milestones of marriage
    marriage until death
    nineteenth anniversary marked the drawing of last breath
    saddest day in my life
    thunderstorms occurred
    thought it was the end of any happiness I heard
    millstones of grieving
    grieving for the loss
    burdened brain did burn with no distinguished service cross
    easing off at long last
    soaking rains set in
    finally forgetting dim dark dismal I had been
    smile tones and changes
    restless wrinkles tweaked
    hoping helped erase the devastation death had wreaked
    smells tunes and vistas
    sunny times returned
    happy hearkened heart enriched by sadness I have learned
    milestones of marriage
    circling back once more
    ready for the rest of it real life peace love postwar

    by gpr crane

  6. Amaria

    When I was ten, I wished I was eighteen
    to reach that milestone of adulthood
    to go out, alone, without chaperones
    and see the big world in a whole new way

    At eighteen, I wished I was twenty-one
    to be able to dance and drink in bars
    enjoy the fabulous life like rock stars
    do as I please despite what others say

    Later on, I looked forward to thirty
    with a great job, large house and family
    by then I would have met my one true love
    and be with him until my dying days

    Of course, by then I wished I was still young
    to have those days of no worries or cares
    but at thirty-six my views have now changed
    for this is age I would choose to stay


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